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Barack Obama has squandered his previously high favorability ratings in the polls by failing to recognize that despite the heavily biased liberal media, Americans as a whole tend toward the center rather than the left in matters that directly affect their quality of life. The progressive agenda that the Obama administration has embraced is not the change that most Americans who voted for Obama were expecing. Rather, they believed the candidate Obama who repeatedly vowed during the campaign to seek bipartisanship solutions to issues that had long run aground in the muck that is Washington.

Voters wanted to believe that this President would rise above the noise of special interests that currently chair the political symphony in Congress and the White House but that belief was quickly tested and obliterated when the President urged Congress to push through the American Recovery Act, the inaptly named stimulus package that proved to be filled with entitlements to special interest groups and an homage in particular to the unions that supported the Obama campaign and were in line for their pay off.

The American public has lost confidence in this President as they finally come to terms with the fact that Barack Obama though an excellent campaigner does not possess the credentials or experience to be President. His lack of executive experience combined with a limited legislative career in the Senate has resulted in an Administration in which the President has ceded governing to a Democrat controlled Congress and a group of czars that are neither elected officials nor do they require confirmation by Congress.

The latest Rasmussen Poll indicates that only 46% of likely voters approve of the performance of the President. Barack Obama has squandered political capital that was generated by the public’s desire for change from the Bush Administration. They were even willing to reset some American ideals for a leader that was willing to govern for the people not the special interests. This President is not this leader.

The Obama administration will limp through the remainder of this year and into 2010 where a disappointed electorate will vote for change that will result in a more balanced Congress that will more accurately reflect the will of an America that believes in free enterprise, freedom of speech and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Barack Obama and his administration are far too progressive for this nation, that is rooted in the principles of individualism. The willingness of President Obama to expand the scale and scope of government at the expense of individual choice and freedom has resulted in a back lash that will continue through his term and limit Obama to a single term. America will continue to turn toward the center for solutions and reject the Eurotopian dream of this inexperienced President.

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The passing of Senator Edward M. Kennedy the Liberal Lion of the Senate marks the end of an era in American politics. Teddy was the last visible link to the American public and the world at large to the politics of Camelot as portrayed by John and Jackie Kennedy at the beginning of the 1960’s. Much of the public in 1961 in America and across the world was enamored with the reign of the Kennedy’s a stylish youthful couple that ushered in an era of promise and great expectation.

The promise of the Kennedy reign would be cut short by the tragedy that haunted this uniquely American family with the assassination of President Kennedy and would be marred by the Bay of Pigs and his legacy in Vietnam would prove to become a powder keg of civil unrest as Americans became divided by a war in south east Asia whose purpose became inexplicable to a generation that believed the world could be annihilated with a push of a button.

As memoirs became public and tales were told the sanctity of the Kennedy reign became further marred by stories of illicit affairs with stars and starlets. Bobby Kennedy who became the heir apparrent to the Kennedy crown following the death of Jack  and the new liberal standard bearer for America  fell to an assassin’s bullet in 1968.

 Ted Kennedy was then expected to draw Excalibur from the rock and assume the mantle of the new leader of Camelot. It appeared until one fateful night on a bridge in Chappaquiddick, Massaachussetts that Ted would successfully reignite Camelot and assume the path to the Presidency. It was not to be as tragedy again enveloped the Kennedy clan. Ted Kennedy remained in the Senate for 47  years and will be long honored by his Democrat peers for his liberal agenda. During the 2008 election Senator Kennedy, dying of brain cancer, passed his liberal torch to Barack Obama when he endorsed Obama for President.

Obama, was the logical candidate for Kennedy to endorse given that the progressive liberal politics of Obama were closely aligned with the liberal politics of  Ted Kennedy. The Senior Senator from Massachusetts was an iconic figure in the Senate and the Democrat party, His passing will be well marked by his supporters. It is a great irony that at a time when the most liberal President to hold the office  is rapidly descending in the polls that an iconic symbol of the liberal left passes on.

The Kennedy name will long echo in the halls of American politics. The legacy of Camelot was the election of Barack Obama. A legacy that has resulted in a President whose policies have already proved as divisive to this nation as a war which raged in south east Asia at a time now believed to be a more innocent time in the world. A time when our enemy was the great Russian Bear. When Cuba and China were really Fidel and Mao. When Che was considered the ultimate revolutionary.

We grieve for the Senator’s passing and for his family not because we shared his political ideals but rather as we do for the loss of icons that have been visual benchmarks through our own passage of time. The Kennedy’s like it or not have been ever present for the last fifty years in the pop culture that has become our American politic.

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