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China ignited a global rally in the stock market today as the Chinese government made it clear to the rest of the world that they intend to continue to grow their economy at an 8% rate this year. China is committed to  massive spending on infrastructure, which is a major  component of their economic stimulus plan. China’s leadership recognizes that while other economies around the globe struggle with the current economic crisis they will push aggressively toward meeting a strong growth target and gain an advantage over the sagging economies in the west.

China, a communist nation recognizes the benefits of capitalism to a degree that many western economies fail to appreciate. Our own nation of late has been drifting toward a socialist agenda to the exclusion of traditional free enterprise principles. Our own leadership appears to be huddling in the White House seeking additional adjectives to describe the economic crisis and catastrophe they inherited from the Bush administration.

It is time for the Obama administration to recognize that promoting a class war and appropriating  the power of the Presidency to undermine a conservative radio Presidency is not Presidential. The inexperience of Barack Obama and his on the job training is a luxury we can ill afford. He may be a plausible communicator however, as an executive he has made an array miscues that were he any one else the press and the public would have turned on him by now.

Perhaps, he can learn from China and recognise that winning in a competitive global environment requires a President and an administration that are committed to winning on the economic battlefield. The again that assumes that this President wants to win as opposed to sacrificing America’s standing as the premier example of free enterprise in the world.

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