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Barack Obama has squandered his previously high favorability ratings in the polls by failing to recognize that despite the heavily biased liberal media, Americans as a whole tend toward the center rather than the left in matters that directly affect their quality of life. The progressive agenda that the Obama administration has embraced is not the change that most Americans who voted for Obama were expecing. Rather, they believed the candidate Obama who repeatedly vowed during the campaign to seek bipartisanship solutions to issues that had long run aground in the muck that is Washington.

Voters wanted to believe that this President would rise above the noise of special interests that currently chair the political symphony in Congress and the White House but that belief was quickly tested and obliterated when the President urged Congress to push through the American Recovery Act, the inaptly named stimulus package that proved to be filled with entitlements to special interest groups and an homage in particular to the unions that supported the Obama campaign and were in line for their pay off.

The American public has lost confidence in this President as they finally come to terms with the fact that Barack Obama though an excellent campaigner does not possess the credentials or experience to be President. His lack of executive experience combined with a limited legislative career in the Senate has resulted in an Administration in which the President has ceded governing to a Democrat controlled Congress and a group of czars that are neither elected officials nor do they require confirmation by Congress.

The latest Rasmussen Poll indicates that only 46% of likely voters approve of the performance of the President. Barack Obama has squandered political capital that was generated by the public’s desire for change from the Bush Administration. They were even willing to reset some American ideals for a leader that was willing to govern for the people not the special interests. This President is not this leader.

The Obama administration will limp through the remainder of this year and into 2010 where a disappointed electorate will vote for change that will result in a more balanced Congress that will more accurately reflect the will of an America that believes in free enterprise, freedom of speech and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Barack Obama and his administration are far too progressive for this nation, that is rooted in the principles of individualism. The willingness of President Obama to expand the scale and scope of government at the expense of individual choice and freedom has resulted in a back lash that will continue through his term and limit Obama to a single term. America will continue to turn toward the center for solutions and reject the Eurotopian dream of this inexperienced President.

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A relatively minor program captured the headlines over this past week end and promises to continue to arouse partisan political passion through this week until the final disposition of the ” cash for clunkers ” program is determined.  The White House is very much in favor of continuing the program which has burned through the initial one billion dollars that was allocated to the automobile purchasing stimulus.

The program provides for a $4,500. trade in on older automobiles. The program was so well received by consumers that the program quickly ran out of money. Last week the House quickly approved an additional two billion dollars for the program and the Senate is debating the issue this week prior to the beginning of the August recess.

With an economy in recession and the majority of voters  deciding  that the stimulus plan provided by Barack Obama under the guise of  the American Recovery Act has been a dismal failure,  it is no wonder that the White House is promoting the “success” of “cash for clunkers”. It is most likely the Senate will pass an appropriation to continue this program since the auto industry is a Government preferred industry as demonstrated by the bail outs provided by both the Bush and Obama administrations.

Ceo4aday believes that programs that stimulate the purchase of durable goods are welcome and truly provide a stimulus to the economy but do not believe they should be discriminatory. We have long advocated a program that is not discriminatory that would put dollars in the hands of consumers through a federal voucher with an expiration date that would expire within a specific period of time. The program  would consist of a spend it or lose it clause and the monies distributed to tax payers should be allocated on a proportionate basis per actual taxes paid.

Funds from the American Recovery Act could be reallocated from their current entitlement and union subsidization program to fund real stimulus. Under this plan all tax payers would receive in effect a rebate on prior taxes paid which would provide an economic stimulus across all sectors of the economy as opposed to being sector specific like “cash for clunkers”. It would also be class inclusive as opposed to previous attempts at consumer stimulus that omit those at the top rungs of the economy.

We recognize that the likelihood of reallocating funds from the American Recovery Act and converting them to real stimulus dollars is unlikely. The Obama administration and the members of Congress that rushed through this partisan $787 Billion bill during the first weeks of the new progressive administration would be reluctant to alter its current structure in any way that would divert funds away from the numerous liberal programs that were included in the bill to satisfy the various special interest groups of the left.

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Barack Obama, who did his teleprompted best to paint a catastrophic canvas of the economy following his election last November, right through his inauguration and the subsequent passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, more commonly  referred to in the press and the political class as the stimulus package, is attempting to reset the electorate’s perception of the stimulus package as a failure.

Obama’s popularity has been falling precipitously in the polls over the past ten days due to a continuing series of negative statistics from the economic front. In his weekly address today the President sought to  remind us, following his self praise for his wonderful effort in Russia, in Italy at the G8 conference and in sharing his wisdom in Ghana, that if not for his swift action in pushing the stimulus package  through Congress, the American economy would have fallen completely into the abyss.

The President,  no stranger to embellishment, speaks of the many jobs saved by the Recovery Act to date with the  eloquence and expertise of a master  politician who knows that he can not be held accountable for something that is impossible to measure. He speaks with great pride of the many jobs created by small business in the mythical clean energy industry he is so fund of referencing. 

The President is a master pitch man. He is an eloquent carny who continues to foist upon an increasingly impatient public the mythical successes that are the product of the stimulus package. Though Bernie Madoff is currently the reigning King of cons with his massive investment scheme it is only a matter of time before this current President becomes recognized for defrauding the American public beyond anything ever perpetrated by Madoff. 

The $787 billion American Recovery Act and Reinvestment Plan is not a stimulus plan. It is an entitlement act designed to satisfy the debt owed by Obama to the unions that through there support clinched the election for this most radical of Presidents. Obama has coasted along on the wings of an adoring media and a public so eager for a change in the White House they were willing to vote for the most inexperienced candidate to ever attain the office.

As he continues his attempts to reset his relationship with the electorate we should all be mindful of his progressive agenda and his desire to embellish and distort the facts on any issue in order to satisfy the goals of his transformational Eurotopian agenda. This President harbors a great ambition that extends beyond the shores of our great nation to nations around the world. It is not enough for him to lead America he wrestles with a messianic complex the world has not witnessed since the second world war. His attempts to out perform Al Gore on the topic of climate change and Global Warming are a product of his massive ego.

This President has all the answers and if you do not believe that he will simply reset the questions.

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Barack Obama’s honeymoon with the American electorate is continuing to erode as the public begins to digest the catastrophic spending this President has approved and continues to propose with his radical progressive policies. With a call for a second stimulus package echoing through Washington and the media, the electorate is beginning to recognize that the progressive and transformational policies Obama supports are threatening the fiscal security of the nation as well as threatening the values and principles of this Democracy.

The failure of the  $787 Billion  American Recovery Act and Reinvestment Plan of 2009,  to provide any stimulus to the economy has begun to awaken the public to the distinct possibility that Barack Obama has an agenda that is harmful to this Republic. The vaunted stimulus package that Obama campaigned on Capitol Hill for as aggressively as he campaigned for the Presidency is proving to be the entitlement spending package that Ceo4aday and others wrote about several months ago. The stimulus package isa pay off to the unions that supported Obama during his Presidential campaign and is proving to be a bureaucratic and fiscal nightmare.

Today the White House announced that the web site AmericanRecovery.gov which was created to provide transparency to the public for the spending incorporated in the stimulus package will undergo an $18 million redesign to improve the site. The President should be ashamed and at the least embarrassed by this wasteful spending.

Obama’s penchant for spending and taxing while hiding behind Global Warming and Health Care will continue to plague his Presidency. This President who was swept into office on a wave of charisma and policy camouflage will see his relationship with the American public continue to erode as the Public becomes increasingly aware of the radical agenda of America’s most inexperienced and liberal President

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Barak Obama, beginning to lose ground in the polls is seeking a boost in the polls from his forthcoming visit to Moscow . The President is currently promoting transformational legislation on numerous fronts including health care, global warming, and renewable energy. He is also directing unprecedented government intervention in the auto, finance and banking industries at the same time as he attempts to rewrite history as it relates to the American Recovery Act or as it is affectionately noted by the press, Obama’s stimulus plan.

Today at a Town Hall meeting to promote his health care reform legislation Obama again thanked the House for passing a cap and trade bill that promises to be the largest tax increase in history should the 1200 page bill be passed by the Senate and signed into law by the President. Obama also took advantage of the occasion to announce that his stimulus plan has been a success.

The President makes this announcement at a time when unemployment is hovering at 10% and consumer confidence is again receding. Ceo4aday has written extensively on the American Recovery Act and the fact that Obama’s stimulus plan was really an entitlement program designed to stimulate increased union labor on government funded projects.

The $787 Billion dollar American Recovery Act has done little to aid an economic recovery that is hindered by high unemployment and a tight credit market. The reality of Obama’s stimulus plan is that despite his constant self promotion he did not provide America with a stimulus plan. He has saddled America with an historical deficit that promises to bankrupt the nation.

The President’s trip to Moscow is designed to distract Americans from the economic strife we are currently engaged in and focus our interest on Barack Obama’s attempt to rid the world of nuclear armaments. No doubt he will engage in an apology for America’s role during the cold war and more importantly for forcing Russia in the guise of the former Soviet Union into the cold war.

This President has made numerous gaffes as he has represented America on his trips abroad. It is fitting that the American President who is least interested in protecting the Independence of America will be again be presenting himself to the world stage only two days after the nation celebrates the fourth of July in a nation that established the benchmark  for totalitarianism in the twentieth century. A country that continues to explore its own unique form of capitalism while Obama promotes a progressive toward Socialism for the United States.

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The plight of a Captain of an American cargo vessel being held hostage by Somali Pirates has cast a spotlight and focused the eyes of the world on the Gulf of Aden and a group of former Somali fishermen, who have determined that piracy on the high seas is the most lucrative option available to them to earn a living and support their families and communities. Unfortunately, for those involved piracy is deemed unacceptable among the global community of nations.

While the American Captain is held on a lifeboat in the shadow of America’s naval power, seemingly powerless to intercede, the world has been forced to gain a perspective on the anarchical nation that Somalia has become. What we perceive as piracy, many Somali’s view as a legitimate option toward a lucrative career. While America has been engaged in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Somalia has continued to decline to a rogue state in which anarchy is the politic of the day. It is a broken state in which the human instinct to survive dominates the desire for the rule of law.

We as a nation are unable to maintain order in as many areas of the world that require it, nor is it in our nature as Americans to do so. Contrary to the rhetoric of the progressive left, America is not inclined toward empire building.  

When provoked, it has been, with a but a few notable exceptions, our policy to respond in kind to protect American economic interests and the interests of our citizens. The issue of piracy off the coast of east Africa cannot be tolerated. It is in our interest and those of our allies to assure the safety of  trans oceanic commerce.

Clearly we support the effort to insure the safety of the hostages being held by Somali Pirates and America should move quickly to secure the hostages. We must then move to eliminate the pirates in East Africa by using the military might that our nation is fortunate to posses. President Obama must understand that a progressive diplomatic response to the Somali issue is unacceptable. We will not resolve the threat of Somali piracy with aid and rhetoric.

America’s response to this issue will be watched closely by our enemies. If we fail to take aggressive action at the appropriate time we will be viewed as a weakened nation with a President that chooses to orate about idealistic platitudes and goals as opposed to safeguarding our security and insuring our standing in the global community. President Barack Obama, who chose to bow to a Saudi King must not bow to the will of Somali pirates.

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In an obvious attempt to ingratiate himself with the Islamic nations of the world, President Barack Obama has declared that the United States is not a Christian nation. In an address in Turkey he stated that America is a nation of citizens with ideals and values. Evidently the fact that America was formed and built on Judeo Christian principles and values slipped the President’s mind or perhaps it was mistakenly left off the teleprompter.

President Obama has embarked on a mission to transform the perception of  America’s relationships in the Islamic community of nations. His bow to the Saudi King and his address in Turkey where he consciously chose to ignore America’s religious roots are further evidence of his global progressive agenda to drive a stake into what has been the very heart and soul of this nation.

It should come as no surprise to us that a president, that is willing to lie about a bow to an Islamic King, would be just as inclined to toss away, America’s religious heritage as easily as he would our free enterprise system and our nuclear arsenal. This President, a mere eighty days into the Office of the Presidency, has demonstrated a willingness to portray a weakened secular America for the world to digest. An America that will hit the reset button and rewrite our history. An America that our President would rather apologise for than be proud of.

In America, we tolerate the practice and beliefs of all religions however, there is no question that we are predominantly a Christian nation whether, Barack Obama chooses to accept that or not.  America is well known through out the world for its religious tolerance and the President should be touting our Judeo Christian ethic and our tolerance to the world rather than diminishing it to gain praise from Islamic nations many of which have only our worst interests at heart.

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