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Ceo4aday is pleased to announce that the blog which offers a ” perspective from a corner office”  has exceeded 90,000 views since the blog was launched in December 2008. Ceo4aday offers commentary on politics, the economy, business and entrepreneurship.

We thank all our supporters for your interest. We will continue to focus on issues evolving from the current economic crisis and the attempts by the Obama administration to transform the American Free Enterprise System by adopting and integrating a socialist agenda. We are particularly interested in the new President’s command and control leadership style while at the same time being unable to address his constituency without the use of a teleprompter.

We are truly fascinated by a President that is unable to look the American people in the eye in the event he loses his place on his teleprompter and is perceived as a less than confident orator. We also are speaking out for America’s 5% of taxpayers that pay 60% of all American federal income tax . Ceo4aday believes it is time that this minority step out, step up and be heard by those in Washington whose sole desire is to eliminate incentives from our economy and punish the financially successful. Read more about this in our future blogs.

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