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It comes as no surprise that the Obama led attack on Mitt Romney’s experience at Bain Capital is embraced by a broad democratic electorate that fails to understand that the very foundation upon which there freedoms rest is built upon the most basic of economic principles. The desire to profit from ones economic activity.

Were Mit Romney to have poorly executed his responsibilities at Bain it is highly unlikely he would be the presumptive Republican party candidate for President nor would he ever have been sought out to salvage the 2002 Winter Olympics, nor is it likely he would have been elected Governor of Massachusetts.

Today in this campaign his success is also his great burden. It is unfortunate that a burgeoning number of voters fail to understand the importance of balancing political bravado with real world economic experience.

The country has lived through the arrogance of a President who does not hold the same belief in the free enterprise system as those leaders who have preceded him. The man who was once hailed as an oracle of hope and change has through his ineptitude given rise to an economic malaise that threatens the promise of the American economic dream and portends the continued erosion of economic hope for millions of Americans.

Would that voters pause and reflect at the ballot box the importance of experience in value creation versus what is now the tired rhetoric of self as espoused by a man who rode the desire for change from so many who are unable to distinguish profit from prophet.

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