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President Barack Obama now owns the current economic crisis. His wealth transference policies as outlined by his administration’s budget and the stimulus package he endorsed with its failure to provide capital stimulus, are a deliberate effort to alter the traditional basis for capital creation in America.

The stock market has weighed in on the new Administration’s policies and have judged them to be reckless and irresponsible. To foment a class war at a time when we are in the midst of a crisis of confidence across the broad spectrum of our economy is foolish and ultimately will be judged as negligent. The Obama administration and the Pelosi led Democratic Congress, are intent upon punishing the private sector to the ultimate detriment of the American standard of living.

The new administration is committed to expanding the public sector at the expense of the private sector. Given that President Obama has little, if any experience, working in the private sector and that his experience is solely public sector based we should not be suprised by the direction he is committed to moving this nation toward. The redistribution of wealth or as defined by Obamanomics as a fair and balanced tax system means higher taxes.

Obama and his administration have done real damage to the economy over the past several weeks. Today the President went in front of the cameras with Prime Minister Gordon Brown of Great Britain and was clearly uncomfortable when commenting on the economy. He lacks a confident delivery when he is unable to access a teleprompter and we  would argue that his ability to speak intelligently about the mechanics of the economy are limited. His inability to deliver a confident message only serves to weaken the markets further.

We are saddened for America that we have evolved to a  time in our history when the best we can put forth to lead us through this economic crisis is an inexperienced, untested politician who believes that government should usurp the role of the private sector and individual responsibility in order to provide for the collective good. This is a President at war with the very system that enabled him to attend the  best schools in the nation and allowed him a platform, from where once eagles soared, as they coveted life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. God Bless America.

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Ceo4aday.wordpress.com the blog that offers a “perspective from a corner office” as well as commentary on politics, the economy, business and entrepreneurship is pleased to announce that the blog exceeded 27,000+ views in the past week.

The blog which began in December of 2008 has seen a rapid increase in views as we continue to write about the policies of the Obama administration and their effects on the current Age of Austerity. With the Dow Jones falling to a twelve year low readers should expect additional commentary on the economy.

At Ceo4aday we expect the honeymoon  that a new administration normally enjoys with the electorate to be short lived for the Obama administration as the economy worsens. One can not recall in recent decades a President that has moved with such urgency to enact policy to alienate so many. We will continue to explore the Presidency of Barack Obama and the adverse affect his policies have had on the economy in future postings.

Ceo4aday thanks each of our readers and supporters for your continued interest,

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