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President Barack Obama went on line today with a live streaming feed from the White House to host a town hall meeting. A few questions were selected from the over 100,000 submitted on line in addition to questions selected from the audience. Obama again read his opening remarks from a teleprompter before answering questions.

The obvious benefits to the President of this particular format, is that the administration is able to surround the President with adoring fans, that the White House can be assured will ask safe questions, while the on line questions can be filtered to assure that the President is able to deliver his message with limited interruption or feedback from individuals who may believe differently than Barack Obama.

I watched Barack Obama with both amusement and a modicum of fear as he responded to the questions with  patented professorial pontifications. These are not opportunities to debate the President or his policies but rather they are opportunities for the President to enlighten and inform. He is the professor in chief and we the people are his students.

As with many professors, Barack Obama is professing an extreme liberal agenda under the guise that he is committed to providing the change that America wants. The change that America wants is change as defined by Obama. The President is currently engaged in a power grab that will lay the framework for a new economic infrastructure to support the significantly expanded federal government  that will transform the nation from the current hybrid form of capitalism that America is currently practicing to a socialist system that will place limitations on incentives and dictate American lifestyles from cradle to grave.

The vehicle that Obama will ride toward his Eurotopian ideal for America is the multi trillion dollar budget he has proposed and that his Democrat cohorts in Congress Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are committed to pushing through a  House and Senate which of late have been exhibiting circus like antics. Obama appears to be able to frame reality in any manner that he is comfortable with and his followers in Congress and across the nation are willing to accept it.

Barack Obama and the Democrat Party are fomenting a populist rhetoric that clearly opposes business.They are ringing the death knell of the free enterprise system  and actively promoting the end of entrepreneurism as we have known it. Chairman Obama is leading the Revolution. One can only wonder when his little red book will be available on the White House web site.

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