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President Barack Obama presided over a prime time press conference this evening to mark his first 100 days in office.  The press conference was similar in tone to the two previous prime time press conferences held by this President. The President led with some opening teleprompted remarks and then responded to thirteen questions by previously designated members of the White House Press Corps.

Obama’s press conferences are boring. They are systematic, controlled and one sided. They are designed to be so. They are designed to allow the greatness of Barack Obama to emanate across the air waves in a controlled environment with out the discomfort of spontaneous interaction with the press corps. It must be uncomfortable not to mention terribly boring to be sitting inthe East Room of the White House and not be a member of the chosen thirteen.

Barack Obama is performing a great disservice to the American people by failing to engage the press in an interactive discussion of issues that confront the nation. His is the sanitized presentation of the leader that promotes partisanship by policy. He denigrates his dissenters as  being nothing more than voices of the ignorant. The inability of Barack Obama to address the nation in any forum with out the support of a teleprompter or his inability to respond to the press in an unscripted environment should be of a concern to the American electorate. They are clear signs of a scripted and created Presidency.

This President in his first 100 days has been focused on promoting Barack Obama the visionary leader that intends to transform America no matter the cost. Today he flew to Missouri to host a Town Hall meeting and share his greatness with adoring fans. He apparently has no qualms about spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote himself when he could have easily held a video conference. This President will speak to the errant and wasteful actions of American CEO’s but exclude himself from similar fiscal restraints.

The first 100 days have seen much longer because of the excessive exposure of this President. One can only hope that with some experience the President will learn some restraint.

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