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MoveOn.Org the liberal political action organization that mobilizes resources to support liberal progressive causes and candidates is currently running ads in select regions of the country to promote the 2010 budget proposed by Barack Obama. The liberal advocacy organization has been a principal supporter of  Barack Obama and Democrat Party candidates and causes. The organization promotes itself as representing real Americans and bringing them into the political process.

Real Americans, as defined by Move On, are Americans that support progressive causes. They are committed to transforming America by promoting a green energy economy, stopping climate change, supporting universal health care and ending the war in Iraq. Their membership has grown to over five million members. They are interested in limiting executive compensation and have circulated a petition to do so.

They believe that the top 5% of income earners who already pay 60% of the federal income taxes in America should pay higher taxes. They publish statements in support of  Obama’s proposed tax increases that investors currently pay a “super low” capital gains rate of 15%.

The Move On agenda is the very agenda that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and of course Barack Obama have proposed and are enacting into legislation. They are the public policy arm, of the far left wing of the Democrat Party and currently dominate  and direct the party. Move On is transforming our national agenda. Conservatives have failed to develop a movement to counter the progressive action of their organization. In a prior century, Move On would have been deemed as subversive for promoting a socialist agenda that is transforming a nation with a proud heritage of entrepreneurship into a nation where equalization is the principal role of government.

Move On is about dictating to Americans how they should live their lives. They are an organization which accepts the sacrifice of individual rights to promote a homogeneous society in which the state is the final arbiter of personal choice and freedom. They are frightening in their scope , their reach and their commitment. We must be aware of the agenda of Move On and similar organisations and remain vigilant as they attempt to usurp our individual rights through their thug like control of the Democrat Party leadership in Congress and the White House.

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