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The economic stimulus package passed by the House last week and scheduled for debate in the  Senate this coming week, fails to address a principal catalyst for job creation in this nation, by ignoring America’s entrepreneurs. The House bill as it is currently configured provides funding for a host of entitlement programs while missing the mark entirely with respect to creating private sector jobs.

Ceo4aday believes, that Congress and the White House have a unique opportunity during the stimulus debate to elevate the role of entrepreneurs during this economic crisis, by providing alternative venture capital to support American innovation and inventiveness, through  the creation of the United States Office of Entrepreneurship. 

As the bill is debated in the Senate, it is crucial to focus the debate on tax cuts, capital investment incentives and other sustainable job creation initiatives. The Office of Entrepreneurship would serve as a funding platform for qualified entrepreneurs. In effect, this independent federally funded agency, would serve as an alternative venture fund to support entrepreneurism at a time when traditional sources of entrepreneurial funding have become all but nonexistent.

The Office of Entrepreneurship, would become a shareholder in the ventures it funds. Entrepreneurs would be provided an opportunity to purchase the ownership stake of their venture partner based on an agreed upon formula based valuation at the time the investment originated.

Join Ceo4aday in supporting the creation of the United States Office of Entrepreneurship by joining the debate. Reach out to your elected representatives in Congress and remind them that the world’s wealthiest economy was created by American entrepreneurship and that in this period of economic crisis we need entrepreneurial solutions.

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