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The House passed the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 by a narrow margin on Friday as the attention of both the nation and the world was turning from the abuse of the Iranian regime to the death of the King of Pop Michael Jackson. The bill which is a cornerstone of the Obama progressive agenda required the votes of 8 Republicans to vote in favor of the bill as 44 Democrats voted against it with a final tally of 219 to 212 for HR 2454.

This legislation should it become law will impose e clean energy tax upon the American Public that will amount to the single highest tax increase ever impose upon American tax payers. Given the narrow margin of passage in the House it is increasingly doubtful though that this bill will pass the Senate despite the urgent pleadings of Barack Obama.

The bill, which proposes its will on every aspect of American life and will create a bureaucratic nightmare, will also cost this nation millions of jobs more then the mythical Green  jobs it purports to create. Nancy Pelosi called it transformational legislation while doing Obama’s bidding and she is indeed correct. It is transformational in that it moves America further away from a free enterprise based economy toward the central planning models of the totalitarian economic models that failed in the twentieth century.

Americans may fight back against the tide of environmental and progressive fascism by contacting their representatives in the Senate and urging them to vote no on this bill when it comes before the Senate this fall. The nation may have been distracted when the House voted but we must wake up and act before this legislation is allowed to further cripple our economy.

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White House rumours indicate that Barack Obama is distraught over the shocking death of the pop icon. Jackson, was rumored to be considered the leading candidate by the Obama administration for the position of music czar. Obama appeared distracted this morning during meetings with Angela Merkel the German Chancellor which was later attributed to his concern for the loss of Jackson, his family and his fans.

The timing could not have been worse for Obama, a long time Jackson fan who is also a Merkel fan and pines for an American political and social model that emulates the German model a leading Eurotopian state. In recent weeks Jackson had apparently emerged from a short list of music icons that included, Whitney Houston, Eminem and Lil’ Kim as the potential music czar.

Jackson, considered by many to be the greatest musical performer ever, was attempting a comeback after languishing on the pop sidelines for years due to numerous financial and legal issues. The performer, with a global notoriety, was preparing for 50 concert dates for a tour of the United Kingdom.

Jackson’s death made headlines around the Globe and has dominated the American media at a time that the House is debating and preparing to vote on the largest tax increase ever proposed for American taxpayers through the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009. Despite the impact of the death of the King of Pop Obama is expected to be monitoring the legislation before the House today and it is anticipated he will place the appointment of a music czar on an indefinite hold.

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The American Clean Energy And Security Act Of 2009 is currently being debated in the House and will be coming to a vote on the floor as early as this coming Friday. Ceo4aday has written extensively about the green movement and the progressive fascists within the environmental  movement that are intent upon imposing their will upon a nation that can ill afford the luxury of Global Warming.

At a time when unemployment in America is nearing 10% the Waxman-Markey sponsored bill proposes to create a new bureaucracy that will effect the most restrictive policies on American consumers and businesses ever conceived. These proposals which will affect nearly every aspect of American life from the cars we drive to the homes we elect to live in to the light we choose to read by.

Our Supreme Leader Barack Obama is intent on completing the transformation of America from a capitalist based economy in which a free enterprise system exists to allow all individuals to participate in their own entrepreneurial endeavor should they so choose to a progressive socialist system modeled as a Eurotopian dream in which the central government will determine who participates in wealth creation and dream attainment.

The global warming legislation which is contained within the American Clean Energy And Security Act Of 2009 as the Safe Climate Act, is legislation designed to pander to the far left. Numerous administration agencies will be created to execute the legislation to safeguard the progressive agenda and restrict the freedoms of individuals.

We are a strong proponent of environmental stwardship however, environmentalism run amok as evidenced by this bill will lead to further economic hardship for millions of Americans by impairing the ability of American based companies to compete across the Globe, leading to increased unemployment and higher costs for all consumers.

Now is the time to reach out to your elected representatives in Congress and remind them that sound environmental stewardship should not and does not need to lead to a lower quality of life amid a further burdened economy.

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Barack Obama waited and watched as leaders from around the world condemned the  actions of the governing body in Iran at the mistreatment of protesters on the streets of Tehran. Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei who has been the Supreme Leader of Iran since 1989 had announced earlier in the week that protesters would be dealt with harshly. Our own Supreme Leader Barack Obama or as he is becoming  known, King Obama the Tepid, has been reluctant to comment or support a Democratic movement in Iran.

Obama appears to have embraced the legacy of former President Jimmy Carter who sat by idly during the Iranian Revolution in 1979 which resulted in the formation of the current Islamist Republic which over the past 30 years has funded Islamist terrorism through out the world.

This morning, Barack Obama issued an announcement from the White House calling “on the Iranian Government to stop all violent and unjust actions against its own people.” These comments  from the White House are the strongest to date and are long over due. There is no doubt that events in Iran are fluid. However, it remains the moral imperative of this nation to promote Democracy where ever a people around the Globe seek it.

Barack Obama is a new kind of President. He clearly shuns diplomatic confrontation and favors an America that turns away from promoting democratic values and principles. In the end Obama seeks to satisfy a progressive base that is focused on expanding our government and promoting socialist and progressive ideals at the expense of America’s former leading role in the world.

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In what has become a well publicized event this past week Barbara Boxer the junior United States Senator from California admonished a Brigadier General during a Senate hearing for calling her Ma’am. Boxer, upon being respectfully called Ma’am by the General, asked that he please refer to her as Senator, “a title that she had worked very hard to attain.” The Senator’s remarks are reflective of an individual that is holding herself above the purview of the public she has sworn to serve.

This nation, which was founded as a result of a revolution against a monarchy and a royal class, has a penchant for creating royalty out of members of our political class. One need only observe the way our media has treated the Obama’s as if the were King Barack and Queen Michelle even to the degree of instilling deity like qualities upon them. Is it any wonder then that Barbara Boxer would begin to increase her level of self importance to American royalty.

We allow our Congressional representatives to approve the expenditure of trillions of dollars at the request of King Obama so shame on us when we are surprised that one of our Senators’ would place her self above the commoners she has chosen to serve. We as a society  have strayed far from the original precepts of our founding fathers who would look upon America today with great disdain for allowing the establishment of a political class and the creation and continued expansion of a bloated federal government.

Barbara Boxer’s comment was shameful but is only a symptom of  the social, economic and political disease we have created as we bestow superior qualities upon those who we have chosen to serve us.

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As Americans become more aware of the progressive policies of Barack Obama, the President is beginning to slip in the polls. Earlier this week we wrote that we believed the honeymoon President Obama was enjoying with the American public was nearing an end. Recent poll results reflect the increased concern Americans hold for this President’s willingness to expand government and increase the budget deficit to levels never deemed possible.

This President, who was elected on a platform of change has proved to be a typical politico as he and his progressive cronies continue to promote an agenda that is accelerating the iron grip of socialism on a nation so willing until recently to embrace the rhetoric of a President that has excelled in reading from teleprompters but appears hesitant when attempting to elocute with out a scripted message.

This week as the debate has heated up on universal health care and the President’s program is being debated  by members of Congress in both parties,  the President’s aggressive progressive agenda is causing concern even among many members of his own party. Compounded by the President’s weak response to the protests in Iran many who voted for Obama are beginning to realize how truly inexperienced he is.

The hallmark of Obama’s foreign policy has revolved around his role as the chief apologist f0r the nation as he has traveled to Europe, the Middle East and Latin America apologizing for America’s past position of leadership in the world. He is increasingly being compared to former President Carter who’s policies crippled America and caused the nation to turn toward Ronald Reagan to resume its’ leadership in the world.

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Barack Obama, the great apologist continues to demonstrate a lack of understanding of the most basic tenets of our free enterprise system. As a puppet for the progressive left he continues to spew a socialist rhetoric which undermines our free enterprise system and weakens America in a competitive world filled with nation’s yearning to fill the void Obama is creating with his desire to lessen the role of America’s influence on the world stage.

His inability to formulate and deliver a strong message of support to the Iranian people as they wrestle with the most basic of democratic principles is an embarrassment to America. His predecessors in the Oval office must be completely dismayed by the naivete of Barack Obama. The President who campaigned on a platform of engagement through diplomacy seemed to be at a loss when it came to finding a voice to comment on the events taking place in Iran.

Barack Obama is ceding America’s leadership in the world at a time when nations are scrambling economically, politically and militarily to replace it. Obama, consumed by a domestic agenda formulated by the progressive fascists which dominate his administration seeks to transform America to a progressive ideal that eliminates individual choice and promotes federal decisions for the masses which are deemed too ignorant by the progressives to make their own decisions with respect to diet, health, housing and transportation.

Obama is failing in foreign policy as North Korea raises the stakes. As Venezuela, Bolivia, and Cuba in our own hemisphere raise the stakes. We have previously stated that Barack Obama is a one term President. Today as we write this, we are in Breckenridge, Colorado where surrounded by the majesty of the snow capped  Rockies, we are concerned about the future of our nation. As we see the majesty and the beauty of this great nation, we can not be but moved, to want with great desire, to preserve our American culture.

If you are concerned as we are about the preservation of our most basic values and principles then contact your representatives in Congress and  the White House. America does not have the luxury of a silent majority in the current environment. The Obama administration is intent upon destroying the American dream and replacing it with a federally approved life program. We can not as a nation allow this to happen. We should raise the bar for America, not lower it. Raise your voices and sing the clarion call for free enterprise and entrepreneurship in America. Stand up speak out and be heard. Now is the time.

“Fight For The Right”—–Ceo4aday.

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