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As Iraq attempts to recede into a secondary crisis we are surprised by the recent visit of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. In an obvious attempt to deflect attention away from the controversy surrounding her denial of knowledge of the use of waterboarding or other enhanced interrogation techniques on alleged terrorists by agents of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Pelosi, who may prove to be the least popular Speaker of the House in the history of the United States of America, is certainly the most liberal. She is fully engaged in directing a progressive agenda that will shred the foundation of the free entreprise system upon which America has relied since its inception. She is a catalyst for the progressive alliance of the labor movement and the green extremists that funded and elected Barack Obama so that he might foment a class war, convert the auto industry to electric cars and return the labor unions to their golden era. 

Pelosi, gushes with euphoria at the mere mention of Barack Obama like the adoring fan she is of this paragon of progressive fascism. Having been outed as a liar by the revelation that she indeed was briefed about the use of water boarding in February of 2003, she contnues to spin and deny any knowledge of the use of enhanced interrogation techniques, lest she weaken her position with her far left progressive supporters.

One can only imagine how American troops and Iraqui officials perceive our nations third highest ranking elected official. Nancy Pelosi is the ultimate empty suit. Shrill with denials and filled with progressive rhetoric, which has been repeated so often, to so many, that we as a nation must now bear the burden of her legislative embellishment.

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