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Ceo4aday.wordpress.com, the blog which offers a “perspective from a corner office” and provides commentary on politics, the economy, business and entrepreneurship is pleased to announce that it has exceeded 25,000+ views since the blog was launched in December, 2008.

We appreciate our readers and supporters. We continue to support the initiative to create the United States Office of Entrepreneurship to support qualified entrepreneurs that foster America’s innovation and inventiveness. We will also be updating our series “A Journey To Acquire” in the coming days.

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The stock market has clearly failed to embrace Barack Obama and the policies initiated by both he and the Democratic leadership in Congress. Today the Dow hit a new six year low while on the same the same day, oil managed to gain 14%. Much of the decline in the Dow has been related to the banking sector. Unfortunately, when the Dow financial sector falls other sectors have fallen with it.There appear to be no safe havens.

President Barack Obama and his good intentions have failed to provide any support base for this economy. Investors have lost confidence in the markets and financial institutions. Consumers are too frightened to spend, as they continue to hear the abysmal rhetoric from the White House.

In a previous blog, Ceo4aday wrote about the lowering of expectations by then President Elect Barack Obama. We believed then that he was acting in his political interest by echoing the negative rhetoric of the doom and gloom of economic pundits and short sellers that hover like pirahanna over the market looking for another  market cap to devour. He continues to foment the negativity in the economy with references to the depression of the 1930’s.

Barack Obama has signed an enormous spending bill which no doubt will satisfy the special interests that supported him and the party that has acted in a singularly partisan manner as they pushed a “stimulus” package on a financially battered American electorate that was overwhelmingly, underwhelmed by the passage of the American Recovery and Investment Plan of 2009. The President and the Democratic Congress missed an opportunity to provide investment and consumer stimulus as the bill became burdened with a wish list of Democrat pet projects.

This nation needs a voice in the White House that speaks to the innovation and inventiveness of America’s entrepreneurs. We need a voice that rather than suggest that things may get worse before they get better, speaks to the positive elements of our economy and promotes America rather than debases it with loose rhetoric of sacrifice and social responsibility. We need to hear a voice in the White House that attempts to raise the bar rather than continue to lower it.

CEO’s know from experience that organizations will  perform to the lowest acceptable level if  incentives are absent from goals and objectives. President Obama has become the CEO of the nation that generates the world’s most robust economy. He and  his administration are impeding this nation’s from recovery by wrapping himself in the political security of low expectations.

 It is time to rise up and speak out about America’s ability to move through this economic storm and regain its footing as the economic engine that fuels a global economy. It is time to motivate America and orient consumers to embracing a better day. The national psyche needs it and the world expects it.

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