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In another example of reality imitating Hollywood, Obama administration officials are rumored to be in discussion with the producers of the popular American Idol show for the President to be a  guest judge on an upcoming episode. Obama, who just finished a guest appearance on the Tonight show was so pleased with the response that he received, that he expressed a desire to appear on more venues where the American public can get to know him better as the entertainer that he is.

There was some concern expressed by Senior advisors that the economic crisis might get in the way of his being able to return to Southern California in a few weeks to appear on the show but, the President indicated that he felt Tim (Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner) could handle the “mess” while he was gone. Obviously, that will depend on whether or not Secretary Geithner can withstand the firestorm over the AIG bonuses or whether he is the first major casualty in an administration, which is beginning to show signs of  strain in Washington as the President bounces around the country seeking adulation in the campaign that never seems to end.

Providing, the President’s appearance on American Idol is a success, Administration sources  expect he will do a guest spots on Oprah, and The View.  It has also been suggested that NBC is willing to provide a weekly one hour time slot in prime time to feature the President in a venue where he will host a weekly bowling match with other members of  the Washington establishment and from which proceeds from the show will go toward the Special Olympics.

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