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The current dialogue over enhanced interrogation techniques or the use of torture during the Bush administration that has arisen over the past several days as the Obama administration released memo’s detailing the use of waterboarding and other enhanced techniques serves no useful purpose in our national dialogue. Those who would serve to admonish the Bush administration and agents of the Central Intelligence Agency, so that they may gain the high moral ground and cast stones at those who safeguarded America’s security following the 9/11 attacks, are misplaced in their vehemence toward George Bush, Dick Cheney or Condi Rice.

They should direct that same vehemence toward those who would harm this nation and those who would dismantle the apparatus that has kept us safe in this land since September 11, 2001. We are a nation at war with an enemy so venal that they willingly recruit the young and often the ignorant to commit themselves to suicide missions with the single minded purpose of terrorism. They are committed to torturing a people, a nation by any means available to them. That torture , that terror has no limits and is offered on an equal basis to men, women and children.

We have been and continue to be subjected to torture by Islamic Fundamentalists and are expected now to follow an agenda dictated by the progressive left in Congress and a President who is swiftly proving his naivete on the global stage. Enhanced Interrogation Techniques should have been used in the past and should continued to be used if necessary to secure the required intelligence that is vital to providing insight and knowledge about our enemies and prospective or imminent attacks.

Our concern about the use of these techniques borders on a national insanity. We should be committed to winning the war against those who seek to destroy our way of life. Coddling those who would do us harm will not win favor with our enemies. It will only serve to strenghen their perception of a weakened America.

The torture of a human being is an evil act. War is evil. If through the use of Enhanced Interrogation Techniques we are able to lessen the life of that war, or the need for prolonging evil acts are we not better for it? We live in a real world with real enemies that do not care to engage in dialogue with us as to how we may coexist. Islamic Fundamentalists want to destroy us. We make their mission easier when we debate the proper application of interrogation and commit endless resources to punish those whose sole desire is the security of our nation.

This Obama administration should end this debate now by vowing to move forward on all fronts and allow history to judge the Bush administration and their success or lack there of with respect to maintaining the security of the nation during their watch. Barack Obama and the Congress have too much on the national plate to become further diverted by partisan Democrat progressives whose only real purpose is to further alienate the opposition by demeaning its previous leadership.

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