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The failure of Barack Obama  to terminate his campaign and begin to govern will result in the premature but over whelming failure of his Presidency. Obama, has yet to transition to the role of a governing leader. Whether it is a result of the counsel of his closest advisers or his own desire for attention and the adoration of a once fawning public, he has simply failed to rise to the standard of governing.

Obama who is currently touring several western states under the guise of a tour of national parks has also made several campaign stops to promote the linchpin of his domestic agenda, health care reform. Actually, the President is now promoting health insurance reform as the debate over a broader health care reform bill appears to be lost. According to the latest Rasmussen poll 54% of American oppose the passing of any legislation regarding health care this year.

Political campaigns in America have become far too long. When an individual who has campaigned for a minimum of two years to become elected President, finally assumes the office upon election and inauguration and then chooses to continue campaigning, the public will naturally begin to find less favor with the perpetual candidate. Americans had thought they were electing a President.

 Those citizens that voted for Obama looked past his obvious lack of experience and chose to believe that he would bring new leadership to a nation in which the Republican leadership had fallen far from favor. What voters failed to perceive was that this President had become addicted to the adoring crowds and that were staged so well during his campaign and to a media that promoted his charisma and intelligence and believed he was not only America’s salvation but perhaps the salvation of the world as well.

This President who has a penchant for pontificating and lecturing needs to be presented with some straight talk. The presidency is not an office in which one can forgo the discipline or stress of governing to wander the nation seeking approbation from the masses for a progressive agenda that is clearly out of step with the majority of Americans. Rather the Presidency is an office where the mettle of a man or woman should be tested by their ability to rise above the pettiness of a campaign and assume the mantle of  leadership that is best valued for the ability to heal rather than divide a nation.

This is a lesson not yet learned by this inexperienced President who seeks the immediate gratification of an adoring crowd as opposed to the gratitude a nation bestows  upon those who have governed well.

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In what has been one of the quickest swings in Presidential popularity in the history of poll taking, President Barak Obama according to the latest Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll is now viewed as favorable by only 47%  of likely voters. This has been one of the quickest and most extreme swings in Presidential popularity of a first year President in history.

Barack Obama who’s persona is increasingly being portrayed in the media as that of a silver tongued used car salesman must be shocked by the polling data and wonder why the wheels are coming off of the Barack the great redeemer wagon. The American electorate is clearly not responding positively to Obama’s consistent if vague message that we the government know what is best for you the American public.

The President, who has maintained a continual campaign since his inauguration has proved to be far more liberal then many voters perceived during the 2008 Presidential campaign. As a result of the President promoting the special interests of the environmental and union lobbies,  the public has moved increasingly to the center ,while the Obama administration and the liberal Democrat leadership of the Congress as portrayed by Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House and Harry Reid, theSenate Majority Leader, have been outed for their commitment to a progressive agenda that would increase the concentration of power in the federal government while diminishing individual choices and freedoms.

Barack Obama who has been a subject of progressive doctrinaire throughout his academic and political life is a true believer in the progressive cause and has filled his administration with loyal subjects. The public, which of late has been demeaned and is always underestimated by liberal and progressive elitists that include Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have awakened in the past few months to an America that progressing along a path never foreseen by the founding fathers. It should be of no surprise to most in the political arena that a back lash would develop against the President’s policies given that over time the majority of Americans find comfort in the center as opposed to the extremes of the left or the right.

Obama the campaigner is wearing thin on Americans tolerance who have become impatient with Obama’s failure to embrace principles of governing that contribute to the safety and security of America. They ask who is governing the nation id the President is coosistently and aggressively campaigning. The answer of course id in the swpecial interests that funded and promoted Barack Obama as a vessel of hope and change.

The hope in America today is that Congress will listen to their constituency, the American public and not allow this President to continue to guide this nation away from the founding principles and values that have been the foundation for this great nation . The hope in America today is that Congress will not enact the progressive legislation that this President is promoting but that courage and common sense will prevail and America will survive this Administration’s attempts at concentrating power and creating a progressive or socialist state.

Americans must continue to stand up and speak out for their individual rights. They must ignore the platitudes of the left and do what is right. They must take ownership of this nation and not bequeath their future to a progressive and misguided few.

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The Democrat Party, led by Barack Obama and his progressive administration, have attempted to muzzle dissent by Americans with respect to the debate over health care reform. The irony of the Democrats accusing the Republican party of attempting to stifle debate by organizing dissent at various Town Hall meetings hosted by members of Congress, should not be lost on a public that observed organized dissent led by Democrat party organizers through out eight years of the Bush administration.

The Democrat Party is the party of organized special interest groups. It is a party led by a community organizer who used his skills to rally the Democrat community behind his candidacy and ultimately elect him President. It defies belief, that this party would choose to  cast aspersions upon those who do not support the progressive agenda of Barack Obama.

As Democrat  members of Congress hear dissent over health care vocalised by their constituents the Obama administration has elected to divert the attention away from the issue of Obamacare and turn the debate to the dissenters. Today, Nancy Pelosi in a USA Today opinion column written with House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer labeled dissent as un-American.

It is fitting that the progressive left is unable to fathom that the tactics they are famous for could be used against them. However, it is truly pathetic that Pelosi and Hoyer are unable to tolerate legitimate debate and concern over an agenda that is clearly changing the American dream to the American nightmare. Pelosi, the elitist simply can’t bear to believe that there are American who care to think and express dissent for no other reason than the fact that they disagree with a President and a Congress that are out of control.

Pelosi, in her attempt to stifle and misrepresent the Obamacare debate is un-American. Dissent is an  essential right in a Democracy. Liberals though true believers, do themselves a disservice when they narrow and divert the issue and become the progressive fascists of an Orwellian dream.

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It is a great irony that Barack Obama, who is a true believer in his ability to guide and direct the American people to the progressive promise land of his vision is seeing his vision and agenda for America derailed by the very people he is dedicated to helping whether or not they are aware of their need for his help. 

One of the great pillars of the progressive fascism is that the progressives know what the American public need and those who would oppose such help are perceived as imbecilic in the minds of the progressive stalwarts and their supreme leader Barack Obama. The President who ran on a campaign platform of hope and change has resorted to extreme partisan politics as he attempts to divert the debate away from health care reform which is rapidly losing support among the public, to a debate about the publics’ right to debate.

The Obama administration, in what appears to be nothing less than Orwellian, is asking Americans to spy on each other  by monitoring the media, including the Internet, to alert the White House to any postings or reporting on the President’s effort to enact health care reform,  that may be perceived as “fishy” . This is clearly a request of historic proportion and illuminates the agenda of the Obama administration and the fear that exists within the oval office that the public is unwilling to accept what they so desperately need the leadership of Barack Obama.

Obama and his handlers have developed a propaganda organization that exceeds anything America has ever seen and in fact rivals the best efforts of Germany in the 1930’s. However, the American public is becoming increasingly aware of the misrepresentations of the Obama administration and their passion for control over the social, cultural and economic fabric of our nation. This latest action by the White House in which they are accusing attendees at various Congressional town hall meetings around the country of being shills for the Republican Party is reflective of the elitism indigenous to the Obama administration.

President Obama believes he was elected with a mandate to lead the American public through a political transformation that would result in an America that in time will more fully resemble a European socialist state. It should have come as no surprise to the electorate that Obama and his progressive cult of admirers would accelerate the nation along the path of socialism. However, as the fog of the spell that was cast upon America by the Liberal media who overwhelmingly supported Barack Obama begins to clear,  America has awakened to the fact that Obama and his policies will destroy the best that remains of America.

America is turning its back on Barack Obama and a Democratic controlled Congress that replete with progressive talking points has failed to respect the ability of the public to recognize a shill when they see one.

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Barbara Boxer in her recent exchange with Harold Alford the President and CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce provided the American public with a classic example of the class based racism that remains prevalent among the liberal left. Boxer who also recently expressed her superiority to a Brigadier General in a separate committee hearing apparrently remains oblivious to the effect her racist and class based comments have on the public.

The junior Senator from California continues to be a you tube favorite as she entertains the audience with her inane and thoughtless comments. She is a product of the liberal political class who believe they know what is best for all Americans and with particular sensitivity reserved for  the needs of minorities.

Black Americans are perceived by the racist liberal to be a voting block that will act in unison as demonstrated by the 97% of African Americans that continue to support Barack Obama. However, when confronted with an independent conservative Black person liberals are either quick to condemn or patronize. The patronizing of minorities is the hall mark of the liberal racist.

We can only hope that over time those on the left will learn to accept that all people, no matter their race, the color of their skin or their creed are capable of developing independent thought and opinion. Conservatives came to this conclusion long ago.

Barbara Boxer by inferring that Harold Alford, a Black man should support the Waxman-Markey cap and trade bill because the NAACP supports it is racist. Barbara Boxer has proved herself to be both ugly and ignorant and should be held accountable for her contempt at the ballot box. We are less of a people because of her and should learn from her institutional ignorance.

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The American public is becoming aware that Barack Obama is not the twenty first century messiah promoted by the liberal media. The very media that provided camouflage for Obama during the 2008 campaign are now standing impotent on the sidelines as Obama continues his relentless march down the field toward socialism.

 Six months into his term Barack Obama must be wondering what has happened. Obama was swept into office on the wings of a euphoric media and a liberal politic in which the left believed they had destroyed the conservative movement and in particular the Republican party. Today the President finds himself in a four front battle between health care reform, the cap and trade bill, a failed stimulus plan and an economy that promises continued high unemployment.

His leadership ability is being questioned by all but his most ardent supporters as finds himself in a battle to push his health care reform package through a Congress that is becoming more concerned with the mid term election in 2010 than supporting a President who is rapidly losing public support for key initiatives of his progressive agenda.

Obama  is clearly a practioner of the “Big Lie” which was so effectively developed in the propaganda machine administered by Joseph Goebbels for a messianic leader who transformed a nation in the 1930’s leading to the destruction of a nation and a people in the 1940’s. The premise behind the “Big Lie” is simple. Repeat the lie frequently enough and it will be perceived as the truth. Obama was elected on the merits of the “Big Lie” and he and his administration have continued to expand on this tactic since his inauguration.

Obama possesses the rhetorical skills and the platform to deliver the “Big Lie” in a manner that seduces the listener and provides the comfort of a  cup of hot cocoa on a cold winter night. He used the Big Lie to sell the $787 Billion American Recovery Act which has failed miserably as a stimulus plan and is now embracing the Big Lie to market health care reform and clean energy legislation.

Obama promised that the stimulus plan would save or create three and one half million jobs. He repeated the lie  on numerous occasions to create a sense of urgency to pass the stimulus package and included the same lie in his 2010 Budget message. Now the lie has changed from job creation around the stimulus package to the fact that “I Barack Obama” have brought the economy back from the brink” with the stimulus plan.

Barack obama is a progressive fascist. He seeks to impose his will upon the American public to reset the American Dream. He seeks to be the founding father of a new America in which the public will subject their own will and desires to the Federal Government for the benefit of all. There is nothing new here. There is no hope and no change with this President. The world has seen his act before and suffered the great pain of an ego that knew no bounds.  Barack Obama’s Big Lie is an echo of  the strategies utilized by the German leadership between 1933 and 1945. His message, meticulously staged and wrapped in the eloquence and the historical credibility of the White House is destructive to this great Republic.

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As Barack Obama’s popularity continues to decline in the polls he is beginning to spout populist rhetoric in an attempt tp prop up his demand for Congress to pass radical health care legislation that would socialize health care and move America further along the path of a socialist state.

Obama in remarks this morning spoke out against the ” windfall profits reaped by health insurance companies and their executives” in an effort to increase support among a public that is increasingly suspect of this President’s progressive socialist agenda. With the nation clearly on its way toward bankruptcy just six months in to his Presidency, Obama is attempting to fast track legislation for both health care and cap and trade before his political capital expires.

Democrats who have fallen in line with the President’s agenda until recently are beginning to question Obama’s policies as they begin to eye the 2010 elections. Obama is quickly running out of runway as constituents impress their concerns upon their representatives on Capitol Hill. Though it has only been six months there are concerns amomg Democrat circles that this President is a one term President who may have to bear the burden of being designated the earliest lame duck in the history of the Presidency.

The fact that this President may be effectively finished by August as his favorability rating continues to wane is weighing heavily on Democratic leadership. Republicans recognize that most Americans do not favor the transformation of America into a socialist based economy and are preparing for the mid term elections with a robust plan to bring America back from the brink of social and cultural bankruptcy to its free enterprise and capitalist based roots.

Barack Obama’s greatest contribution to American history may very well be that through his commitment to the left,  he awakened the American public and revived the Republican party at a time this nation needs to step up and protect the foundation of free enterprise upon which this nation has prospered for over two hundred years.

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The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 will not be passed by the Senate this year as Americans grapple with a weak economy, rising unemployment, record budget deficits and eroding confidence in a President who appears to be misreading the pulse of the public while he attempts to impose a progressive domestic agenda on a nation who’s economic infrastructure is stressed to the brink of implosion.

The energy bill which barely passed the democratically controlled House is commonly referred to as cap and trade legislation and increasingly understood to be a cap and tax bill. The bill, which in addition to regulating greenhouse gas emissions significantly expands the energy and environmental  bureaucracy as it weaves its way through every thread of American life.

With the evident failure of Obama’s stimulus package dawning on the American electorate and no immediate solution being offered by Obama and his administration the tide of public support is turning against this most inexperienced of Presidents. As public pressure mounts on members of Congress the Presidents support in both the House and Senate will begin to wane as legislators begin to focus on the 2010 elections which are beginning to line up strategically for Republicans in many states.

Cap and Trade legislation is another leg on Obama’s anti business stool which include health care reform and a stimulus plan which failed to target stimulus funds for business to promote job creation. Obama who has been defending the stimulus package, which was nothing more than an entitlement bill, is in danger of  further damaging his relationship with the public as he attempts to sell a failed stimulus package as a plan that has worked and generated a positive impact on the economy.

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Barack Obama reached a new low in the Rasmussen Presidential daily tracking poll today and wall street reacted with its best day in several weeks. As Obama’s popularity continues to weaken with the public, investors are taking solace that this, the most radical of President’s may fail in his effort to transform America to a Eurotopian socialist state.

Obama’s progressive agenda supports class war through excessive taxation upon the very investors we require to move capital into the markets. Investors had lost confidence over the past few weeks as Obama teamed with his liberal minions in the House to push through the highest tax increase in the history of America in the form of cap and trade legislation under the guise of climate change.

With his political base weakening investors are gaining confidence that Obama will  fail in his effort to push through another fiscal nightmare in the form of national health care reform. The failure of Obama’s stimulus package to stem unemployment and effect any positive change in the economy is effectively a confidence builder for investors, as it provides an emerging confidence that the Obama agenda may flame out before the end of 2009 and bolster the ability for centrists and moderates that believe in the free enterprise system to gain seats in the House and Senate in the 2010 elections.

The political class is today dominated by the Obama inspired leftists who possess a strong anti business sentiment. This sentiment has proved to be a death knell to investors and the business community. Businesses are relectant to invest cpital in a nation whose current economic and social policies resemble the socialist and totalitarian nations that advocated centrally planned economies in the twentieth century.

Barack Obama is a confirmed leftist whose policies belong in academia where they can be discussed and disseminated by those who should not and do not govern. Obama’ s anti business bias has been formed over years of being a product of a social orientation that provided him an excellent free liberal education at the finest schools in the country and additional years of being a community organizer and a member of the liberal political class that view business a as necessary evil. 

Is it any wonder then that investors would find temporary solace as Obama’s agenda becomes increasingly less likely to transform America into the next member of the European Union. Ultimately, the markets will respond to economic data. However, the economic data will improve substantially providing investors have the confidence to put their capital to work.

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Vice President Joe Biden has stated that the economic woes Americans are enduring are worse than the Obama administration had perceived them to be. Barack Obama and members of his administration spoke of the economy in January and February as they were promoting the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 as being the worst economy since the Great Depression of the 1930’s.

The administration used this sensational rhetoric to force a 787 billion dollar spending bill through Congress under the guise of a spending bill that was rife with social programs that had lain dormant in the dust bin of liberal dreams for decades. To date only 10% of the monies allocated for the stimulus package have been committed.

In Stimulus I,  small business and entrepreneurship were completely ignored. Ceo4aday has long advocated for a United States Office of Entrepreneurship that would operate as an independent government agency that would  provide venture capital for qualified entrepreneurs. A 25 billion dollar fund would have provided start up and expansion capital for numerous small businesses that would have been a cornerstone for job creation.

Now as the economy continues to falter Obama administration  officials are calling for a second stimulus. Stimulus II will have a much more difficult path through Congress than was the experience of  the current stimulus package. President Obama, who has been busy with his reset of Russian American relations has not commented as of yet but the majority whip in the House stated today that America may need a second stimulus package.  The Senate leadership in both parties however appear to agree that a second stimulus is not viable.

Barack Obama who has failed to impress on his current visit to Russia can not possibly support another stimulus plan. His unprecedented expansion of the Federal government and the continued  promotion of his progressive agenda  are beginning to resonate negatively with the American electorate. As unemployment continues to rise and the markets remain wary of the policies of  Barack Obama, the President will no doubt see his popularity continue to decline providing a stimulus for Republicans who stand to make gains in the 2010 elections.

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