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The battle for the very soul of this nation swings into high gear this weekend and through the week as the Obama administration, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and their liberal conspirators in the House and Senate put on a full court blitz to pass the nearly four trillion dollar Federal budget that Barack Obama has submitted to Congress. Not content to focus on resolving the economic crisis and manage wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the President has donned his super crusader costume and intends to solve the impending energy crisis, provide universal health care for all Americans, fix the education platform in the nation and nationalize the largest corporations in America.

Obama is moving quickly to consolidate power over nearly every aspect of our lives as he touts the benefits of smart meters to regulate energy usage in our homes, promotes union labor to develop a new energy grid and assures us that greedy executives will be taxed to fund his version of the American dream. The vehicle to fund the President’s over reaching agenda is the $3.6 trillion 2010 budget that will establish and fund the transformation of America to the Obamanation a socialist Eurotopian ideal that is doomed to fail.

The Republican Party has an opportunity to stand united against the President’s ludicrous budget. They have an opportunity to present a message to the public that is sound and reasonable and based on common sense economics. Republicans need to move past the mistakes that they have been tarnished with over the past eight years and begin making their case for America’s free enterprise based economy.

Obama is on a destructive path that imperils our free enterprise system and threatens to bankrupt the American spirit for entrepreneurship. He is leading us along a path to a liberal nirvana where America will reign as the great apologist as it descends toward the ignominy of mediocrity.

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