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As someone who has spent his life producing, I am struggling, as I have long struggled with a political philosophy that elects to punish those who produce to reward those who do not.  I recognize that I am a minority in that thought given the election of Barack Obama. Clearly the majority of the electorate turned their back on the basic principles of the free enterprise system and the benefits that our nation has derived in its’ support of that system.

Barack Obama promises and spoke again in a radio address today, that he on behalf of the American people will deliver transformational change. This change that he speaks of is really a reversion to the collectivism that was promoted by the left during the 20th century. Obama is a class warrior that learned his trade while working as a community organizer and moving through the ranks of the Chicago political machine.

The basic premise behind class war is and always has been about creating envy among those who have less for those who have more. The continual battering of Wall Street executives and Financial CEO’s including shining a spotlight on perceived excesses such as private planes and corporate entertainment are tools that Obama and his Congressional supporters are utilizing to create an increasingly negative perspective about corporations and American business leaders.

Obama is proposing a redistribution of wealth at a time when most working Americans have suffered an historical dilution of their own wealthacross the gamut of home values and stock holdings. They are now faced with the prospect of increased taxes by a President who is committed to an expansive government that will limit our freedoms, limit our choices and bankrupt the spirit of American Free Enterprise by destroying the top of the economic pyramid to support the foundation.

Ceo4aday has always believed that in America a person can aspire to the heights of their chosen field of interest and by applying the required effort can attain that aspirational goal. The policies of Barack Obama will serve to lower those aspirations as they disincent the attainment of the highest ranks by punishing producers for attaining those ranks with oppressive taxation.

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