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Peggy Noonan in a column in the Wall Street Journal today in which she appropriately skewers the lack of experience by the Obama administration, writes about the youthful leadership in the administration and how it is untested by life experience. She makes two very keen observations about Barack Obama in particular,  that we believe are spot on.

First, Ms. Noonan writes that Barack Obama is boring in a ” Faux Elegant ” manner as opposed to the solid boring of a President quietly attending to the details of governing. Rather she addresses the monotony of this President who always speaks with the same “sound, approach, logic, tone, modulation”. She is right.

 This President, who has been more visible, due to his own apparrent desire to be in front of the camera, than any other President to date is boring. He has proved to be the Pontificator in Chief, prone to lecturing the electorate on what  they need as Americans. His  administration is on a quest to promote and expand the federal government as the great solution provider to the masses.

 The President has roamed the globe and the nation since his inauguration reading  from his teleprompter, apologizing for America’s contributions to the world when he is abroad and promoting domestic policies across the nation that are out of touch with the priorities of the majority of Americans in a consistent monotone that is wearing on the public. There is little emotion observed or evidenced when Obama is speaking.

This brings us to the second keen observation of Ms. Noonan’s column in the Journal. Barack Obama the President of cool is really the President of cold. She writes ” He is cold, like someone who is contained not because he’s disciplined and successfully restrains his emotions, but because there’s not that much to restrain”. Like her, we have and continue to question how the electorate will trust this President who tacks toward the intellectual in a nation that votes based on emotion.

Boring and cold are words not generally associated with great leaders. I have no doubt that this President thinks daily about greatness and his legacy. His campaign was carefully choreographed to promote greatness and seduce the American psyche to the exclusion of experience. He has failed since assuming office to expand the political capital that swept him into office amid slogans of hope and change.

America was bruised and battered by war and recession when President Obama was elected in 2008. The “inspiring” campaign and promise of hope and change that catapulted an inexperienced first term Senator from Illinois to the White House has fallen flat during the fist 200 days of this Presidency. Obama’s progressive policies and message are falling on deaf ears as the public tunes out a message from a President who lacks the experience to understand he must warm to the American public and align with the center that now finds him cold and boring.


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The passing of Senator Edward M. Kennedy the Liberal Lion of the Senate marks the end of an era in American politics. Teddy was the last visible link to the American public and the world at large to the politics of Camelot as portrayed by John and Jackie Kennedy at the beginning of the 1960’s. Much of the public in 1961 in America and across the world was enamored with the reign of the Kennedy’s a stylish youthful couple that ushered in an era of promise and great expectation.

The promise of the Kennedy reign would be cut short by the tragedy that haunted this uniquely American family with the assassination of President Kennedy and would be marred by the Bay of Pigs and his legacy in Vietnam would prove to become a powder keg of civil unrest as Americans became divided by a war in south east Asia whose purpose became inexplicable to a generation that believed the world could be annihilated with a push of a button.

As memoirs became public and tales were told the sanctity of the Kennedy reign became further marred by stories of illicit affairs with stars and starlets. Bobby Kennedy who became the heir apparrent to the Kennedy crown following the death of Jack  and the new liberal standard bearer for America  fell to an assassin’s bullet in 1968.

 Ted Kennedy was then expected to draw Excalibur from the rock and assume the mantle of the new leader of Camelot. It appeared until one fateful night on a bridge in Chappaquiddick, Massaachussetts that Ted would successfully reignite Camelot and assume the path to the Presidency. It was not to be as tragedy again enveloped the Kennedy clan. Ted Kennedy remained in the Senate for 47  years and will be long honored by his Democrat peers for his liberal agenda. During the 2008 election Senator Kennedy, dying of brain cancer, passed his liberal torch to Barack Obama when he endorsed Obama for President.

Obama, was the logical candidate for Kennedy to endorse given that the progressive liberal politics of Obama were closely aligned with the liberal politics of  Ted Kennedy. The Senior Senator from Massachusetts was an iconic figure in the Senate and the Democrat party, His passing will be well marked by his supporters. It is a great irony that at a time when the most liberal President to hold the office  is rapidly descending in the polls that an iconic symbol of the liberal left passes on.

The Kennedy name will long echo in the halls of American politics. The legacy of Camelot was the election of Barack Obama. A legacy that has resulted in a President whose policies have already proved as divisive to this nation as a war which raged in south east Asia at a time now believed to be a more innocent time in the world. A time when our enemy was the great Russian Bear. When Cuba and China were really Fidel and Mao. When Che was considered the ultimate revolutionary.

We grieve for the Senator’s passing and for his family not because we shared his political ideals but rather as we do for the loss of icons that have been visual benchmarks through our own passage of time. The Kennedy’s like it or not have been ever present for the last fifty years in the pop culture that has become our American politic.

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It is unfortunate, that in this nation, seemingly complex issues are often reduced to something as simple as the color of ones skin. America possesses a well documented history of racial challenge throughout its evolution. The abhorrent nature of slavery and the subsequent impact on our national psyche has been discussed and debated throughout our nations history.

Though slavery was abolished nearly 150 years ago the nation remained a slave to its past through subsequent generations ruled by emotion and guilt and divided by ignorance and fear. Over time the social and economic barriers tumbled and equality of the races became more than a dream as equity was legislated and enforced.

Along the difficult and winding road toward equality America discovered that it could salve its guilt with entitlement programs which evolved in time to the creation of an entitlement class which ultimately spawned entitlement politics. Barack Obama is a product of entitlement politics. The application of disciplines learned in his own evolution through the path of entitlement resulted in his election to the nations highest political office. Barack Obama, was enabled by the liberal left and fueled by the organization of a voting bloc in which 97% of its members voted for him. Progressive apologists and long suffering minorities proved that through their unified support of the candidate for change that they could wield enough power to move America to a promised land where the politics of bipartisan hope and change would provide the foundation for a new enlightened path to entitlement.

In just a little more than six months into the Presidency of Barack Obama,  the nation has become more enlightened. The nation has become aware that campaigning on hope and change doesn’t actually portend hope and change by the then candidate and now President. The nation has learned that the candidate who advocated the advent of a new politic in America through the active embrace of bipartisanship was merely executing a ruse to gain support of the electorate. Barack Obama engenders the qualities of an astute elite progressive politician. He has shown a comfort level with the most liberal politics ever embraced by an American President.

His Presidency may also prove to be the most restrictive to Americans personal freedoms. Offered as evidence,  is a recent event inspired by Glenn Beck the extreme libertarian commentator on Fox news. Beck recently expressed his belief that Barack Obama was racist. An activist organization, the colorofchange.org,  found fault with Beck’s comments and decided to contact nearly 60 advertisers that sponsor programs on the Fox news and threatened a boycott by their membership of their products and services if the advertisers  elected to support the Glenn Beck show.

As of yesterday 33 advertisers had indicated they would not advertise on the Glenn Beck show. Ceo4aday is not a fan of the Glenn Beck show. We find Mister Beck to be more than a bit of an alarmist. However, we do believe that he is entitled to his constitutional right of free speech and that those who choose to advertise on his show do so,  not in support of a political statement but rather to reach a demographic that has chosen to watch and be entertained by Mister Beck.

We are increasingly alarmed by the organizations on the political left that would impede our right to free speech by exercising nazi like tactics that designed to inhibit the free expression of diverse political opinion. Colorof Change. org is another organization whose roots emanate from moveon.org the extreme left organization that continues to promote progressive issues through aggressive use of the Internet.

ColorofChange.org per its web site is committed to strengthening the political voice of Black Americans. By assuming the right to speak for Black Americans this organization is inherently threatening as it assumes the moral authority for a diverse people of varied cultural heritage. They would have us assume that the primary determinant in the social and political evolution of a people is the color of their skin. They would have us walk back through history rather than embrace a future where the mettle of an  individual is not measured by the color of their skin.

Change should not be about color. It should be about ideas and discourse where a free people are willing to express themselves with out fear of intimidation by an organization of progressive extremists that are quite content with threatening the livelihood of any one they choose to disagree with. If change does have a color it  is not black or white. It is grey. We are a blended nation. The time for coddling or entitlement as a product of race is past. We should embrace our individual cultural legacy as an element of our uniqueness not as a path toward entitlement.

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The failure of Barack Obama  to terminate his campaign and begin to govern will result in the premature but over whelming failure of his Presidency. Obama, has yet to transition to the role of a governing leader. Whether it is a result of the counsel of his closest advisers or his own desire for attention and the adoration of a once fawning public, he has simply failed to rise to the standard of governing.

Obama who is currently touring several western states under the guise of a tour of national parks has also made several campaign stops to promote the linchpin of his domestic agenda, health care reform. Actually, the President is now promoting health insurance reform as the debate over a broader health care reform bill appears to be lost. According to the latest Rasmussen poll 54% of American oppose the passing of any legislation regarding health care this year.

Political campaigns in America have become far too long. When an individual who has campaigned for a minimum of two years to become elected President, finally assumes the office upon election and inauguration and then chooses to continue campaigning, the public will naturally begin to find less favor with the perpetual candidate. Americans had thought they were electing a President.

 Those citizens that voted for Obama looked past his obvious lack of experience and chose to believe that he would bring new leadership to a nation in which the Republican leadership had fallen far from favor. What voters failed to perceive was that this President had become addicted to the adoring crowds and that were staged so well during his campaign and to a media that promoted his charisma and intelligence and believed he was not only America’s salvation but perhaps the salvation of the world as well.

This President who has a penchant for pontificating and lecturing needs to be presented with some straight talk. The presidency is not an office in which one can forgo the discipline or stress of governing to wander the nation seeking approbation from the masses for a progressive agenda that is clearly out of step with the majority of Americans. Rather the Presidency is an office where the mettle of a man or woman should be tested by their ability to rise above the pettiness of a campaign and assume the mantle of  leadership that is best valued for the ability to heal rather than divide a nation.

This is a lesson not yet learned by this inexperienced President who seeks the immediate gratification of an adoring crowd as opposed to the gratitude a nation bestows  upon those who have governed well.

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In what has been one of the quickest swings in Presidential popularity in the history of poll taking, President Barak Obama according to the latest Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll is now viewed as favorable by only 47%  of likely voters. This has been one of the quickest and most extreme swings in Presidential popularity of a first year President in history.

Barack Obama who’s persona is increasingly being portrayed in the media as that of a silver tongued used car salesman must be shocked by the polling data and wonder why the wheels are coming off of the Barack the great redeemer wagon. The American electorate is clearly not responding positively to Obama’s consistent if vague message that we the government know what is best for you the American public.

The President, who has maintained a continual campaign since his inauguration has proved to be far more liberal then many voters perceived during the 2008 Presidential campaign. As a result of the President promoting the special interests of the environmental and union lobbies,  the public has moved increasingly to the center ,while the Obama administration and the liberal Democrat leadership of the Congress as portrayed by Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House and Harry Reid, theSenate Majority Leader, have been outed for their commitment to a progressive agenda that would increase the concentration of power in the federal government while diminishing individual choices and freedoms.

Barack Obama who has been a subject of progressive doctrinaire throughout his academic and political life is a true believer in the progressive cause and has filled his administration with loyal subjects. The public, which of late has been demeaned and is always underestimated by liberal and progressive elitists that include Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have awakened in the past few months to an America that progressing along a path never foreseen by the founding fathers. It should be of no surprise to most in the political arena that a back lash would develop against the President’s policies given that over time the majority of Americans find comfort in the center as opposed to the extremes of the left or the right.

Obama the campaigner is wearing thin on Americans tolerance who have become impatient with Obama’s failure to embrace principles of governing that contribute to the safety and security of America. They ask who is governing the nation id the President is coosistently and aggressively campaigning. The answer of course id in the swpecial interests that funded and promoted Barack Obama as a vessel of hope and change.

The hope in America today is that Congress will listen to their constituency, the American public and not allow this President to continue to guide this nation away from the founding principles and values that have been the foundation for this great nation . The hope in America today is that Congress will not enact the progressive legislation that this President is promoting but that courage and common sense will prevail and America will survive this Administration’s attempts at concentrating power and creating a progressive or socialist state.

Americans must continue to stand up and speak out for their individual rights. They must ignore the platitudes of the left and do what is right. They must take ownership of this nation and not bequeath their future to a progressive and misguided few.

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The Democrat Party, led by Barack Obama and his progressive administration, have attempted to muzzle dissent by Americans with respect to the debate over health care reform. The irony of the Democrats accusing the Republican party of attempting to stifle debate by organizing dissent at various Town Hall meetings hosted by members of Congress, should not be lost on a public that observed organized dissent led by Democrat party organizers through out eight years of the Bush administration.

The Democrat Party is the party of organized special interest groups. It is a party led by a community organizer who used his skills to rally the Democrat community behind his candidacy and ultimately elect him President. It defies belief, that this party would choose to  cast aspersions upon those who do not support the progressive agenda of Barack Obama.

As Democrat  members of Congress hear dissent over health care vocalised by their constituents the Obama administration has elected to divert the attention away from the issue of Obamacare and turn the debate to the dissenters. Today, Nancy Pelosi in a USA Today opinion column written with House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer labeled dissent as un-American.

It is fitting that the progressive left is unable to fathom that the tactics they are famous for could be used against them. However, it is truly pathetic that Pelosi and Hoyer are unable to tolerate legitimate debate and concern over an agenda that is clearly changing the American dream to the American nightmare. Pelosi, the elitist simply can’t bear to believe that there are American who care to think and express dissent for no other reason than the fact that they disagree with a President and a Congress that are out of control.

Pelosi, in her attempt to stifle and misrepresent the Obamacare debate is un-American. Dissent is an  essential right in a Democracy. Liberals though true believers, do themselves a disservice when they narrow and divert the issue and become the progressive fascists of an Orwellian dream.

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It is a great irony that Barack Obama, who is a true believer in his ability to guide and direct the American people to the progressive promise land of his vision is seeing his vision and agenda for America derailed by the very people he is dedicated to helping whether or not they are aware of their need for his help. 

One of the great pillars of the progressive fascism is that the progressives know what the American public need and those who would oppose such help are perceived as imbecilic in the minds of the progressive stalwarts and their supreme leader Barack Obama. The President who ran on a campaign platform of hope and change has resorted to extreme partisan politics as he attempts to divert the debate away from health care reform which is rapidly losing support among the public, to a debate about the publics’ right to debate.

The Obama administration, in what appears to be nothing less than Orwellian, is asking Americans to spy on each other  by monitoring the media, including the Internet, to alert the White House to any postings or reporting on the President’s effort to enact health care reform,  that may be perceived as “fishy” . This is clearly a request of historic proportion and illuminates the agenda of the Obama administration and the fear that exists within the oval office that the public is unwilling to accept what they so desperately need the leadership of Barack Obama.

Obama and his handlers have developed a propaganda organization that exceeds anything America has ever seen and in fact rivals the best efforts of Germany in the 1930’s. However, the American public is becoming increasingly aware of the misrepresentations of the Obama administration and their passion for control over the social, cultural and economic fabric of our nation. This latest action by the White House in which they are accusing attendees at various Congressional town hall meetings around the country of being shills for the Republican Party is reflective of the elitism indigenous to the Obama administration.

President Obama believes he was elected with a mandate to lead the American public through a political transformation that would result in an America that in time will more fully resemble a European socialist state. It should have come as no surprise to the electorate that Obama and his progressive cult of admirers would accelerate the nation along the path of socialism. However, as the fog of the spell that was cast upon America by the Liberal media who overwhelmingly supported Barack Obama begins to clear,  America has awakened to the fact that Obama and his policies will destroy the best that remains of America.

America is turning its back on Barack Obama and a Democratic controlled Congress that replete with progressive talking points has failed to respect the ability of the public to recognize a shill when they see one.

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