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Barack Obama is living the life. He is lives in what is arguably the priciest piece of real estate in America and has a great weekend getaway home known as Camp David. He has two private, decked out 747’s in which to tour America and the world and a fleet of helicopters to shuttle him about for shorter trips, as well as a fleet of limousines at his service while he is on the ground.  

He works in the most coveted office in the world and has aides and assistants at his beck and call. He will experience life at a level that few in the world can truly appreciate. Could it be that his sudden ascension to this lifestyle has so overwhelmed him that he has been unable to focus on the problems at hand in our economy or is he really committed to altering the perception of prosperity in America.

Obama’s liberal political roots are certainly on display in the ineptly titled American Recovery and Investment Plan of 2009. The plan was intended to provide an economic stimulus plan to provide a jolt to our economy and missed the mark by failing to provide significant tax cuts or investment incentives to support entrepreneurial activity for private sector job creation. The stimulus plan was really the Democratic Entitlement and Special Interests Act of 2009.

Today the President commented from the White House that he didn’t pay attention to the daily activity of the stock market as it moves up and down. Well Mister President, the market has been moving down as rapidly as a snowboarder in Aspen since your election. We did not believe that the President pays no attention to the market. We strongly suspect that the President is kept abreast of the market. If he isn’t aware of  the movements in the markets,then he is negligent for not being aware of something as important as the stock market to the American public.

His lack of interest in the market may be another example od his disdain for prosperity. Barack Obama wants to redistribute the wealth of the prosperous. He has chosen to increase taxes and limit deductions to those who already pay most of the taxes in America. Perhaps he fancies hinself a contemporary Robin Hood willing to steal from the rich and distribute to the less fortunate. Or perhaps he is just inexperienced and unwilling or unable to understand that for this economy to prosper incentives are a fundamental element of a capitalist system.

President Obama may not want others to prosper as he attempts to transform the economic and institutional framework of this nation but he certainly appears to be enjoying prosperity himself.

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