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The  initial draft of the Anerican Clean Energy And Security Act Of 2009 has been released by the Energy and Commerce Committee and the Energy and Environment Subcommittee for initial review by Chairman Henry A. Waxman and Chairman Edward J.Markey respectively. Subcommittee hearings will begin the week of April 20th with the intent to complete consideration of the legislation by Memorial Day.

The Clean Energy and Security Act  of 2009 if passed, will be the the consummate legislative act of the progressive fascists, that are currenlty reign in Congress and the Presidency. Barack Obama and the progressives currently in control of Congress are determined to usher in a new socio economic order in the United States of America. The 648 page bill outlines their objective to control energy distribution by promoting renewable energy through various programs administered by a plethora of acronymical bureaucrats.

The bill  has been written by environmental special interest groups which serve to benefit through this legislation by exerting additional influence on  government policy as it impacts the environment and directs American energy policy through 2050.

 The bill addresses four titles including:

“Clean Energy, by promoting renewable sources of energy, carbon capture, electric vehicles and the smart grid”                                                “Energy Efficiency, addresses energy efficiency across all sectors of the economy”                                                                                                              “Global Warming, that fully embraces the progressive position on the topic”                                                                                                                        ” “Transitioning, to promote green jobs during the transition to a green economy”

The bill, if enacted, will limit choice in this nation. It will expand the reach of the federal government through the development of  a super bureaucracy and the creation of numerous Councils and Advisory Boards including the Offsets Advisory Integrity Board or the National Climate Change Adaptation Council which will administer the appropriately named National Climate Change Adaptation Program. The bill also creates the Natural Resources Climate Change Adaptation Panel and the Renewable Electricity Deployment Fund within the Treasury Department to name but a few of the councils and board required to  administer the legislation.

Additionally, the bill creates numerous oversight Boards which include among others, the Secretaries of Energy, Commerce, State, Treasury, Transportation and Agriculture. This proposed legislation is Orwellian in its breadth and vision as it encompasses every aspect of our lives from the water pressure in our shower to the electric vehicle in our garage to the reading lamp at our bedside.

This bill if enacted by Congress, will certainly be signed into law by Barack Obama. It will lead the United States further along the progressive path toward Eurotopia and provide the foundation to further restrict American choices and freedoms.

 Ceo4adaybelieves that all Americans should be conscientious and voluntary stewards of our environment. We believe that concerns for the environment should be in balance with market economic forces and not be dictated by the National Academy of Science, the Sierra Club, or Greenpeace.  We  believe that market forces should dictate whether or not consumers elect to drive electric vehicles or gasoline fueled SUV’s. This bill will result in the federal government dictating that choice for consumers and create a socio economic environment where the energy and environment police will become a prevalent element in our American life.

This bill will result in a further incursion of our freedoms and a massive victory for progressive fascism.

                                                          ” Fight For The Right ” —— ceo4aday

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