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Ceo4aday.wordpress.com, the blog which offers a “perspective from a corner office” as well as commentary on politics, the economy, business and entrepreneurship is pleased to announce that it has exceeded 4,400 views in a single day!

The blog which launched in December, wishes to thank all our supporters. We will continue to support the creation of the United States Office of Entrepreneurship to promote America’s innovators and entrepreneurs and provide topical commentary on political and economic issues that affect both Wall Street and Main Street and frame our free enterprise system.

Look for additional installments of our “Ceo4aday Presents: A Journey To Acquire” series over the coming days.

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We have been writing about the tendency of President Barack Obama to continually lower expectations for Americans through his stream of negative rhetoric. Apparently, Ceo4aday is not alone in believing that the President’s rhetoric is negatively affecting the markets and the economy at large.

We don’t often find our self in the company of former President Bill Clinton, but on a day where the Dow Jones at one point hit a twelve year low and General Motors shares hit a 74 year low, even the former President weighed in on his wife’s new boss and suggested he begin to speak positively about the economy as opposed to continuing his comparisons of the economy to the depression era of the 1930’s.

The President of the United States has the ears of the world and the world is waiting, to hear some semblance of economic hope from the President who came to power on the wings of  lofty rhetoric that promised change in America. Barack Obama has brought change.

The economy, as evidenced by the performance of the stock markets in this nation and in financial centers around the world, has changed for the worse in the one month that Barack Obama has been President. Never in the History of America has the market rejected so visibly and so quickly a new American President.

The Obama Administration is dangerously close to losing control of this economic battle. They are not in control of the discussion and as such have allowed the markets to shape the discussion. The markets are increasingly joined by political pundits, many of whom applauded the election of Obama, as they see the sentiment of the nation turning toward greater levels of frustration daily.

We have a vested interest in this President being successful at manuvering through these rough economic seas and calming the economic waters so we can begin to sail toward a robust and dynamic economy that generates adequate growth and support for a nation longing to work again.

Barack Obama can begin steering this economy in the right direction during his address to Congress this coming Tuesday evening by speaking to America not about sacrifice,and preparing the nation for economic failure, but rather about being productive.

 This nation, is built on the back of initiative. It is built on the back of  entrepreneur’s. It is built on the back of innovation. That is the America that Barack Obama must showcase for the benefit of this nation and the benefit of this world.

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