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At this time on this day there is asunder in this nation a great political reality beating down upon the backs of a beleaguered people who once believed in the basic tenets of a Republic that was formed under the auspices that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness were inalienable rights that were protected by a set of principles outlined in a declaration and confirmed in a constitution. These inalienable rights survived countless recessions, a great depression, a civil war, numerous political scandals, two world wars, a humbling mission in Southeast Asia, a battle of political and economic wills during the cold war, incursions by Muslim fanatics leading to wars on two  fronts and a variety of political leaders who took residence in the White House.

At this time, on this day, I am concerned that the inalienable rights, that so many sacrificed so much, for over two hundred years and that were so clearly declared when a people shed the yoke of tyranny of a government, that chose to exercise its will by taxing a people beyond their ability to endure, are threatened from within, by a movement which has cloaked itself under the guise of a progressive pseudo Utopian agenda. An agenda which has as its fundamental goal, the desire to create a homogeneous society in which those who achieve and perform, will be taxed at such extreme levels that the fundamental elements of individual attainment, will be forever foreshadowed, by the greater objectives of the state.

At this time, on this day, I am concerned that our rights are being trampled upon by a progressive secular movement, that cares not about the rights of  individuals as a member of a collective, but rather, cares only about the collective to the detriment of the individual. In the progressive secular movement all relevance exists only within the broader framework of the state. The relevance of the individual serves a purpose only as a cause of societal ills that the state must provide a solution or cure for. Relevant examples today of societal or cultural ills include perceived crimes against the planet identified as Global Warming, and executive greed as evidenced by the financial and economic crisis requiring the Federal government to intercede with historic solutions to quell the hysterics of the progressives in Congress and the White House.

At this time on this day I am concerned that unless the public awaken to the progressive secular movement that for many of us the America that we identify with , the America of our youth that promised opportunity for all that were willing to work to attain an improved economic stature in life to dream or aspire to great accomplishments or individual objectives will soon erode into a cultural malaise propagated by progressive secularists wrapped in the comfortable arrogance of knowing they are meeting the needs of the people.

At this time, on this day, I am concerned that the alternative to the progressive secular movement will require people who still believe in the American way of life to step up, step out and be heard. It will require Americans who believe in the rights of individuals to propsper from the fruit of their labor to take a stand not unlike the stand taken by those of the founding fathers of this nation who through singular acts of bravery compounded over several years inspired a people to hold firm to their beliefs and not bend to the tyrannical will of a government obsessed with the pursuit of power.

At this time, on this day, we need to ignite a spark to light the flame of liberty and shine its light across this land to illuminate a path that will once again return this nation to those who dare to reach for heights of glory and hold fast to the entrepreneurial spirit that framed a nation and made whole a people.

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