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America is unhinged. We have a President who in the midst of an economic and political crisis flees Washington aboard his private jet to be the guest on the tonight show with Jay Leno, where he is treated with adoration. The President is overexposed. We as a nation are in danger. We have a number of  grave economic issues confronting us and we have a vacuum in our political leadership. Barack Obama is proving to be an empty suit, more interested in feeling the adoration of his fans than governing.

It was fitting that the President chose to appear on NBC. The network, which is owned by General Electric, has been a staunch supporter of  Obama during his campaign and following his election and subsequent inauguration. Barack Obama is an aberration that was foisted upon the American public by a media that collectively conspired to promote an inexperienced candidate to the Presidency and NBC led the parade of favorable media providers.

This same media is now extending its coverage in order to create the cult of Obama. The President, in what will ultimately be perceived as an historical blip, had the good fortune to win the Presidency when the opposition was at its weakest and the nation wanted to embrace a mixed race candidate  who inspired them with a populist rhetoric delivered amidst theatrical backgrounds. Any other candidate would have been chastised by the media for such opulent grand standing.

The media and the nation chose to ignore that Barack Obama was unable to deliver even the simplest address with out the aid of a teleprompter. The fact that he is the President of the United States and unable to think on his feet with out the aid of  a programmed response is embarrassing.

We as a people must find the will to honor the Constitution and the American way of life. America is quickly eroding into third world politics as evidenced by the uproar and subsequent legislation from Congress over the AIG bonus issue. We will continue to degenerate as a political society as long as we have an impotent and vengeful Congress supported by a naive and inexperienced President more interested in appearing on late night entertainment venues than in upholding the Office of the Presidency.

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