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President Barack Obama presided over a prime time press conference this evening to mark his first 100 days in office.  The press conference was similar in tone to the two previous prime time press conferences held by this President. The President led with some opening teleprompted remarks and then responded to thirteen questions by previously designated members of the White House Press Corps.

Obama’s press conferences are boring. They are systematic, controlled and one sided. They are designed to be so. They are designed to allow the greatness of Barack Obama to emanate across the air waves in a controlled environment with out the discomfort of spontaneous interaction with the press corps. It must be uncomfortable not to mention terribly boring to be sitting inthe East Room of the White House and not be a member of the chosen thirteen.

Barack Obama is performing a great disservice to the American people by failing to engage the press in an interactive discussion of issues that confront the nation. His is the sanitized presentation of the leader that promotes partisanship by policy. He denigrates his dissenters as  being nothing more than voices of the ignorant. The inability of Barack Obama to address the nation in any forum with out the support of a teleprompter or his inability to respond to the press in an unscripted environment should be of a concern to the American electorate. They are clear signs of a scripted and created Presidency.

This President in his first 100 days has been focused on promoting Barack Obama the visionary leader that intends to transform America no matter the cost. Today he flew to Missouri to host a Town Hall meeting and share his greatness with adoring fans. He apparently has no qualms about spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote himself when he could have easily held a video conference. This President will speak to the errant and wasteful actions of American CEO’s but exclude himself from similar fiscal restraints.

The first 100 days have seen much longer because of the excessive exposure of this President. One can only hope that with some experience the President will learn some restraint.

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In an act of the most egregious insensitivity, the Obama administration elected to have Air Force One accompanied by a fighter jet escort perform a fly over of lower Manhattan on Monday morning  frightening thousands of people who were immediately reminded of the September 11, 2001 attacks. The purpose of the mission was to provide a photo opportunity no doubt to be included in the Obama propaganda arsenal.

New York’s Mayor Bloomberg was furious with the administration for allowing this exercise given the obvious sensitivity of New Yorkers to low flying aircraft over the city and inquired about the relevance of the tax payer funded mission.

The greater issue beyond the insensitivity of the decision is the decision process in the White House. How was it that a senior administration official was not involved in this politically sensitive mission . The mission which cost $328 thousand dollars to execute, caught the President and his senior staff by surprise. 

In an era in which the President asks the nation to sacrifice, the Obama administration should not be wasting $328 thousand dollars on a photo op. The President like any effective CEO should lead by example. If this were an issue at one of our financial institutions or automobile manufacturers Obama and his team would be relentless with their criticism. As it stands a mid level administrator will take the heat.

The President has been accused of attempting to tackle too many issues in his first 100 days as he attempts to transform America to satisfy the progressive agenda that he is committed to. This is clearly an issue that could have been prevented were the proper decision process in place at the White House.

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Arlen Specter in an attempt to retain his Pennsylvania Senate seat has opted to switch party affiliations from the Republican party to the the Denocrat party. In an act of political self preservation Specter, who has served twenty nine years as a Republican in the Senate, has been welcomed by the Democrat party leadership including Barack Obama. 

Specter’s defection to the Democrat party may provide the critical 60th vote necessary for the Democrats to invoke cloture and limit Republican filibustering. Specter was facing a strong Republican primary challenge to his seat for the 2010 election and was not expected to win the primary.

Specter in an announcement addressing his decision to switch parties stated that he based his decision as on recent polls conducted in Pennsylvania that indicated his best option for retaining his senate seat would be to run as a democrat. Senator Specter stressed that he will retain his right to be independent. 

Specter broke with the Republican party on the Obama stimulus package by being one of three Republican Senators who voted in favor of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the ineptly named Obama stimulus package. Specters defection will insure that the political battle lines will be drawn for the 2010 elections. The Republican party should be highly energized by this defection and work diligently to mobilize the Republican electorate in Pennsylvania in the coming election in 2010.

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 TodayPresident Barack Obama addressed the National Academy of Sciences and promised to devote “more than 3% of our GDP to research and development” which will be the largest investment in scientific research in our nation’s history, exceeding the investment initiated by President Kennedy that fueled the space race in the 1960’s.

Obama addressed an audience that stands to gain significantly from this commitment as he touted his green energy initiatives to provide competitive renewable energy. Obama has formed a pact with science to battle the evil of global warming and climate change  which, if not addressed by this administration, at this time, on this day will yield the end of human kind. Barack Obama has a great advantage when it comes to funding his initiatives that other CEO’s do not have access to. He can print more money as needed and bill the public through higher taxes.

The Obama administration is aligned with the scientific community that advocates the passage of the Safe Climate Act of 2009. Obama  referred to “my Budget” numerous times through out the speech clearly wanting credit from those in the audience for his intended transformation of America through science. As any experienced CEO understands leadership is an inclusive process. When a CEO addresses a strategic plan or a corporate budget he or she will speak to our plan or our budget. Obama who at one point during the presentation was embarrassed due to a teleprompter miscue has opted for me and mine over us and ours.

 The President stated  ” the days of science taking a back seat  to ideology is over” and affirmed that his administration will be guided by science as decisions are made. The President and his supporters in Congress will in fact continue to leverage the National Academy Of Sciences to provide the necessary rationale to support their progressive agenda as the President pursues “greatness” no matter the cost or practical consideration required to attain it.

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The assumption that humans are the principal catalyst influencing climate change is the ultimate liberal vanity. The earth has been evolving for four billion years and we are now directed by the progressive fascists to embrace global warming as a human caused phenomena that will result in the end of humanity should we fail to support the proposed American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009.

The bill, which was written by a consortium representing environmental lobbies that comprise the interests of the progressive left and sponsored by Representatives Henry Waxman a progressive liberal Democrat from Southern California and Edward J. Markey a similar Democrat from Massachusetts, is an integral component of Barack Obama’s agenda for transforming America from current super power status to that of a middling nation that penalizes individual pursuit as it promotes collective solutions to societal pseudo ills.

The bill also represents the ultimate victory for Al Gore over George W. Bush. Gore who proved to be a sore loser following the 2000 Presidential election has emerged as a global environmental statesman and has claimed the moral authority with all the righteous hypocrisy of the progressive left over those who dare to debate or offer alternative science to the issue of Global Warming, while George W. Bush has been demeaned by a liberal media for the policies that kept America safe since the terrorist acts of Septembet 11th, 2001.

The green movement is less about saving the earth from impending doom and more about controlling the masses by imposing the will of environmental true believers and those political, societal and cultural organizations that will benefit from the green scare. Those of us who choose to question the left and their motivation are painted as extremists that are out of touch with our changing world.

We are being asked to embrace through legislation the monetizing of carbon emissions so that the federal government can create an additional income stream through a phantom tax known as cap and trade which will result in impeding the ability for American businesses  to compete with other economies around the globe. The Safe Climate Act of 2009,which is included in the Waxman-Markey bill is designed to redistribute wealth from America to other economies around the globe. This bill is liberal atonement for the wrongful and malicious acts that the progressive left believe America has subjected the world to over the last several decades.

The rhetoric that Barack Obama was so willing to read from his teleprompter, on his tours to Europe and Latin America, as he apologised for  America’s behavior over the past six plus decades, from the decision by Harry Truman to end the second world war through the use of the atomic bomb to the execution of the war on terrorism and the handling of accused terrorists by the Bush administration, are consistent with the rhetoric of the far left and green movements across the globe.

Barack Obama has set a course to transform America into a nation that those of us who believe in a government “of the people, by the people and for the people” will not recognise. Global Warming, an issue conceived by liberal vanity, will provide the catalyst to further restrict our individual liberties and control the masses through the green scare. It will allow a totalitarian politic in the 21st century to flourish as Americans march like lemmings to the drum beat of progressive fascism as they high step out the door of their solar heated homes to their electric cars and cruise to their government approved  labor unit.

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Barack Obama and his legion of progressive supporters have been able to accomplish what was previously believed to be impossible. They have been able to roll back time to September 1o, 2001.The decision by the President to release selective memos  detailing the application of Enhanced Interrogation Techniques by agents of the Central Intelligence Agency has served to demoralise the intelligence gathering apparatus in America and return the nation to the period prior to September 11, 2001.

The President’s ineptness in dealing with this issue will serve to strengthen the enemies of the United States while crippling the intelligence services of America and weaken its associations with the intelligent services of  our allies. Barack Obama has shown a predilection for errant decision making in order to support the agenda of the progressive left. 

Americans may take heart that their security is now the purview of a President who percieves a greater risk to Americans by Global Warming than by Islamist extremists. If Obama continues on this path, his legacy will be that of the President with the messianic complex that destrtroyed a nation by attempting to save the world from a threat that most Americans refute the existence of.

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The current dialogue over enhanced interrogation techniques or the use of torture during the Bush administration that has arisen over the past several days as the Obama administration released memo’s detailing the use of waterboarding and other enhanced techniques serves no useful purpose in our national dialogue. Those who would serve to admonish the Bush administration and agents of the Central Intelligence Agency, so that they may gain the high moral ground and cast stones at those who safeguarded America’s security following the 9/11 attacks, are misplaced in their vehemence toward George Bush, Dick Cheney or Condi Rice.

They should direct that same vehemence toward those who would harm this nation and those who would dismantle the apparatus that has kept us safe in this land since September 11, 2001. We are a nation at war with an enemy so venal that they willingly recruit the young and often the ignorant to commit themselves to suicide missions with the single minded purpose of terrorism. They are committed to torturing a people, a nation by any means available to them. That torture , that terror has no limits and is offered on an equal basis to men, women and children.

We have been and continue to be subjected to torture by Islamic Fundamentalists and are expected now to follow an agenda dictated by the progressive left in Congress and a President who is swiftly proving his naivete on the global stage. Enhanced Interrogation Techniques should have been used in the past and should continued to be used if necessary to secure the required intelligence that is vital to providing insight and knowledge about our enemies and prospective or imminent attacks.

Our concern about the use of these techniques borders on a national insanity. We should be committed to winning the war against those who seek to destroy our way of life. Coddling those who would do us harm will not win favor with our enemies. It will only serve to strenghen their perception of a weakened America.

The torture of a human being is an evil act. War is evil. If through the use of Enhanced Interrogation Techniques we are able to lessen the life of that war, or the need for prolonging evil acts are we not better for it? We live in a real world with real enemies that do not care to engage in dialogue with us as to how we may coexist. Islamic Fundamentalists want to destroy us. We make their mission easier when we debate the proper application of interrogation and commit endless resources to punish those whose sole desire is the security of our nation.

This Obama administration should end this debate now by vowing to move forward on all fronts and allow history to judge the Bush administration and their success or lack there of with respect to maintaining the security of the nation during their watch. Barack Obama and the Congress have too much on the national plate to become further diverted by partisan Democrat progressives whose only real purpose is to further alienate the opposition by demeaning its previous leadership.

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Barack Obama has a sweeping progressive agenda for the nation that is closer in content to the Great Society of Lyndon Johnson than either of the Presidents that Obama has sought to emulate,  Abraham Lincoln or Franklin Roosevelt. Johnson, a Democrat who had extensive experience in championing legislation while serving in both the House and Senate prior to becoming Vice President and assuming the Presidency following the assassination of President Kennedy. Following his election in 1964, Johnson’s agenda for Congress included civil rights legislation, education, health, Medicare, beautification, conservation, the war on poverty and economic development through urban renewal.

Obama’s progressive agenda may appear new and shiny but to a large degree is really Great Society II. The names may have changed but the agenda hasn’t.Obama’s focus on health insurance, redistribution of wealth, education and the greening of America are merely contemporized versions of entitlement programs. As with President Johnson and Viet Nam, Obama must contend with wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as remain vigilant with respect to pirates, terrorists and Mexican Drug Cartels while navigating through a global economic crisis.

The risk to the nation, is that Obama is a true believer in the progressive agenda with a messianic ego and limited experience. His actions at recent international conferences would indicate that he also possesses a naivete or such an exalted ego that he believes he is transforming the perception of America in the eyes of the world by denigrating America through apologies for the actions of previous administrations. He has proved that decisions in the White House are based upon political considerations such as the decision to declassify and release CIA files as they related to the use of torture by agents on suspected terrorists.

Lyndon Johnson is seldom mentioned by the progressive media nor I suspect are his policies frequently reviewed by Obama and his advisers. His was a challenged Presidency that culminated with his decision not to seek election to another term after receiving a mandate  by winning  in a landslide just four years prior. He was an experienced leader who succumbed to the burdens of a broad agenda that was designed to transform America. Time will ultimately determine whether or not Barack Obama succumbs to the same pressures as Lyndon Johnson. We can only hope and pray that our nation does not.

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Rumors are circulating that President Barack Obama, who expressed during the 2008 Presidential campaign a willingness to meet with the President of Iran Madmoud Ahmadinejad, is preparing to meet to meet with the controversial Ahmadinejad at an undisclosed location as an extension of his current “We Are Equals Tour”.

Obama who was commended by the progressive fascists within the Democrat party as well as the progressive media for his European “Great Apology Tour” in which he made several speeches apologising to Europeans for America’s perceived arrogance and the “failures” of  previous administrations.

Most recently on a visit with President Calderon in Mexico City the President apologised for America’s contribution to the violence of the Mexican Drug Cartels. The President then journied to  Trinidad Tobago where at  The Summit of the Americas, he apologised further for American policies as they related to Latin America.

The Summit also provided several  photo opportunities with Venezualan President Hugo Chavez. Chavez who is closely aligned with the Castro regime in Cuba has been a consistent critic of American policies. The photo opportunities with Obama allow Chavez to leverage his new association with the leader of the world’s only remaining super power to further consolidate his hold on power in Venezuela and expand his influence with other Latin American nations.

When President Obama addressed the Summit attendees he emphasized that America was seeking equal partnerships as it addressed issues in Latin America as opposed to previous administrations which apparently operated as senior partners. In a theme consistent with previous apologies the President made note of the arrogance of previous administrations.

In preparation, for the President’s forthcoming meeting with Ahmadinejad, the Obama administration is reviewing previous administration policies toward and remarks about Iran and its’ leadership so as to be certain to make the appropriate apology to the Iranian President, noting the sensitivity of the Iranian leader. It is further believed that President Ahmadinejad willprovide the President with a gift of his recently published book about injustices perpetrated upon the Middle East by American and Israeli imperialism.

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Despite the pronouncements by the liberal media to the contrary, the favorability rating  of President Barack Obama is slipping as reported by Rasmussen Reports which conducts a daily Presidential favorability poll. As Americans feel increasingly disenfranchised by the progressive policies of Barack Obama the percentage of Americans who strongly disapprove of the President have more than doubled to 32% since January 22nd.

The polls this coming week will be of particular interest as photos of President Obama and Hugo Chavez together resonate with Americans. Chavez who has taken it upon himself to channel Che and Fidel for a new generation was photographed with the President as they greeted each other on at least three separate occasions. Chavez, who’s rhetoric demonized former President George W. Bush appears to want to offer a helping hand to the inexperienced Barack Obama.

Obama, who previously criticized American executives for attending business conferences in Las Vegas and other popular conference and convention destinations, appears to have had no problem rationalizing his own extensive travel as he attends conferences around the Globe. It is not unlike the new CEO who decides he needs to go out and meet the trade when he assumes the helm of an enterprise or he is promoting a new product, system or idea. Perhaps if the President understood this he would be more amenable to American business interests.

As the President continues to meet and greet the Hugo Chavez like minded leaders of the nations which have been at odds with America, we shall be anxiously awaiting any positive developments that may arise from his obvious willingness to shake hands and provide photo ops for some of America’s most ardent detractors.

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