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Barbara Boxer in her recent exchange with Harold Alford the President and CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce provided the American public with a classic example of the class based racism that remains prevalent among the liberal left. Boxer who also recently expressed her superiority to a Brigadier General in a separate committee hearing apparrently remains oblivious to the effect her racist and class based comments have on the public.

The junior Senator from California continues to be a you tube favorite as she entertains the audience with her inane and thoughtless comments. She is a product of the liberal political class who believe they know what is best for all Americans and with particular sensitivity reserved for  the needs of minorities.

Black Americans are perceived by the racist liberal to be a voting block that will act in unison as demonstrated by the 97% of African Americans that continue to support Barack Obama. However, when confronted with an independent conservative Black person liberals are either quick to condemn or patronize. The patronizing of minorities is the hall mark of the liberal racist.

We can only hope that over time those on the left will learn to accept that all people, no matter their race, the color of their skin or their creed are capable of developing independent thought and opinion. Conservatives came to this conclusion long ago.

Barbara Boxer by inferring that Harold Alford, a Black man should support the Waxman-Markey cap and trade bill because the NAACP supports it is racist. Barbara Boxer has proved herself to be both ugly and ignorant and should be held accountable for her contempt at the ballot box. We are less of a people because of her and should learn from her institutional ignorance.

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In what has become a well publicized event this past week Barbara Boxer the junior United States Senator from California admonished a Brigadier General during a Senate hearing for calling her Ma’am. Boxer, upon being respectfully called Ma’am by the General, asked that he please refer to her as Senator, “a title that she had worked very hard to attain.” The Senator’s remarks are reflective of an individual that is holding herself above the purview of the public she has sworn to serve.

This nation, which was founded as a result of a revolution against a monarchy and a royal class, has a penchant for creating royalty out of members of our political class. One need only observe the way our media has treated the Obama’s as if the were King Barack and Queen Michelle even to the degree of instilling deity like qualities upon them. Is it any wonder then that Barbara Boxer would begin to increase her level of self importance to American royalty.

We allow our Congressional representatives to approve the expenditure of trillions of dollars at the request of King Obama so shame on us when we are surprised that one of our Senators’ would place her self above the commoners she has chosen to serve. We as a society  have strayed far from the original precepts of our founding fathers who would look upon America today with great disdain for allowing the establishment of a political class and the creation and continued expansion of a bloated federal government.

Barbara Boxer’s comment was shameful but is only a symptom of  the social, economic and political disease we have created as we bestow superior qualities upon those who we have chosen to serve us.

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