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Despite the pronouncements by the liberal media to the contrary, the favorability rating  of President Barack Obama is slipping as reported by Rasmussen Reports which conducts a daily Presidential favorability poll. As Americans feel increasingly disenfranchised by the progressive policies of Barack Obama the percentage of Americans who strongly disapprove of the President have more than doubled to 32% since January 22nd.

The polls this coming week will be of particular interest as photos of President Obama and Hugo Chavez together resonate with Americans. Chavez who has taken it upon himself to channel Che and Fidel for a new generation was photographed with the President as they greeted each other on at least three separate occasions. Chavez, who’s rhetoric demonized former President George W. Bush appears to want to offer a helping hand to the inexperienced Barack Obama.

Obama, who previously criticized American executives for attending business conferences in Las Vegas and other popular conference and convention destinations, appears to have had no problem rationalizing his own extensive travel as he attends conferences around the Globe. It is not unlike the new CEO who decides he needs to go out and meet the trade when he assumes the helm of an enterprise or he is promoting a new product, system or idea. Perhaps if the President understood this he would be more amenable to American business interests.

As the President continues to meet and greet the Hugo Chavez like minded leaders of the nations which have been at odds with America, we shall be anxiously awaiting any positive developments that may arise from his obvious willingness to shake hands and provide photo ops for some of America’s most ardent detractors.

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One can certainly appreciate the need to develop alternative fuels, while a global economy is held hostage by its dependence on oil and is subject to the fluctuations of a volatile market. When oil reached the stratospheric level of $147 per a barrel of crude the world and in particular America was willing to sell, trade or simply park their SUV’s and other gas guzzling vehicles, remnants of a twentieth century society that gorged on the earths resources while caring little about the affect on the environment or future generations.

At least that is what the progressive fascist’s who are at the helm of the green movement would have us believe. The environmental movement is the perfect issue in which to cloak progressive fascism. On the surface it would appear to be a benign movement consisting of people interested only in preserving the earth for future generations. Who among us, would fail to appreciate the desire to retain a fresh mountain brook, a lush green meadow or a snow capped peak.

The global environmental movement  has gained accelerated sustainable roots over the past decade in America. The movement today is about control. Control of our political establishment, thereby controlling public policy resulting in control of our economy. With the Obama administration at the helm of the executive branch and the Congress being led by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, the progressives are now clearly in control.

Global Warming has become the pivotal issue which has allowed the progressive movement to forge an argument and gain the moral high ground as the media provides full cover and support. Global warming and the green movement is providing the rationale for transforming America from a nation that both welcomed and praised the pursuit of individuals toward personal accomplishment above and beyond the collective desires or restraints of society.

There is today in our nation a rebirth of collectivism not seen since the era of the great depression when a third of the labor force in America belonged to a union. Today less than 8% of the private sector work force are union members. With but a few notable exceptions, unions are largely a public sector phenomena. As the federal government continues its rapid expansion under the guise of green programs led by President Barack Obama unions stand to gain significantly since a large percentage of green jobs will be within federal departments that embrace and support  public employee unions such as the SEIU.

The greening of America will force the imposition of new green taxes to support the progressive agenda for America and will further impose restrictions on businesses that will negate economic expansion. We strongly support individual environmental stewardship and believe it is in the best interest of every American to be a voluntary steward of the environment however, we are fundamentally opposed to the transformation of our nation by well organized fringe elements of the progressive left. The Ameican Clean Energy and Security Act Of 2009 proposes to do exactly that.

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