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In what has been one of the quickest swings in Presidential popularity in the history of poll taking, President Barak Obama according to the latest Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll is now viewed as favorable by only 47%  of likely voters. This has been one of the quickest and most extreme swings in Presidential popularity of a first year President in history.

Barack Obama who’s persona is increasingly being portrayed in the media as that of a silver tongued used car salesman must be shocked by the polling data and wonder why the wheels are coming off of the Barack the great redeemer wagon. The American electorate is clearly not responding positively to Obama’s consistent if vague message that we the government know what is best for you the American public.

The President, who has maintained a continual campaign since his inauguration has proved to be far more liberal then many voters perceived during the 2008 Presidential campaign. As a result of the President promoting the special interests of the environmental and union lobbies,  the public has moved increasingly to the center ,while the Obama administration and the liberal Democrat leadership of the Congress as portrayed by Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House and Harry Reid, theSenate Majority Leader, have been outed for their commitment to a progressive agenda that would increase the concentration of power in the federal government while diminishing individual choices and freedoms.

Barack Obama who has been a subject of progressive doctrinaire throughout his academic and political life is a true believer in the progressive cause and has filled his administration with loyal subjects. The public, which of late has been demeaned and is always underestimated by liberal and progressive elitists that include Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have awakened in the past few months to an America that progressing along a path never foreseen by the founding fathers. It should be of no surprise to most in the political arena that a back lash would develop against the President’s policies given that over time the majority of Americans find comfort in the center as opposed to the extremes of the left or the right.

Obama the campaigner is wearing thin on Americans tolerance who have become impatient with Obama’s failure to embrace principles of governing that contribute to the safety and security of America. They ask who is governing the nation id the President is coosistently and aggressively campaigning. The answer of course id in the swpecial interests that funded and promoted Barack Obama as a vessel of hope and change.

The hope in America today is that Congress will listen to their constituency, the American public and not allow this President to continue to guide this nation away from the founding principles and values that have been the foundation for this great nation . The hope in America today is that Congress will not enact the progressive legislation that this President is promoting but that courage and common sense will prevail and America will survive this Administration’s attempts at concentrating power and creating a progressive or socialist state.

Americans must continue to stand up and speak out for their individual rights. They must ignore the platitudes of the left and do what is right. They must take ownership of this nation and not bequeath their future to a progressive and misguided few.

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A relatively minor program captured the headlines over this past week end and promises to continue to arouse partisan political passion through this week until the final disposition of the ” cash for clunkers ” program is determined.  The White House is very much in favor of continuing the program which has burned through the initial one billion dollars that was allocated to the automobile purchasing stimulus.

The program provides for a $4,500. trade in on older automobiles. The program was so well received by consumers that the program quickly ran out of money. Last week the House quickly approved an additional two billion dollars for the program and the Senate is debating the issue this week prior to the beginning of the August recess.

With an economy in recession and the majority of voters  deciding  that the stimulus plan provided by Barack Obama under the guise of  the American Recovery Act has been a dismal failure,  it is no wonder that the White House is promoting the “success” of “cash for clunkers”. It is most likely the Senate will pass an appropriation to continue this program since the auto industry is a Government preferred industry as demonstrated by the bail outs provided by both the Bush and Obama administrations.

Ceo4aday believes that programs that stimulate the purchase of durable goods are welcome and truly provide a stimulus to the economy but do not believe they should be discriminatory. We have long advocated a program that is not discriminatory that would put dollars in the hands of consumers through a federal voucher with an expiration date that would expire within a specific period of time. The program  would consist of a spend it or lose it clause and the monies distributed to tax payers should be allocated on a proportionate basis per actual taxes paid.

Funds from the American Recovery Act could be reallocated from their current entitlement and union subsidization program to fund real stimulus. Under this plan all tax payers would receive in effect a rebate on prior taxes paid which would provide an economic stimulus across all sectors of the economy as opposed to being sector specific like “cash for clunkers”. It would also be class inclusive as opposed to previous attempts at consumer stimulus that omit those at the top rungs of the economy.

We recognize that the likelihood of reallocating funds from the American Recovery Act and converting them to real stimulus dollars is unlikely. The Obama administration and the members of Congress that rushed through this partisan $787 Billion bill during the first weeks of the new progressive administration would be reluctant to alter its current structure in any way that would divert funds away from the numerous liberal programs that were included in the bill to satisfy the various special interest groups of the left.

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Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader announced this week that the Senate would delay any action on a health care reform bill until after the August Congressional recess. The delay in Senate action has been caused by an inability to develop an acceptable compromise between liberal Democrats, willing to agree to any bill promoted by the Obama administration and moderate Democrats and Republicans who are unwilling to agree to a government take over of health care that will increase the federal deficit, lessen the quality of health care and increase the burden on American tax payers.

Delaying the process in the Senate will most likely cause a delay in the House which following the August recess may lead to the ultimate death of health care reform as elected officials hear an increasing roar from a public that has become disenchanted with the idea of placing their health care in the hands of an administration that is increasingly being perceived as being less than forthcoming with the real costs of health care reform as well as the quality of service to expect from a government mandated program.

Barack Obama is keen on stating that he is enacting the change that Americans want. He is correct that Americans voted for change when they elected him President last November but the change that this President has brought to date and the changes he continues to propose are reflective of a classic political bait and switch. President Barack Obama has failed to deliver on the promise of candidate Barack Obama. This should hardly come as a surprise given the President’s thin resume of leadership. Other than his campaign Obama had never had any management experience.

Six months into office and obama’s inexperience weighs like a wet blanket upon an economy that is struggling to heat up. His self promoted and much touted stimulus plan, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan of 2009, has proved to be the debacle that opponents of the bill had opined that it would be when the partisan bill was rushed through Congress with out being read and was subsequently signed by the President who had promoted the bill as a job savings and creation bill. The President’s pronouncements on the bill have under gone some ‘recalibration’ as the President and his administration now refer to the stimulus as having a longer term arc than would be expected with the urgent passage of a stimulus bill.

In retrospect the Obama administration will have proved to have miscalculated American’s tolerance for the political sleight of hand that is the stimulus package. The proposed take over of the Health Care industry by Obama in addition to the energy and safe climate act that narrowly passed the House is making Americans uncomfortable and testing their patience with this administration during a period of rising unemployment and a challenged economy.

The majority of the nation are expecting the President to adjust his priorities and focus on the economy rather than attempting to save the earth through the building of windmills and saddling the nation with an ill conceived health care program.

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The American public is becoming aware that Barack Obama is not the twenty first century messiah promoted by the liberal media. The very media that provided camouflage for Obama during the 2008 campaign are now standing impotent on the sidelines as Obama continues his relentless march down the field toward socialism.

 Six months into his term Barack Obama must be wondering what has happened. Obama was swept into office on the wings of a euphoric media and a liberal politic in which the left believed they had destroyed the conservative movement and in particular the Republican party. Today the President finds himself in a four front battle between health care reform, the cap and trade bill, a failed stimulus plan and an economy that promises continued high unemployment.

His leadership ability is being questioned by all but his most ardent supporters as finds himself in a battle to push his health care reform package through a Congress that is becoming more concerned with the mid term election in 2010 than supporting a President who is rapidly losing public support for key initiatives of his progressive agenda.

Obama  is clearly a practioner of the “Big Lie” which was so effectively developed in the propaganda machine administered by Joseph Goebbels for a messianic leader who transformed a nation in the 1930’s leading to the destruction of a nation and a people in the 1940’s. The premise behind the “Big Lie” is simple. Repeat the lie frequently enough and it will be perceived as the truth. Obama was elected on the merits of the “Big Lie” and he and his administration have continued to expand on this tactic since his inauguration.

Obama possesses the rhetorical skills and the platform to deliver the “Big Lie” in a manner that seduces the listener and provides the comfort of a  cup of hot cocoa on a cold winter night. He used the Big Lie to sell the $787 Billion American Recovery Act which has failed miserably as a stimulus plan and is now embracing the Big Lie to market health care reform and clean energy legislation.

Obama promised that the stimulus plan would save or create three and one half million jobs. He repeated the lie  on numerous occasions to create a sense of urgency to pass the stimulus package and included the same lie in his 2010 Budget message. Now the lie has changed from job creation around the stimulus package to the fact that “I Barack Obama” have brought the economy back from the brink” with the stimulus plan.

Barack obama is a progressive fascist. He seeks to impose his will upon the American public to reset the American Dream. He seeks to be the founding father of a new America in which the public will subject their own will and desires to the Federal Government for the benefit of all. There is nothing new here. There is no hope and no change with this President. The world has seen his act before and suffered the great pain of an ego that knew no bounds.  Barack Obama’s Big Lie is an echo of  the strategies utilized by the German leadership between 1933 and 1945. His message, meticulously staged and wrapped in the eloquence and the historical credibility of the White House is destructive to this great Republic.

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Barack Obama’s honeymoon with the American electorate is continuing to erode as the public begins to digest the catastrophic spending this President has approved and continues to propose with his radical progressive policies. With a call for a second stimulus package echoing through Washington and the media, the electorate is beginning to recognize that the progressive and transformational policies Obama supports are threatening the fiscal security of the nation as well as threatening the values and principles of this Democracy.

The failure of the  $787 Billion  American Recovery Act and Reinvestment Plan of 2009,  to provide any stimulus to the economy has begun to awaken the public to the distinct possibility that Barack Obama has an agenda that is harmful to this Republic. The vaunted stimulus package that Obama campaigned on Capitol Hill for as aggressively as he campaigned for the Presidency is proving to be the entitlement spending package that Ceo4aday and others wrote about several months ago. The stimulus package isa pay off to the unions that supported Obama during his Presidential campaign and is proving to be a bureaucratic and fiscal nightmare.

Today the White House announced that the web site AmericanRecovery.gov which was created to provide transparency to the public for the spending incorporated in the stimulus package will undergo an $18 million redesign to improve the site. The President should be ashamed and at the least embarrassed by this wasteful spending.

Obama’s penchant for spending and taxing while hiding behind Global Warming and Health Care will continue to plague his Presidency. This President who was swept into office on a wave of charisma and policy camouflage will see his relationship with the American public continue to erode as the Public becomes increasingly aware of the radical agenda of America’s most inexperienced and liberal President

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Despite the pronouncements by the liberal media to the contrary, the favorability rating  of President Barack Obama is slipping as reported by Rasmussen Reports which conducts a daily Presidential favorability poll. As Americans feel increasingly disenfranchised by the progressive policies of Barack Obama the percentage of Americans who strongly disapprove of the President have more than doubled to 32% since January 22nd.

The polls this coming week will be of particular interest as photos of President Obama and Hugo Chavez together resonate with Americans. Chavez who has taken it upon himself to channel Che and Fidel for a new generation was photographed with the President as they greeted each other on at least three separate occasions. Chavez, who’s rhetoric demonized former President George W. Bush appears to want to offer a helping hand to the inexperienced Barack Obama.

Obama, who previously criticized American executives for attending business conferences in Las Vegas and other popular conference and convention destinations, appears to have had no problem rationalizing his own extensive travel as he attends conferences around the Globe. It is not unlike the new CEO who decides he needs to go out and meet the trade when he assumes the helm of an enterprise or he is promoting a new product, system or idea. Perhaps if the President understood this he would be more amenable to American business interests.

As the President continues to meet and greet the Hugo Chavez like minded leaders of the nations which have been at odds with America, we shall be anxiously awaiting any positive developments that may arise from his obvious willingness to shake hands and provide photo ops for some of America’s most ardent detractors.

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The liberal media converged to denigrate the Tea Party protests that sprung up across the nation and were held yesterday in over a thousand communities. The Fox network which is frequently bashed by its competitors and many liberal bloggers had extensive coverage of the protests which were organized independently across the country to allow people to give voice to the frustration and dissatisfaction that they are experiencing due to the expansive government Congress and the Obama Administration are enacting.

The protests which have gained ground over the past several weeks as an increasing number of Americans feel disenfranchised by a government that has elected to provide bail outs to banks, insurance and auto companies, while passing trillion dollar spending bills to promote a progressive fascist agenda that is intent upon limiting individual freedoms and accelerate the expansion of an intrusive government.

The liberal media elected to portray the Tea Party protests as examples of right wing extremism. Rather than provide objective reporting on the Tea Party the media with exception of Fox News downplayed the events with obvious liberal bias. The lines have been clearly drawn by the media and the progressive left. The progressive movement seeks to expand government entitlement programs while the philosophical underpinning of those who protest at events such as the Tea Parties  are seeking to maintain and renew  individual rights and liberties.

Choosing to ignore the Tea Party phenomena is a classic progressive tactic. Progressive fascists believe in their intellectual superiority and believe that by repeating their lies which are supported by the liberal media they will ultimately be perceived as truth. This tactic has been very effective as evidenced by the election of Barack Obama to the Office of the Presidency

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As Americans express their dissatisfaction with a Congress and a President committed to expanding government and further limiting freedoms, one can only wonder if a tax strike is in the future for a people who are tired of having their wealth transferred to federal and state governments that they accuse of negligence.

Their was a very successful tax revolt on this continent by thirteen British colonies that resulted in the formation of a nation that formed around the principle that ” all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” It is in the pursuit of these rights that the federal government has proved to be most intrusive by executing a tax policy to offset any errors that the Creator may have committed.

The federal gowernment as it exists today is far removed in both theory and practice from the government envisioned by the founders of this nation. The federal government has become the most intrusive institution that the founders could have possibly  imagined. The founding fathers were as a general rule strong individualists, protective of state’s rights while cognizant of the potential danger to a people of a federal government, where power rests in the hands of a select few politicians and bureaucrats, as it does today.

They were leary of creating a command and control centralized authority where a political class would emerge that would extend the bureaucratic grip on the nation as opposed to a government that would serve at the behest of the people. We have allowed a beast to emerge in our governmental institutions. Perhaps it is the nature of man to cede individual power to others, as we have done with Congress and the current President.

Barack Obama is not a great leader. He has proved to be a superb reader with a practiced delivery, that when presented to a willing public, has been able to satisfy the need for a majority of Americans to fulfill a need to be led. We have transferred such power to the Office of the President that we forget the holder of that office, in this case, is a well trained, astute politician with out executive experience, that arrived in office through a perfect storm of conditions, that limited opposition and created an aberrative election and a temporal elation for many of the electorate, that will in time fade as people become familiar with his progressive agenda. 

As millions of Americans become disenfranchised by a President and a Congress that choose to serve and expand a bureaucracy, as opposed to serving a nation, they will search for venues or opportunities to protest the actions of this Congress and the policies of Barack Obama.

 Today in America we are in the grip of progressives fascists, who will weaken America’s place in the current world order as they seek to lay the foundation for an America in which homogeneity is the order of the day. An America where personal sacrifice for the State is encouraged while individual entrepreneurial pursuits are discouraged. An America where dissent is viewed as extremist and a threat to the State.

In this America, voters must find venues for protest that are impactful and strike where the government is most vulnerable. The people must learn to lead. Creating a political class has only served to propagate a bastion of special interests where the nation is held hostage by the President and Congress. Where the traditional main stream media is focused on humanizing the President by reporting about the new dog in the White House . Where we as a people are to accept whatever tax increases or regulations are imposed on us and accept it without question because the political class deems it so.

It is time for those who are disenfranchised by these policies to align with platforms that transform America from another nation lost to progressive fascism to the America  that was envisioned by those who participated in that first tax revolt  in Boston Harbor. National Strikes and other forms of  non violent protest have been effective in many nations. It is time for moderates and conservatives to resort to the same practices that have proved to be effective for the progressive left.

 All Americans have a voice and it is our obligation to raise them when we perceive injustice and inequality in our society such as that which is being perpetrated upon us by a Congress and an Executive branch that are working aggressively to create an America where our rights, freedoms and choices to exercise those rights and freedoms will be increasingly limited.

                                                                                                                              “Fight For The Right” – – -Ceo4aday

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Americans, outraged by a seemingly endless spiral of expansive and intrusive government protested at “tea parties” across America today. A populist groundswell against federal and state governments that lack accountability, actual and proposed tax increases and dissatisfaction with the two dominant political parties appear to be themes which have rallied protesters and brought them together in over 700 locations.

Amidst the protests today, President Barack Obama elected to speak to his desire for a fair tax code by increasing taxes on the 5% of the population that currently pay 60% of federal income taxes. The White House perspective on the tea parties was that they do not represent the beliefs or interests of most Americans.

Populist movements have arisen through out the history of the nation. The most successful populist uprising in this nation was the uprising that over time gave birth to the nation, resulting in the Declaration of Independence and the transformation of thirteen British colonies into the United States of America. Since the formation of this Republic populist movements have arisen over perceived injustices. The root cause of these injustices are generally related to economics. The bail outs of banks, insurance companies and the auto industry combined with a severe down turn in the economy and rising unemployment have all contributed to the frustrations that many Americans are feeling. The Tea Parties provide an outlet for many people to vent those frustrations.

The election of  Barack Obama, was an example of the Democrat Party using a traditional populist platform by incenting class war through judicious claims of extreme fiscal abuse by Wall Street and the wealthy. President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have continued that tactic following the Obama inauguration to rationalize the largest expansion of government in America’s history.

The recent passage of the $787 Billion stimulus bill and the 2010 budget have proved to be the tipping point for many Americans who feel disenfranchised by a government that appears to have turned its back on traditional American values and principles including the free enterprise system.

The Tea Parties that are occurring around the nation provide a platform for people to express their outrage with the status quo in Washington and perhaps spark a movement that will gain enough ground that the Obama administration will pause to listen.

We do not know if a third party movement will evolve from these activities. Third party movements in America are shortlived. The Republican Party has been weakened over the past eight years and the Democrats will no doubt pay a price for the damage they are inflicting upon this Republic. We do recognize that communications technology enables voices to be heard today beyond the range of previous decades and that may indeed be enough to awaken this nation from its current stupor.

                                                                                                                         “Fight For The Right” —-ceo4aday

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While President Barack Obama, continues his adoration tour in California the political storm continues in Washington over AIG bonuses and the debate is amping up with respect to the call by members of Congress for Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner to resign his post.

President Obama has stated that the embattled Treasury Secretary has his full confidence which in most every game would indicate that it is only a matter of time before Secretary Geithner exits from the national political scene. Geithner has been under fire since it was revealed shortly after he was nominated that he had failed to pay some federal income taxes that he eventually rectified.

With the abundance of populism evident in Congress, the tidal wave is forming for Geithner to step down. Obama has added fuel to the fire by feigning additional outrage over the AIG controversy even though it has been public record for several months that these bonuses were to be paid.

The House, in its latest populous legislative rant passed a bill today to tax the subject AIG bonuses and other firms that have received at least $5 Billion in federal support funds at a 90% rate on any bonus where income exceeds $250,000. This is a vengeful act by Congress and casts a bright light on Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat minions in the House. The Republicans that supported this vindictive legislation should be ashamed.

Whether or not one agrees with the compensation policies or not of AIG, the broader issue at hand is the government intruding upon the private sector to dictate compensation. These elected officials that are obsessed with the minutiae of AIG bonuses are guilty of  performing a great disservice to the American electorate. They are a simple, petty group of officials who represent the worst of our nation. Shame on Congress and shame on Barack Obama for their populist rants and continuing their class war.When so many are shamed they look for someone to channel it through. Good luck Mister Geithner.

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