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Arlen Specter in an attempt to retain his Pennsylvania Senate seat has opted to switch party affiliations from the Republican party to the the Denocrat party. In an act of political self preservation Specter, who has served twenty nine years as a Republican in the Senate, has been welcomed by the Democrat party leadership including Barack Obama. 

Specter’s defection to the Democrat party may provide the critical 60th vote necessary for the Democrats to invoke cloture and limit Republican filibustering. Specter was facing a strong Republican primary challenge to his seat for the 2010 election and was not expected to win the primary.

Specter in an announcement addressing his decision to switch parties stated that he based his decision as on recent polls conducted in Pennsylvania that indicated his best option for retaining his senate seat would be to run as a democrat. Senator Specter stressed that he will retain his right to be independent. 

Specter broke with the Republican party on the Obama stimulus package by being one of three Republican Senators who voted in favor of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the ineptly named Obama stimulus package. Specters defection will insure that the political battle lines will be drawn for the 2010 elections. The Republican party should be highly energized by this defection and work diligently to mobilize the Republican electorate in Pennsylvania in the coming election in 2010.

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 TodayPresident Barack Obama addressed the National Academy of Sciences and promised to devote “more than 3% of our GDP to research and development” which will be the largest investment in scientific research in our nation’s history, exceeding the investment initiated by President Kennedy that fueled the space race in the 1960’s.

Obama addressed an audience that stands to gain significantly from this commitment as he touted his green energy initiatives to provide competitive renewable energy. Obama has formed a pact with science to battle the evil of global warming and climate change  which, if not addressed by this administration, at this time, on this day will yield the end of human kind. Barack Obama has a great advantage when it comes to funding his initiatives that other CEO’s do not have access to. He can print more money as needed and bill the public through higher taxes.

The Obama administration is aligned with the scientific community that advocates the passage of the Safe Climate Act of 2009. Obama  referred to “my Budget” numerous times through out the speech clearly wanting credit from those in the audience for his intended transformation of America through science. As any experienced CEO understands leadership is an inclusive process. When a CEO addresses a strategic plan or a corporate budget he or she will speak to our plan or our budget. Obama who at one point during the presentation was embarrassed due to a teleprompter miscue has opted for me and mine over us and ours.

 The President stated  ” the days of science taking a back seat  to ideology is over” and affirmed that his administration will be guided by science as decisions are made. The President and his supporters in Congress will in fact continue to leverage the National Academy Of Sciences to provide the necessary rationale to support their progressive agenda as the President pursues “greatness” no matter the cost or practical consideration required to attain it.

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