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We are thankful for the rescue of Captain Richard Phillips of the Maersk Alabama. America was fortunate that the mission resulted in rescuing Captain Phillips without harm to any American personnel involved in the rescue. It now appears that the Obama administration should complete a reconnaissance of  the Somali Pirates dens and upon gaining the appropriate intelligence develop a plan of action to assure American ships free passage on the high seas without fear of further incidents of piracy.

President Obama should take advantage of the momentum established by the rescue of the Captain of the Maersk Alabama and execute a decisive surgical strike on the Somali Pirates. Failure to act decisively will only serve to intensify the issue and lead to additional acts of Piracy. America has taken the first step toward intervention with the recent naval operation. However, it is unlikely that the success of the mission will provide an adequate deterrence to the Somali Pirates. America has shown in the past that it is often at its best when it strikes decisively to resolve threats upon its security.

The outstanding performance by the Navy, saved the administration from potential  political and international embarrassment. Further incidents may not result in the same positive out come and could evolve to  further weakening the perception of America, by both our allies and our enemies.

This is a time to demonstrate  strength and clarify, for the global community that this nation will not be held hostage by a group of  Somali Pirates. The time for resolutions and impotent rhetoric from the United Nations has past. For a President who has attempted to emulate Lincoln and Roosevelt, Obama has a unique opportunity to be Jeffersonian and eliminate the scourge of  Piracy and free the seas  as Jefferson did over two hundred years ago.

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