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American investors in the stock market deserve a break this week. After falling 20% in the first two months of the year it is time for the market to begin a rally. Investors are battle weary and worn down by an economic tsunami that has generated an onslaught of negative economic performance in wave after wave of disappointment.

The relief, that we believed would come from the advent of the new administration and the natural lift we expected from a new team in the White House,  failed to materialize and they actually heightened the anxiety that already existed in the markets, making a bad market even worse.

Amid calls for the President to step out and begin to instill confidence in our economy he seems to have fallen silent. An action that is certainly better than the litany of crisis and catastrophe that he reiterated day after day as he talked the crisis up and the economy down to gain additional support for the excessive spending programs he has proposed.

Barack Obama is obviously an incredibly astute and focused individual. He identified and secured the loftiest of opportunities. He has succeeded in getting elected to arguably  the most coveted position in the world and he accomplished it at a pace that few in history can match. The challenge, that confronts we the governed, is that Barack Obama never operated a business or worked in a business environment and as such comes to his understanding of economic matters through academic as opposed to practical experience.

He has learned the buzz words which any leader understands are necessary to speak confidently about a broad spectrum of issues. Obama was never construed to be a business candidate, though numerous well heeled business elitists supported his candidacy and subsequent election. However, given that he has a broad social agenda and an economy at peril it would seem prudent to gain a better understanding of business and job creation in order to create a longer term revenue stream to accommodate his ambitious spending agenda.

Obama, occasionally talks the talk of business but he has never walked the walk. He does in fact project the traditional liberal disdain toward business that those who have never had to meet a payroll or are members of the academic elite often do.

The President appears to be an excellent communicator and a quick study. His has mastered the teleprompter as well as any veteran broadcaster. Perhaps the President should put those communication skills to the test by starting an entrepreneurial express tour.  Ceo4aday believes this man who promises so much change and transparency should reach out to business by meeting with not just the Fortune 50 elite but a broader range of small and mid cap businesses across a varied group of industries to get a real sense of what generates job creation.

Spend a few hours in a conference room Mister President as a management team wrestles with attaining their budget. Sit through a Board meeting and listen to the issues that confront businesses and Boards every day. Step out Mister President and meet the Americans that devote every day to assuring that a revenue stream exists for Washington to appropriate. Learn and communicate about successes in our economy. Deliver a positive message to the American public and watch day by day as America moves forward into the dawn of emerging growth.

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The year is 2011, the American economy has fallen violently and rapidly into a period of hyper inflation as an over taxed, over spent and over leveraged America has seen the dollar devalue on the world currency markets. Unemployment has declined to 12% officially as the Bureau of Labor Equalization and Normalization has defined unemployment as those individuals not having worked for the past nine months. Millions of individuals unemployed prior to that period are now defined as permanently displaced and are not counted as active unemployed.

The Energy Rationalization and Climate Safety Council was created by President Barack Obama, to enforce the green laws passed by Congress in 2009,  following a series of legislative acts that emboldened an untested President Obama. The President enacted  an aggressive collectivist agenda that nationalized the nation’s banking system, auto industry and subjected all fortune 1000 companies to policies enacted and administered by the National Council of Business Oversight and Executive Standardization.

A series of strikes and riots that began when a federal energy carbon use tax increased the price of gasoline by $1.50 a gallon and required an additional surtax of 20% per gallon on all eight cylinder vehicles, caused the President to institute the Public Federal Protection Act of 2010 and suspend Congressional elections, thereby assuring that Democrats retain control of Congress.

The Federal Trade Communication under the direction of the Presidents Council for Fair and Equal Communication has suspended the right to broadcast any communication which may be perceived as ” detrimental to the common good by promoting dissent or dissatisfaction with the governmental authority.” The air waves are filled with progress reports from the battle fronts in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Where 250,000 American troops are engaged in a daily pitched battle with dissonant Afghan and Pakistani forces while another 100,000 American troops are massed on the Iraq Iran border.

America has funded the war by printing currency and legislating the Emergency Tax Authority Act of 2010 which increased marginal income tax rates on all wage earners above $100,000. per year to 49% . The new $10,000. bill is adorned with the likeness of President Barack Obama and the statement “Safeguarding A Changing America” . Legislation is before Congress to extend the term of the President through 2016 or such time beyond as the Presidents Council For The People’s Governance should determine is reasonable.

God Bless America.Ceo4aday.

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