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The American Clean Energy And Security Act Of 2009 is currently being debated in the House and will be coming to a vote on the floor as early as this coming Friday. Ceo4aday has written extensively about the green movement and the progressive fascists within the environmental  movement that are intent upon imposing their will upon a nation that can ill afford the luxury of Global Warming.

At a time when unemployment in America is nearing 10% the Waxman-Markey sponsored bill proposes to create a new bureaucracy that will effect the most restrictive policies on American consumers and businesses ever conceived. These proposals which will affect nearly every aspect of American life from the cars we drive to the homes we elect to live in to the light we choose to read by.

Our Supreme Leader Barack Obama is intent on completing the transformation of America from a capitalist based economy in which a free enterprise system exists to allow all individuals to participate in their own entrepreneurial endeavor should they so choose to a progressive socialist system modeled as a Eurotopian dream in which the central government will determine who participates in wealth creation and dream attainment.

The global warming legislation which is contained within the American Clean Energy And Security Act Of 2009 as the Safe Climate Act, is legislation designed to pander to the far left. Numerous administration agencies will be created to execute the legislation to safeguard the progressive agenda and restrict the freedoms of individuals.

We are a strong proponent of environmental stwardship however, environmentalism run amok as evidenced by this bill will lead to further economic hardship for millions of Americans by impairing the ability of American based companies to compete across the Globe, leading to increased unemployment and higher costs for all consumers.

Now is the time to reach out to your elected representatives in Congress and remind them that sound environmental stewardship should not and does not need to lead to a lower quality of life amid a further burdened economy.

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Barack Obama waited and watched as leaders from around the world condemned the  actions of the governing body in Iran at the mistreatment of protesters on the streets of Tehran. Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei who has been the Supreme Leader of Iran since 1989 had announced earlier in the week that protesters would be dealt with harshly. Our own Supreme Leader Barack Obama or as he is becoming  known, King Obama the Tepid, has been reluctant to comment or support a Democratic movement in Iran.

Obama appears to have embraced the legacy of former President Jimmy Carter who sat by idly during the Iranian Revolution in 1979 which resulted in the formation of the current Islamist Republic which over the past 30 years has funded Islamist terrorism through out the world.

This morning, Barack Obama issued an announcement from the White House calling “on the Iranian Government to stop all violent and unjust actions against its own people.” These comments  from the White House are the strongest to date and are long over due. There is no doubt that events in Iran are fluid. However, it remains the moral imperative of this nation to promote Democracy where ever a people around the Globe seek it.

Barack Obama is a new kind of President. He clearly shuns diplomatic confrontation and favors an America that turns away from promoting democratic values and principles. In the end Obama seeks to satisfy a progressive base that is focused on expanding our government and promoting socialist and progressive ideals at the expense of America’s former leading role in the world.

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Barack Obama, the great apologist continues to demonstrate a lack of understanding of the most basic tenets of our free enterprise system. As a puppet for the progressive left he continues to spew a socialist rhetoric which undermines our free enterprise system and weakens America in a competitive world filled with nation’s yearning to fill the void Obama is creating with his desire to lessen the role of America’s influence on the world stage.

His inability to formulate and deliver a strong message of support to the Iranian people as they wrestle with the most basic of democratic principles is an embarrassment to America. His predecessors in the Oval office must be completely dismayed by the naivete of Barack Obama. The President who campaigned on a platform of engagement through diplomacy seemed to be at a loss when it came to finding a voice to comment on the events taking place in Iran.

Barack Obama is ceding America’s leadership in the world at a time when nations are scrambling economically, politically and militarily to replace it. Obama, consumed by a domestic agenda formulated by the progressive fascists which dominate his administration seeks to transform America to a progressive ideal that eliminates individual choice and promotes federal decisions for the masses which are deemed too ignorant by the progressives to make their own decisions with respect to diet, health, housing and transportation.

Obama is failing in foreign policy as North Korea raises the stakes. As Venezuela, Bolivia, and Cuba in our own hemisphere raise the stakes. We have previously stated that Barack Obama is a one term President. Today as we write this, we are in Breckenridge, Colorado where surrounded by the majesty of the snow capped  Rockies, we are concerned about the future of our nation. As we see the majesty and the beauty of this great nation, we can not be but moved, to want with great desire, to preserve our American culture.

If you are concerned as we are about the preservation of our most basic values and principles then contact your representatives in Congress and  the White House. America does not have the luxury of a silent majority in the current environment. The Obama administration is intent upon destroying the American dream and replacing it with a federally approved life program. We can not as a nation allow this to happen. We should raise the bar for America, not lower it. Raise your voices and sing the clarion call for free enterprise and entrepreneurship in America. Stand up speak out and be heard. Now is the time.

“Fight For The Right”—–Ceo4aday.

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Senator Harry Reid of  Nevada has altered his opinion regarding the transfer of detainees currently housed at the Guantanamo Bay prison facility built by the Bush administration following the 9/11 attacks. A week ago the Senate Majority Leader agreed with his Senate cohorts that the detainees should not be brought to and detained on American soil.

Reid’s apparent flip flop on the subject of Gitmo detainees came coincidentally as  President Barack Obama was attending a fund raiser extravaganza for the unpopular Reid at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. The event featured entertainment by Bette Midler and Sheryl Crow and for a mere $29,500. guests were provide the opportunity to shake the hand of the celebrity President.

In a speech filled with praise for his “good friend” Reid,  the President stated his case for keeping the Majority Leader in the Senate.  Reid will face a tough election in2010 in a state where he is increasingly unpopular and is viewed as being out of touch with the concerns of many of his constituents.

Nevada has suffered a significant economic downturn as both the housing crisis and global recession have wreaked havoc on Las Vegas and the surrounding communities. Senator Reid has rubber stamped the Obama agenda in his role as Majority Leader and failed to promote the benefits of Las Vegas as a business conference and convention center following remarks by Obama that were detrimental to the Vegas economy.

Reid’s flip flop on Gitmo shows that a supporting vote can be bought by the President for a mere $2 million which is the amount raised by the Reid campaign on Tuesday evening. Nevadans will be watching the actions of the Senator closely through the remaining of the year and into the 2010 election to see if the man from Searchlight, Nevada remains relevant to the majority of Nevadans.

The race for Reid’s seat should be hotly contested. Given current polls, I suspect that we will see President Obama in Nevada campaigning for the willowy Reid as the Senate campaign heats up. At this point Reid is unopposed as a Republican has yet to declare for the seat. They will announce soon and may come in droves as the real possibility exists that Reid can be defeated, much as another former Democrat Senate Majority Leader, Tom Daschle was defeated in a bid for reelection.

Reid will complete his fourth term in the Senate in 2010 and after serving 24 years it is time Nevadans had a new voice in Washington. Reid will have served Nevadans for over 40 years having served in both state and national office. Barack Obama campaigned under the banner of change and Nevadans should take that to heart in next years Senate campaign.

It is time for a change in Nevada and time to send the gentleman from Searchlight home.

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Barack Obama who chastised American business for attending business conferences or conventions in Las Vegas is flying to Las Vegas today in Air Force one with his ever present entourage to attend a fund raiser for Senator Harry Reid the unpopular Democrat Senator from Nevada who is also the Senate Majority Leader.

Reid is up for reelection in 2010 and will be holding a fundraiser at Caesar’s Palace, a venue which is representative of the gaming, hospitality, and food service industries which are so vital to the Las Vegas economy. It is believed Obama’s comments have cost the local Las Vegas economy at least $100 million as over 400 conventions have canceled this year as executives have elected to by pass Las Vegas as concerns about perceptions of executives by the Obama administration have discouraged the business community from attending conferences in Las Vegas lest they be perceived as squandering shareholders assets.

Obama’s comments denigrating Las Vegas were made with little concern for the thousands of men and women employed by the Hospitality and Gaming industry or the thousands of members of the culinary workers union that supported his candidacy. The President spoke as someone with little knowledge of the business experience or the importance of conferences and conventions to business people to expand the knowledge base of their industry, increase awareness of their respective goods and services to the trade and provide networking opportunities.

Obama’s remarks were heard throughout the business community and were consistent with his progressive philosophy and failure to support the free enterprise system as he promotes the cause of special interest groups including organized labor and environmental groups. Perhaps the President’s visit to Las Vega, which by many may seem hypocritical will  encourage businesses toonce again consider Las Vegas as a conference or convention venue.

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The attempts by the left in Congress and the progressives in the Obama administration to transform America as we have known it are limitless. Barack Obama continues to promote his progressive agenda and Congress approves spending at stratospheric levels to satisfy Obama’s commitments to the special interests that he is indebted to for supporting his campaign and subsequent election.

The union leaders and the stewards of environmental fascism that fund the progressive agenda, have their President in the White House and are optimizing his position and current favorability to transform America into a Eurotopian nation state in which traditional American goals and objectives are secondary to broader global concerns.

The progressives in Congress and the White House are committed to extending the reach of Government into every element of our lives including our diet. A hallmark of progressive fascism is the good intent of the leaders in caring for the masses while restricting personal freedoms for the benefit of the greater good. The charismatic progressive leader states his case in a methodical and logical manner to the public in platitude filled speeches among grandiose settings.

Hence, the government creates a tax on sweet products such as carbonated beverages like Coke and Pepsi to fund health care while funding research on obesity and gradually expanding the tax to other food and beverage items that are deemed as inefficient nutrient providers or contributors to health concerns such as candy and snack items. Legislation is currently being discussed by the Senate Finance committee on a so called fat tax that would also address products with a high salt content.

The ability for millions of Americans to enjoy the simplest of sweets or snacks will become increasingly costly as groups such as the Center for Science in the Public Interest continue to promote their agenda to restrict American diets to what they believe are the right food and beverages for Americans to consume.

Oppressive taxes, fewer personal liberties, government intervention as a result of policies that promote class warfare and direct the redistribution of wealth are all indicators of an America in transformation. As our nation evolves under the current progressive leadership of Barack Obama and we slim down to be able to squeeze into our government produced electric powered mini cars we may take solace that our diet is being monitored by the President’s Council for Dietary Requirements and Nutritional Optimization to assure that foods that we merely derive pleasure from are properly taxed with the appropriate amount of guilt to temper our palate.

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The administration of Barack Obama, heavily supported by his minions in Congress, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid,are preparing to perpetrate the greatest tax sleight of hand ever upon American taxpayers. Unlike the tax cheats that Obama has selected for cabinet posts, their actions will be one of commission as opposed to omission as per the example of Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geitner.

The Obama administration has been very forthcoming about their desire to engage in class war in America by targeting the top 5% of income earners for additional income tax while “reducing” the tax burden of 95% of Americans. It is difficult for me to accept, that no matter how far to the left an individual’s political pendulum swings, that educated Americans believe they will receive a tax cut from the progressive fascists currently governing our country while they are enacting into law budget appropriations that will bankrupt the nation.

As the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (ACES) slithers through the house under the guidance of Henry Waxman the progressive Democrat, who Chairs the House Energy and Commerce Committee, the House, under the explicit direction of the Madam Speaker, with selective recall, Nancy Pelosi, is committed to a bill designed to provide a national health care bill to a President who is anxious to sign it into law, no matter the real cost to American taxpayers.

Among the proposals being considered to fund health care reform will be taxing the health care benefits currently enjoyed by millions of Americans as a benefit from their employer. Members of the House and Senate, have placed the prospect on the table of taxing these benefits at the very least among “high” income earners. In addition a plethora of  additional vice and health taxes may be imposed on the usual suspects of alcohol and tobacco, but also on soft drinks and other high sugar content products. A sweet tax is on its way. It will provide the government another opportunity to impose its will on a public who, per our government, are unwilling to make healthy disciplined choices as to what they deem to consume.

Unlike the taxes imposed upon the colonies by a British monarch, these taxes will be imposed upon us by our representatives to satisfy a progressive fascist agenda that is committed to transforming America into a Eurotopian socialist state that assumes a place of equality in the world as a nation that is compliant to the wishes of the world’s competitive economies. We as good citizen’s are expected to roll over and accept the judgement of “our” elected representatives as they enact legislation and policies that are in the best interest of our people.

America, long the safe harbor of entrepreneurial endeavor and individual freedoms is in peril at this time, on this day, due to the strengthening  grip of progressivism around our nation’s throat. We are being strangled by those who though they may be of good intent are enacting ill will upon our nation. They suffer from a progressive ignorance and fail to understand the most basic of economic principles and the importance of assuring the rights and liberties of individualism. They are a product of group think that have been well honed by our educational institutions and a compliant media only too willing to promote the progressive agenda.

Oppressive taxation will not yield the societal benefit required to sustain our standard of life, but rather will deter incentive, cause capital to flee and impose further hardship upon those unable to compete in a global market. Barack Obama is correct when he states that we are at a crossroads in our nation’s development. The progressive road that Barack Obama has chosen for us is the easy road to travel upon. It is the most popular road.  It is the shiny new green road. It is the road for which we have sacrificed our fundamental principles and mortgaged our future. However, if we continue on the progressive path that we are on, in the coming years we will recall the words of the poet Robert Burns and wish we had taken the road less traveled.

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Less than one month into the new administration of Barack Obama, Congress divided by party affiliation passed and Barack Obama signed into law, the $787 Billion  American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan of 2009 or as coined by various politico’s and the press, the stimulus plan.

Many economists are now indicating that we are at the beginning of the end of the recession which began in October of 2007. The stimulus plan has had little impact on the economy to date. Wall street has enjoyed a rebound of 30% since hitting market lows in March of this year. The market tends to be an early indicator for the economy so it appears that  market forces and aggressive intervention by the Fed in the financial markets are responsible for improvement in the economy to date.

A principal objection to the stimulus package was that the distribution of funds from the Recovery Plan would not be timely enough to provide measurable impact to facilitate the end of the recession. To date Federal agencies as reported on the Recovery.gov web site have distributed $28 Billion of $88 Billion in funds that have been released. Over 90% of the funds released have been for unemployment insurance and medicaid.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan has been touted by Congress, the President and his administration as a job creating  and job saving bill that would save or create three million jobs. The ability to quantify actual jobs saved or created will tend to be far more subjective than objective. What is of note, is that the jobs the stimulus bill will save or create are primarily union jobs.

The jobs that may be created will overwhelmingly be government jobs. Many of those jobs will be union jobs, as will many of the jobs saved by the stimulus package. Many of the saved jobs are in education. Big winners from the stimulus plan include the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers who between them represent 5.6 million teachers. The education unions are among the most powerful lobbies in the country.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan is a collaboration between the progressive green movement and the labor movement. Barack Obama is a true believer. He believes that many of the solutions for this nations problems can be outsourced to the green movement and the labor unions. Union membership which has declined consistently for decades in the private sector has increased over the same period in the public sector.

Barack Obama has embraced the progressive agenda advanced by the green movement and the labor unions. The stimulus package rewards these groups handsomely for their support of Obama the candidate during the 2008 campaign. Obama’s affinity for unions has the long term potential to cripple the economy rather than aid in its recovery.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan was passed by a Democrat controlled Congress at a time that few outside the Republican members of Congress, dared to question. It is apparent the Plan has little to do with stimulating the economy and was a fraud perpetrated upon the American electorate by a naive President and a Democrat controlled Congress indebted to special interests.

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Much like King Arthur of medieval lore, Barack Obama is on his own quest for the holy grail. A quest that has led him along a precarious path that traverses some of the most rugged and isolated terrain on earth. In comments from the White House this week President Obama committed the United States militarily and economically to a long term commitment to rid Afghanistan of Al Queda. The President was flanked by the Presidents of Afghanistan and Pakistan who stood patiently to either side of Barack Obama while he read pontifical comments from his ever present teleprompter.

Barack Obama has become obsessed with locating and capturing or killing Osama Bin Laden in order to establish his credentials as Commander in Chief. He is so obsessed, that he is willing to commit American troops for an indeterminate period to a nation with a literacy rate of 28%, an unemployment rate of 40%, a life expectancy of less than 45 years and an insurgency led by members of the largest ethnic group in the nation.

As despicable as we may believe the Taliban to be, they have reemerged as a force in a nation that has a significant percent of their population clinging to a fundamentalism that has receded the calendar by centuries. The Taliban has provided cover for Al Queda in the  rugged cavernous mountain terrain that serves as the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. With the incursion of the Taliban further into Pakistan and the concern about the potential for radical fundamentalist’s to attain control of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons, it is understandable that the President would want to strengthen our alliance with both Pakistan and Afghanistan to rid the region of this fundamentalist threat and promote the policies of the Bush Doctrine, by supporting democratic processes in both nations.

However, by aligning America’s interest with the interests of Afghanistan and Pakistan Barack Obama is playing Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon to George W. Bush’s, Jack Kennedy. An obsession with being the President who rids the world of Al Queda is leading America further into a war in a sovereign nation which finds itself after 90 years of independence to be the primary supplier of opium to the world. It is a nation which in 90 years continues to harbor vast regions of its territory under the control of  loose alliances of War Lords whose principal income is derived by the sale and distribution of opium.

We cannot allow the Taliban to gain control of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal. At the same time it is doubtful that the American electorate will long tolerate nor condone the expense of an expanded military presence in Afghanistan. The Afghans broke the back of the Soviet Union. America is deploying 21,000 additional troops to Afghanistan. How soon will it be before additional troops are deployed. As Iraq winds down and our troops are redeployed to Afghanistan how quickly will our experience in Vietnam be called to the fore front of the American dialogue.

We have traversed a long and difficult path in Iraq. A nation with 3 times the literacy rate of Afghanistan, an average life expectancy more than 50% greater than Afghanistan and for all intents and purposes a modern Arab nation. America has struggled for years with the acceptance of this war, while Afghanistan remained the “other’ war. Afghanistan, a nation with one foot in a medieval world and another foot trying to find its way in a contemporary world is fast on its way to becoming the war.

The Obama administration needs to define and execute a strategy in Afghanistan that establishes clear objectives and assures a timely exit. The nation can ill afford a long war in brutal terrain against an insurgency that has no desire for democracy and whose sole purpose and sense of being is derived from jihad while our own security is threatened by an administration more concerned about political correctness and its legacy than our security.

Our concern is that this President, who has proved to be of a singular arrogance, will allow his obsession with proving that he is decisive and strong  to lead this nation further into the dark caverns of Afghanistan and will soon wither from the battle as it becomes politically expedient to do so. As midterm elections approach in the coming year the price of Afghanistan’s survival may prove too costly to a Democrat controlled Congress and a President who governs by polls.

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Ceo4aday the blog which offers a perspective from the corner office and provides  insightful commentary on political, economic and  business issues that effect our entrepreneurial culture and free enterprise system, is pleased to announce that we have exceeded 200,ooo views since our launch in December 2008.

We have been writing extensively about the Obama administration and the President’s intent to transform America from a global beacon of free enterprise and entrepreneurism to a Eurotopian socialist nation that is committed to a progressive agenda which will weaken our traditional economic institutions and promote the expansion of  government incursion into American society.

We believe that the arrogance of this President compounded with his lack of relevant experience is leading America along a transformational path which will result in an America where class war is the rule of the day as his progressive agenda can only be funded by extracting a greater toll through the oppressive taxation of those who already fund a disproportionate percentage of the nation’s tax burden.

We believe that an unfettered free enterprise system is an integral component of the promise of America as conceived by the founding fathers and is essential to assuring the American way of life. Barack Obama does not have an appreciation for our free enterprise system. Obama believes that corporations and entrepreneurs should be taxed at the highest rate the market will bear to support an agenda in which individual rights and liberties are secondary to the needs of an ever burgeoning government bureaucracy. 

We are increasingly concerned about the alliance between the progressive movement and the labor unions that have shaped the agenda for both the Democrat Party and the Obama administration. We believe the strong arm tactics utilized by the administration to bolster the position of the UAW are criminal and merit investigation by an independent council to determine if indeed the administration is providing pay back for the enthusiastic support by the unions during the 2008 Presidential campaign.

We appreciate the support of all our readers and will continue to provide topical commentary on the aforementioned as well as other items of interest from our perspective.

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