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I wish to write of soaring rhetoric and soar on the gilded wings of eagles to ascend beyond the pallor of a nation awash with the inebriated dialogue of  leaders flushed with the sense of their own power and entitlement. Such is the yearning I have as I listen to the stale enunciation’s of a Washington rife with the people’s representatives meandering through the narrow halls of power and the broad avenues of regret as a President, to some the promised savior, has proved to be the proverbial empty suit.

The soaring rhetoric of Barack Obama, the candidate as it was promoted by the media was merely the teleprompted voice of a well versed, well practiced reader who in actual governance is more the ilk of Jimmy Carter than Abraham Lincoln. Barack Obama and his gifted campaign, seduced a nation into voting for the least experienced candidate to ever assume the Office of the Presidency. Today we are experiencing his lack of executive experience and the results of his narrow American experience as he flounders with the economy by diverting attention and resources from the most urgent of economic issues to promulgate his social elitist agenda.

Barack Obama is still campaigning at a time when governance and maturity are needed. It is a time when a leader of diverse experience is needed at the helm to focus the nation on a positive path toward prosperity. The change promised by Barack Obama and his administration is a change from a private sector based economy to a future in which the public sector will be the dominant factor in economic and social engineering.

Barack Obama is adrift at the helm. His policies are dated and tainted with the failures of socialism and utopian schemes enacted by many over the past two centuries. He will no doubt continue on the abysmal path that he is on to placate the narrow elitist intellect that duped millions of the electorate. The class war the President and Nancy Pelosi are waging will ultimately result in failure as the electorate comes to terms with the no growth policies of a telemprompted Presidency.

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Ceo4aday is in Las Vegas this week where the housing bubble and the global recession have clearly impacted a city that is famous for hosting an industry long believed to be recession proof. Las Vegas enjoyed a boom from through 2007 but has seen its’ fortunes diminished as the recession has taken its toll.

The icons of the gaming industry, including the Wynn Corporation, which operates both the Encore and the Wynn resorts, the Las Vegas Sands, whose premier properties include the Palazzo and the Venetian, as well as  MGM which include its’ namesake as well as the Bellagio and Mirage among its’ properties have seen their stock prices collapse from their historical highs in excess of 90%. They are not far from from becoming penny stocks.

Las Vegas though is more than just the entertainment and gaming capital of the world, it has also become a premier destination for business conferences and conventions, an industry that is currently under fire from no other than Barack Obama. The President who appears to lack an  understanding of the most basic of business practices, fails to recognize the importance in the business process of meeting with business peers to promote strategic alliances, inspire innovation and provide information on the latest trends in a given industry. Business conferences and conventions provide an environment for executives to step out of the confines of their office and allow them to think outside the box while they become more informed on issues that are relevant to their particular industry.

The conduct of business concerns the successful development of relationships. Business conferences promote the development od relationships and are integral to to conducting business. Barack Obama and a number of the Democrats in Congress have created an environment in which the conduct of attending a business conference or convention is considered unacceptable behavior and should the conference take place in Las Vegas then it is clearly a gross abuse of fiduciary responsibility. Obama and his disdain for business, is having a dramatic affect on the hospitality industry, as executives unwilling to subject themselves to the contempt of an administration intent upon transforming the behavior of business professionals, to conform to a leftist bureaucratic ideal in which business is a collective pursuit to support the working class.

This has meant great pain for Las Vegas. However, in the midst of this current crisis a new Billion dollar resort, the M Resort and Casino opened on March1st south of the Las Vegas strip near the Southern Highlands Golf Club. The new facility hosts an exciting gaming floor, a number of excellent dining alternatives and an elegant hotel and conference facility. The M has been drawing great crowds and provides a lift to a Las Vegas economy that remains committed to providing world class facilities for those who desire to indulge and remember a nation that was built on a committment to prosperity by innovators and entrepreneurs as opposed to Obamacrats.

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