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Ceo4aday the blog which offers a perspective from the corner office and provides  insightful commentary on political, economic and  business issues that effect our entrepreneurial culture and free enterprise system, is pleased to announce that we have exceeded 200,ooo views since our launch in December 2008.

We have been writing extensively about the Obama administration and the President’s intent to transform America from a global beacon of free enterprise and entrepreneurism to a Eurotopian socialist nation that is committed to a progressive agenda which will weaken our traditional economic institutions and promote the expansion of  government incursion into American society.

We believe that the arrogance of this President compounded with his lack of relevant experience is leading America along a transformational path which will result in an America where class war is the rule of the day as his progressive agenda can only be funded by extracting a greater toll through the oppressive taxation of those who already fund a disproportionate percentage of the nation’s tax burden.

We believe that an unfettered free enterprise system is an integral component of the promise of America as conceived by the founding fathers and is essential to assuring the American way of life. Barack Obama does not have an appreciation for our free enterprise system. Obama believes that corporations and entrepreneurs should be taxed at the highest rate the market will bear to support an agenda in which individual rights and liberties are secondary to the needs of an ever burgeoning government bureaucracy. 

We are increasingly concerned about the alliance between the progressive movement and the labor unions that have shaped the agenda for both the Democrat Party and the Obama administration. We believe the strong arm tactics utilized by the administration to bolster the position of the UAW are criminal and merit investigation by an independent council to determine if indeed the administration is providing pay back for the enthusiastic support by the unions during the 2008 Presidential campaign.

We appreciate the support of all our readers and will continue to provide topical commentary on the aforementioned as well as other items of interest from our perspective.

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