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In an act of the most egregious insensitivity, the Obama administration elected to have Air Force One accompanied by a fighter jet escort perform a fly over of lower Manhattan on Monday morning  frightening thousands of people who were immediately reminded of the September 11, 2001 attacks. The purpose of the mission was to provide a photo opportunity no doubt to be included in the Obama propaganda arsenal.

New York’s Mayor Bloomberg was furious with the administration for allowing this exercise given the obvious sensitivity of New Yorkers to low flying aircraft over the city and inquired about the relevance of the tax payer funded mission.

The greater issue beyond the insensitivity of the decision is the decision process in the White House. How was it that a senior administration official was not involved in this politically sensitive mission . The mission which cost $328 thousand dollars to execute, caught the President and his senior staff by surprise. 

In an era in which the President asks the nation to sacrifice, the Obama administration should not be wasting $328 thousand dollars on a photo op. The President like any effective CEO should lead by example. If this were an issue at one of our financial institutions or automobile manufacturers Obama and his team would be relentless with their criticism. As it stands a mid level administrator will take the heat.

The President has been accused of attempting to tackle too many issues in his first 100 days as he attempts to transform America to satisfy the progressive agenda that he is committed to. This is clearly an issue that could have been prevented were the proper decision process in place at the White House.

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