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MoveOn.Org the liberal political action organization that mobilizes resources to support liberal progressive causes and candidates is currently running ads in select regions of the country to promote the 2010 budget proposed by Barack Obama. The liberal advocacy organization has been a principal supporter of  Barack Obama and Democrat Party candidates and causes. The organization promotes itself as representing real Americans and bringing them into the political process.

Real Americans, as defined by Move On, are Americans that support progressive causes. They are committed to transforming America by promoting a green energy economy, stopping climate change, supporting universal health care and ending the war in Iraq. Their membership has grown to over five million members. They are interested in limiting executive compensation and have circulated a petition to do so.

They believe that the top 5% of income earners who already pay 60% of the federal income taxes in America should pay higher taxes. They publish statements in support of  Obama’s proposed tax increases that investors currently pay a “super low” capital gains rate of 15%.

The Move On agenda is the very agenda that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and of course Barack Obama have proposed and are enacting into legislation. They are the public policy arm, of the far left wing of the Democrat Party and currently dominate  and direct the party. Move On is transforming our national agenda. Conservatives have failed to develop a movement to counter the progressive action of their organization. In a prior century, Move On would have been deemed as subversive for promoting a socialist agenda that is transforming a nation with a proud heritage of entrepreneurship into a nation where equalization is the principal role of government.

Move On is about dictating to Americans how they should live their lives. They are an organization which accepts the sacrifice of individual rights to promote a homogeneous society in which the state is the final arbiter of personal choice and freedom. They are frightening in their scope , their reach and their commitment. We must be aware of the agenda of Move On and similar organisations and remain vigilant as they attempt to usurp our individual rights through their thug like control of the Democrat Party leadership in Congress and the White House.

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The battle for the very soul of this nation swings into high gear this weekend and through the week as the Obama administration, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and their liberal conspirators in the House and Senate put on a full court blitz to pass the nearly four trillion dollar Federal budget that Barack Obama has submitted to Congress. Not content to focus on resolving the economic crisis and manage wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the President has donned his super crusader costume and intends to solve the impending energy crisis, provide universal health care for all Americans, fix the education platform in the nation and nationalize the largest corporations in America.

Obama is moving quickly to consolidate power over nearly every aspect of our lives as he touts the benefits of smart meters to regulate energy usage in our homes, promotes union labor to develop a new energy grid and assures us that greedy executives will be taxed to fund his version of the American dream. The vehicle to fund the President’s over reaching agenda is the $3.6 trillion 2010 budget that will establish and fund the transformation of America to the Obamanation a socialist Eurotopian ideal that is doomed to fail.

The Republican Party has an opportunity to stand united against the President’s ludicrous budget. They have an opportunity to present a message to the public that is sound and reasonable and based on common sense economics. Republicans need to move past the mistakes that they have been tarnished with over the past eight years and begin making their case for America’s free enterprise based economy.

Obama is on a destructive path that imperils our free enterprise system and threatens to bankrupt the American spirit for entrepreneurship. He is leading us along a path to a liberal nirvana where America will reign as the great apologist as it descends toward the ignominy of mediocrity.

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President Barack Obama went on line today with a live streaming feed from the White House to host a town hall meeting. A few questions were selected from the over 100,000 submitted on line in addition to questions selected from the audience. Obama again read his opening remarks from a teleprompter before answering questions.

The obvious benefits to the President of this particular format, is that the administration is able to surround the President with adoring fans, that the White House can be assured will ask safe questions, while the on line questions can be filtered to assure that the President is able to deliver his message with limited interruption or feedback from individuals who may believe differently than Barack Obama.

I watched Barack Obama with both amusement and a modicum of fear as he responded to the questions with  patented professorial pontifications. These are not opportunities to debate the President or his policies but rather they are opportunities for the President to enlighten and inform. He is the professor in chief and we the people are his students.

As with many professors, Barack Obama is professing an extreme liberal agenda under the guise that he is committed to providing the change that America wants. The change that America wants is change as defined by Obama. The President is currently engaged in a power grab that will lay the framework for a new economic infrastructure to support the significantly expanded federal government  that will transform the nation from the current hybrid form of capitalism that America is currently practicing to a socialist system that will place limitations on incentives and dictate American lifestyles from cradle to grave.

The vehicle that Obama will ride toward his Eurotopian ideal for America is the multi trillion dollar budget he has proposed and that his Democrat cohorts in Congress Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are committed to pushing through a  House and Senate which of late have been exhibiting circus like antics. Obama appears to be able to frame reality in any manner that he is comfortable with and his followers in Congress and across the nation are willing to accept it.

Barack Obama and the Democrat Party are fomenting a populist rhetoric that clearly opposes business.They are ringing the death knell of the free enterprise system  and actively promoting the end of entrepreneurism as we have known it. Chairman Obama is leading the Revolution. One can only wonder when his little red book will be available on the White House web site.

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One can’t help but draw the conclusion, following the most recent press conference that Barack Obama foisted upon the public, that his is a different kind of Presidency. It is unnerving in this country, to see the omniscient presence of Barack Obama on the airwaves through out the day and evening. We are not used to such abundant access to our President nor are we comfortable with his apparent desire for adulation.

Barack Obama, conducted himself during the press conference in an imperial manner. He appeared distant, pontifical and at times condescending as he limited the press conference to thirteen questions which he chose to avoid answering and instead elected to substitute lengthy pontifications on the state of the economy and the world according to Barack.  Even the Presidents’s entry to the East Room was choreographed to provide an entrance that projected authority and the aloofness of the most powerful elected official in the world. Barack Obama carries upon his shoulders the hopes of a nation as if he and he alone, can provide the solutions that are needed to solve the global economic crisis, prevent global warming, educate the masses and insure universal health care.

This is a President that allows very little to chance. From the well choreographed events during the campaign, that were meant to inspire an electorate disenchanted with the Bush administration and elevate Obama to Presidential stature, to the carefully scripted events following the election, Barack Obama has been carefully packaged and presented to the world. How can one forget the elaborate production in Berlin where he embraced the adulation of Europe or the triumphant staging of his candidacy in Denver before thousands of adoring true believers.

There is a reason that Obama is dependant upon teleprompters. It is the only way that he is able to stay on message. There is a great concern by his handlers that if he attempts to deliver an address without the use of a teleprompter he will begin to wander and appear to be less in control of the issues. For a President that has chosen to transform a nation that would be intolerable.

The social and economic environment may be uniquely aligned to allow the assumption of an Imperial Presidency. Barack Obama certainly possesses the arrogance to believe in his imperial rule. He is surrounded by a Democrat party cabal that recognizes they have a  brief window of opportunity to transform the economic and political infrastructure of this nation, while the public is inundated with populist rhetoric, that supports the President in his attempt to garner additional power and transform America the old, to New America.  New America, a nation where the nations largest financial institutions have been nationalized. Where assets of the wealthiest Americans have been frozen and assumed by the Federal Asset Redistribution Authority. Where employees of the remaining private sector corporations are compensated based according to standards established by the  National Wage and Employment Equalization Council. Where universal health care has created delays measured in months as opposed to days for the the most basic services.

Where Chairman Barack is revered.

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At this time on this day there is asunder in this nation a great political reality beating down upon the backs of a beleaguered people who once believed in the basic tenets of a Republic that was formed under the auspices that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness were inalienable rights that were protected by a set of principles outlined in a declaration and confirmed in a constitution. These inalienable rights survived countless recessions, a great depression, a civil war, numerous political scandals, two world wars, a humbling mission in Southeast Asia, a battle of political and economic wills during the cold war, incursions by Muslim fanatics leading to wars on two  fronts and a variety of political leaders who took residence in the White House.

At this time, on this day, I am concerned that the inalienable rights, that so many sacrificed so much, for over two hundred years and that were so clearly declared when a people shed the yoke of tyranny of a government, that chose to exercise its will by taxing a people beyond their ability to endure, are threatened from within, by a movement which has cloaked itself under the guise of a progressive pseudo Utopian agenda. An agenda which has as its fundamental goal, the desire to create a homogeneous society in which those who achieve and perform, will be taxed at such extreme levels that the fundamental elements of individual attainment, will be forever foreshadowed, by the greater objectives of the state.

At this time, on this day, I am concerned that our rights are being trampled upon by a progressive secular movement, that cares not about the rights of  individuals as a member of a collective, but rather, cares only about the collective to the detriment of the individual. In the progressive secular movement all relevance exists only within the broader framework of the state. The relevance of the individual serves a purpose only as a cause of societal ills that the state must provide a solution or cure for. Relevant examples today of societal or cultural ills include perceived crimes against the planet identified as Global Warming, and executive greed as evidenced by the financial and economic crisis requiring the Federal government to intercede with historic solutions to quell the hysterics of the progressives in Congress and the White House.

At this time on this day I am concerned that unless the public awaken to the progressive secular movement that for many of us the America that we identify with , the America of our youth that promised opportunity for all that were willing to work to attain an improved economic stature in life to dream or aspire to great accomplishments or individual objectives will soon erode into a cultural malaise propagated by progressive secularists wrapped in the comfortable arrogance of knowing they are meeting the needs of the people.

At this time, on this day, I am concerned that the alternative to the progressive secular movement will require people who still believe in the American way of life to step up, step out and be heard. It will require Americans who believe in the rights of individuals to propsper from the fruit of their labor to take a stand not unlike the stand taken by those of the founding fathers of this nation who through singular acts of bravery compounded over several years inspired a people to hold firm to their beliefs and not bend to the tyrannical will of a government obsessed with the pursuit of power.

At this time, on this day, we need to ignite a spark to light the flame of liberty and shine its light across this land to illuminate a path that will once again return this nation to those who dare to reach for heights of glory and hold fast to the entrepreneurial spirit that framed a nation and made whole a people.

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During an interview with Steve Kroft On the CBS network program 60 Minutes, Barack Obama suggested that Wall Street executives should travel outside of New York City, and recognize that in North Dakota or Iowa an executive would be content to earn $75,000. per annum with out any consideration of a bonus.

This is but another example of the failure of President Obama to understand the dynamics of executive compensation. It is also another shot across the bow of of the business class in the class war that Obama continues to promote in the double speak that he is so effective at. He suggests that he is supportive of the free enterprise system but also believes the federal government should be able to place limitations on private sector compensation.

President Obama believes the playing field should be leveled. He believes that the economy should be realigned by substantially decreasing the compensation of executives and raising the income of the “working men and women” of America. It is as if by being an executive a person is no longer a working man or woman which is a populist mantra continually promoted by Barack Obama.

Being a senior executive and a CEO who has worked on both coasts over the past 25 years I am dismayed with the President’s populist rhetoric and the off handed way that he addresses something as sacred to Americans as the compensation they receive for services rendered in their place of employment. The cool manner that Obama projects when he is speaking about this issue is reflective of a true believer. In Obama’s world executives are over paid.

The President and Congress need to step back from the  compensation issue lest they promote disincentives across the business sector and condemn American business to the same mediocre performance we experience every day from government.

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The idea of America, the nation that we have understood to be the world’s remaining great Super Power, following the end of the cold war and the fall of the Soviet Union twenty years ago, has undergone a transformation in the past sixty days in the eyes of the world. In just sixty days, we have demonstrated to the world our ability to decline rapidly into a third world politic, as our elected officials in Congress wrestle over the blame game for the current economic crisis.

Last week the Congress and the President focused the nation’s and the world’s attention on their mutual ineptness, as they fueled populist rhetoric and ranted about bonus payouts for certain AIG employees. A nation and its media appeared to be obsessed about AIG. Members of Congress demanded that the AIG employees that received retention bonuses return them. The house even passed a bill which authorized a 90% tax on the bonuses in an act of legislative vengeance against a select group that is unsurpassed in recent history.

Congress is exhibiting manic behavior and the President, in a tremendous lack of political sensitivity is busy appearing on late night entertainment shows and acting as though he were still in the midst of the campaign. No doubt, the adulation that Barack Obama received on the campaign trail has an addictive quality to it. However, the campaign is over, Obama is now the President and he has to begin to govern.

Obama has shown that his lack of executive experience is harmful to the nation and as a result he is substituting arrogance for the confidence that is gained from ones experience. He is determined to attempt to push through a budget which transforms the education, energy and health care platforms of the nation amidst economic turmoil that threatens an economic anarchy that will significantly lower standards of living in America for decades to come.

 He is adamant about retaining his Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner despite growing concern across constituencies from vested parties here and around the Globe that it would be in both the nation’s and the President’s interest for the embattled Geithner to step aside before his remaining base of support collapses around him. Obama’s continuing support of Geithner is a test of wills. It is a test of  the President’s will versus the will of a nation that is quickly becoming disenchanted with the new administration.

An experienced CEO knows which battles to fight and which ones to concede. In the case of Barack Obama his lack of experience at the helm will cause him to expend political capital to to retain an embattled Geithner, sacrificing valuable capital for battles to come. A CEO also understands that they need to identify priorities and focus resources on the areas most likely to yield the highest return. In the current environment that would dictate that Obama focus his resources on the economic crisis as opposed to diverting resources toward the creation of another socialist democracy.

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In another example of reality imitating Hollywood, Obama administration officials are rumored to be in discussion with the producers of the popular American Idol show for the President to be a  guest judge on an upcoming episode. Obama, who just finished a guest appearance on the Tonight show was so pleased with the response that he received, that he expressed a desire to appear on more venues where the American public can get to know him better as the entertainer that he is.

There was some concern expressed by Senior advisors that the economic crisis might get in the way of his being able to return to Southern California in a few weeks to appear on the show but, the President indicated that he felt Tim (Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner) could handle the “mess” while he was gone. Obviously, that will depend on whether or not Secretary Geithner can withstand the firestorm over the AIG bonuses or whether he is the first major casualty in an administration, which is beginning to show signs of  strain in Washington as the President bounces around the country seeking adulation in the campaign that never seems to end.

Providing, the President’s appearance on American Idol is a success, Administration sources  expect he will do a guest spots on Oprah, and The View.  It has also been suggested that NBC is willing to provide a weekly one hour time slot in prime time to feature the President in a venue where he will host a weekly bowling match with other members of  the Washington establishment and from which proceeds from the show will go toward the Special Olympics.

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America is unhinged. We have a President who in the midst of an economic and political crisis flees Washington aboard his private jet to be the guest on the tonight show with Jay Leno, where he is treated with adoration. The President is overexposed. We as a nation are in danger. We have a number of  grave economic issues confronting us and we have a vacuum in our political leadership. Barack Obama is proving to be an empty suit, more interested in feeling the adoration of his fans than governing.

It was fitting that the President chose to appear on NBC. The network, which is owned by General Electric, has been a staunch supporter of  Obama during his campaign and following his election and subsequent inauguration. Barack Obama is an aberration that was foisted upon the American public by a media that collectively conspired to promote an inexperienced candidate to the Presidency and NBC led the parade of favorable media providers.

This same media is now extending its coverage in order to create the cult of Obama. The President, in what will ultimately be perceived as an historical blip, had the good fortune to win the Presidency when the opposition was at its weakest and the nation wanted to embrace a mixed race candidate  who inspired them with a populist rhetoric delivered amidst theatrical backgrounds. Any other candidate would have been chastised by the media for such opulent grand standing.

The media and the nation chose to ignore that Barack Obama was unable to deliver even the simplest address with out the aid of a teleprompter. The fact that he is the President of the United States and unable to think on his feet with out the aid of  a programmed response is embarrassing.

We as a people must find the will to honor the Constitution and the American way of life. America is quickly eroding into third world politics as evidenced by the uproar and subsequent legislation from Congress over the AIG bonus issue. We will continue to degenerate as a political society as long as we have an impotent and vengeful Congress supported by a naive and inexperienced President more interested in appearing on late night entertainment venues than in upholding the Office of the Presidency.

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While President Barack Obama, continues his adoration tour in California the political storm continues in Washington over AIG bonuses and the debate is amping up with respect to the call by members of Congress for Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner to resign his post.

President Obama has stated that the embattled Treasury Secretary has his full confidence which in most every game would indicate that it is only a matter of time before Secretary Geithner exits from the national political scene. Geithner has been under fire since it was revealed shortly after he was nominated that he had failed to pay some federal income taxes that he eventually rectified.

With the abundance of populism evident in Congress, the tidal wave is forming for Geithner to step down. Obama has added fuel to the fire by feigning additional outrage over the AIG controversy even though it has been public record for several months that these bonuses were to be paid.

The House, in its latest populous legislative rant passed a bill today to tax the subject AIG bonuses and other firms that have received at least $5 Billion in federal support funds at a 90% rate on any bonus where income exceeds $250,000. This is a vengeful act by Congress and casts a bright light on Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat minions in the House. The Republicans that supported this vindictive legislation should be ashamed.

Whether or not one agrees with the compensation policies or not of AIG, the broader issue at hand is the government intruding upon the private sector to dictate compensation. These elected officials that are obsessed with the minutiae of AIG bonuses are guilty of  performing a great disservice to the American electorate. They are a simple, petty group of officials who represent the worst of our nation. Shame on Congress and shame on Barack Obama for their populist rants and continuing their class war.When so many are shamed they look for someone to channel it through. Good luck Mister Geithner.

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