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According to Vice President Joe Biden, Barack Obana intends to amp up the stimulus plan on Monday when he returns from his extensive tour of Europe and the Middle East. You may recall that the President signed the $787 Billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan of 2009 into law on February 17, just a few weeks after assuming the mantle of power he now holds.

Passage of the stimulus plan was deemed a vital element of the Obama administration’s road to economic recovery, from a devastating implosion of our housing and investment markets which imperiled the viability of America which had long been the economic beacon of the world. The stimulus plan was passed by a partisan Democrat House and Senate and rushed to President Obama for his signature.

Our thoughts at the time, which are available in our archives, were that the so called “stimulus plan” would provide very little stimulus on a near or short term basis to the American economy. We believe that a stimulus was warranted but, remain steadfast in our belief that the American Recovery and Reinvestment  Act of 2009 offers little in the way of stimulus.

The economy, which has reached a 9.4% unemployment level, is being perceived by many economists to be bottoming out. Others continue to believe that there are more difficult economic times ahead of us, given an out of control big spend federal government. What is certain is that with only a small percentage of the President’s stimulus plan affecting 2009 programs, it has had and will continue to have, little effect on our economy.

The one area of employment growth since the Obama administration has assumed office appears to be in the area of federal government employment. The appointment of numerous “czars’ to dictate policy on a wide variety of issues from energy to the environment to cyberspace may be the real benefactor of the 2009 stimulus plan.

Perhaps, the President,  after being in office a few months, has recognized that a stimulus plan that was focused on job creation as opposed to entitlement extension, would have been more effective in dealing with the underlying issues of our great economic challenge. Perhaps, the nationalization of the American auto industry, the takeover of banking and insurance institutions and the loss of employment by millions of Americans has begun to impact the President. Perhaps, he has realized that the train has left the station without the stimulus plan aboard and that the economy will continue  to strengthen in spite of the Obama administration’s attempt at a stimulus plan leaving little room for the administration to garner credit.

Perhaps, President Obama will recognize that his administration’s policies are severely weakening the free enterprise system upon which this nation was built and begin to offer stimulus to those entrepreneurs that are the economic foundation of a dynamic free enterprise system. Perhaps……..


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The assumption that humans are the principal catalyst influencing climate change is the ultimate liberal vanity. The earth has been evolving for four billion years and we are now directed by the progressive fascists to embrace global warming as a human caused phenomena that will result in the end of humanity should we fail to support the proposed American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009.

The bill, which was written by a consortium representing environmental lobbies that comprise the interests of the progressive left and sponsored by Representatives Henry Waxman a progressive liberal Democrat from Southern California and Edward J. Markey a similar Democrat from Massachusetts, is an integral component of Barack Obama’s agenda for transforming America from current super power status to that of a middling nation that penalizes individual pursuit as it promotes collective solutions to societal pseudo ills.

The bill also represents the ultimate victory for Al Gore over George W. Bush. Gore who proved to be a sore loser following the 2000 Presidential election has emerged as a global environmental statesman and has claimed the moral authority with all the righteous hypocrisy of the progressive left over those who dare to debate or offer alternative science to the issue of Global Warming, while George W. Bush has been demeaned by a liberal media for the policies that kept America safe since the terrorist acts of Septembet 11th, 2001.

The green movement is less about saving the earth from impending doom and more about controlling the masses by imposing the will of environmental true believers and those political, societal and cultural organizations that will benefit from the green scare. Those of us who choose to question the left and their motivation are painted as extremists that are out of touch with our changing world.

We are being asked to embrace through legislation the monetizing of carbon emissions so that the federal government can create an additional income stream through a phantom tax known as cap and trade which will result in impeding the ability for American businesses  to compete with other economies around the globe. The Safe Climate Act of 2009,which is included in the Waxman-Markey bill is designed to redistribute wealth from America to other economies around the globe. This bill is liberal atonement for the wrongful and malicious acts that the progressive left believe America has subjected the world to over the last several decades.

The rhetoric that Barack Obama was so willing to read from his teleprompter, on his tours to Europe and Latin America, as he apologised for  America’s behavior over the past six plus decades, from the decision by Harry Truman to end the second world war through the use of the atomic bomb to the execution of the war on terrorism and the handling of accused terrorists by the Bush administration, are consistent with the rhetoric of the far left and green movements across the globe.

Barack Obama has set a course to transform America into a nation that those of us who believe in a government “of the people, by the people and for the people” will not recognise. Global Warming, an issue conceived by liberal vanity, will provide the catalyst to further restrict our individual liberties and control the masses through the green scare. It will allow a totalitarian politic in the 21st century to flourish as Americans march like lemmings to the drum beat of progressive fascism as they high step out the door of their solar heated homes to their electric cars and cruise to their government approved  labor unit.

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The Safe Climate Act is included in the proposed American Clean Energy And Security Act Of 2009. Ceo4aday has expressed concerns previously regarding the scope and proposed scale of this legislation. Following is the statement published in the initial draft of the act.

Page 323 ….Title VII—-Global Warming Pollution Reduction Program

       Findings—The Congress Finds As Follows:

                                  Global Warming poses a significant threat to the national security,economy,public health and welfare and the environment of the United States , as well as other nations.

                                   Reviews of scientific studies, including by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the National Academies, demonstrate that global warming is the result of the combined anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions from numerous of all types and sizes. Each increment of emission, when combined with other emissions, causes or contributes materially to the acceleration and extent of global warming and its adverse effects for the lifetime os such gas in the atmosphere. Accordingly, controlling emissions in small as well as large amounts is essential to prevent, slow the pace of, reduce threats from and mitigate global warming and its adverse effects.

Because they induce global warming, greenhouse gas emissions cause or contribute to injuries to persons in the United States, including:

 Adverse health effects such as disease and loss of life;

 displace of human populations;

 damage to property and other interests related to ocean levels, acidification and ice changes;

severe weather and seasonal changes;

disruption, costs and losses to business, trade, employment, farms, subsistence, aesthetic enjoyment of the environment,recreation, culture and tourism; damage to plants, land, forests and waters;

 harm to wildlife and habitat; scarcity of water and the decreased abundance of other natural resources; worsening of tropospheric air pollution;

 substantial threats of similar damage and other harm”

As one can discern from the language in the Act, the authors of the Safe Climate Act fully embrace the progressive position thet Global Warming is an iminent danger to our security. If this bill is passed in its existing form, Global Warming will be used as a rationale to place further restrictions on individual liberties. The progressive left and its premier spokesperson , Al Gore, appear to have won this debate and Congressional Democrats are preparing to enact the bill into legislation which will add hundreds of billions of dollars in cost to American consumers.

We as a nation will be embracing the Eurotopian perception of the Earth whether or not Global Warming is an actual risk to the earth or not. If this Act becomes law the progressive left will have won a decisive victory .

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The  initial draft of the Anerican Clean Energy And Security Act Of 2009 has been released by the Energy and Commerce Committee and the Energy and Environment Subcommittee for initial review by Chairman Henry A. Waxman and Chairman Edward J.Markey respectively. Subcommittee hearings will begin the week of April 20th with the intent to complete consideration of the legislation by Memorial Day.

The Clean Energy and Security Act  of 2009 if passed, will be the the consummate legislative act of the progressive fascists, that are currenlty reign in Congress and the Presidency. Barack Obama and the progressives currently in control of Congress are determined to usher in a new socio economic order in the United States of America. The 648 page bill outlines their objective to control energy distribution by promoting renewable energy through various programs administered by a plethora of acronymical bureaucrats.

The bill  has been written by environmental special interest groups which serve to benefit through this legislation by exerting additional influence on  government policy as it impacts the environment and directs American energy policy through 2050.

 The bill addresses four titles including:

“Clean Energy, by promoting renewable sources of energy, carbon capture, electric vehicles and the smart grid”                                                “Energy Efficiency, addresses energy efficiency across all sectors of the economy”                                                                                                              “Global Warming, that fully embraces the progressive position on the topic”                                                                                                                        ” “Transitioning, to promote green jobs during the transition to a green economy”

The bill, if enacted, will limit choice in this nation. It will expand the reach of the federal government through the development of  a super bureaucracy and the creation of numerous Councils and Advisory Boards including the Offsets Advisory Integrity Board or the National Climate Change Adaptation Council which will administer the appropriately named National Climate Change Adaptation Program. The bill also creates the Natural Resources Climate Change Adaptation Panel and the Renewable Electricity Deployment Fund within the Treasury Department to name but a few of the councils and board required to  administer the legislation.

Additionally, the bill creates numerous oversight Boards which include among others, the Secretaries of Energy, Commerce, State, Treasury, Transportation and Agriculture. This proposed legislation is Orwellian in its breadth and vision as it encompasses every aspect of our lives from the water pressure in our shower to the electric vehicle in our garage to the reading lamp at our bedside.

This bill if enacted by Congress, will certainly be signed into law by Barack Obama. It will lead the United States further along the progressive path toward Eurotopia and provide the foundation to further restrict American choices and freedoms.

 Ceo4adaybelieves that all Americans should be conscientious and voluntary stewards of our environment. We believe that concerns for the environment should be in balance with market economic forces and not be dictated by the National Academy of Science, the Sierra Club, or Greenpeace.  We  believe that market forces should dictate whether or not consumers elect to drive electric vehicles or gasoline fueled SUV’s. This bill will result in the federal government dictating that choice for consumers and create a socio economic environment where the energy and environment police will become a prevalent element in our American life.

This bill will result in a further incursion of our freedoms and a massive victory for progressive fascism.

                                                          ” Fight For The Right ” —— ceo4aday

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