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The House passed the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 by a narrow margin on Friday as the attention of both the nation and the world was turning from the abuse of the Iranian regime to the death of the King of Pop Michael Jackson. The bill which is a cornerstone of the Obama progressive agenda required the votes of 8 Republicans to vote in favor of the bill as 44 Democrats voted against it with a final tally of 219 to 212 for HR 2454.

This legislation should it become law will impose e clean energy tax upon the American Public that will amount to the single highest tax increase ever impose upon American tax payers. Given the narrow margin of passage in the House it is increasingly doubtful though that this bill will pass the Senate despite the urgent pleadings of Barack Obama.

The bill, which proposes its will on every aspect of American life and will create a bureaucratic nightmare, will also cost this nation millions of jobs more then the mythical Green  jobs it purports to create. Nancy Pelosi called it transformational legislation while doing Obama’s bidding and she is indeed correct. It is transformational in that it moves America further away from a free enterprise based economy toward the central planning models of the totalitarian economic models that failed in the twentieth century.

Americans may fight back against the tide of environmental and progressive fascism by contacting their representatives in the Senate and urging them to vote no on this bill when it comes before the Senate this fall. The nation may have been distracted when the House voted but we must wake up and act before this legislation is allowed to further cripple our economy.

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The American Clean Energy And Security Act Of 2009 is currently being debated in the House and will be coming to a vote on the floor as early as this coming Friday. Ceo4aday has written extensively about the green movement and the progressive fascists within the environmental  movement that are intent upon imposing their will upon a nation that can ill afford the luxury of Global Warming.

At a time when unemployment in America is nearing 10% the Waxman-Markey sponsored bill proposes to create a new bureaucracy that will effect the most restrictive policies on American consumers and businesses ever conceived. These proposals which will affect nearly every aspect of American life from the cars we drive to the homes we elect to live in to the light we choose to read by.

Our Supreme Leader Barack Obama is intent on completing the transformation of America from a capitalist based economy in which a free enterprise system exists to allow all individuals to participate in their own entrepreneurial endeavor should they so choose to a progressive socialist system modeled as a Eurotopian dream in which the central government will determine who participates in wealth creation and dream attainment.

The global warming legislation which is contained within the American Clean Energy And Security Act Of 2009 as the Safe Climate Act, is legislation designed to pander to the far left. Numerous administration agencies will be created to execute the legislation to safeguard the progressive agenda and restrict the freedoms of individuals.

We are a strong proponent of environmental stwardship however, environmentalism run amok as evidenced by this bill will lead to further economic hardship for millions of Americans by impairing the ability of American based companies to compete across the Globe, leading to increased unemployment and higher costs for all consumers.

Now is the time to reach out to your elected representatives in Congress and remind them that sound environmental stewardship should not and does not need to lead to a lower quality of life amid a further burdened economy.

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The attempts by the left in Congress and the progressives in the Obama administration to transform America as we have known it are limitless. Barack Obama continues to promote his progressive agenda and Congress approves spending at stratospheric levels to satisfy Obama’s commitments to the special interests that he is indebted to for supporting his campaign and subsequent election.

The union leaders and the stewards of environmental fascism that fund the progressive agenda, have their President in the White House and are optimizing his position and current favorability to transform America into a Eurotopian nation state in which traditional American goals and objectives are secondary to broader global concerns.

The progressives in Congress and the White House are committed to extending the reach of Government into every element of our lives including our diet. A hallmark of progressive fascism is the good intent of the leaders in caring for the masses while restricting personal freedoms for the benefit of the greater good. The charismatic progressive leader states his case in a methodical and logical manner to the public in platitude filled speeches among grandiose settings.

Hence, the government creates a tax on sweet products such as carbonated beverages like Coke and Pepsi to fund health care while funding research on obesity and gradually expanding the tax to other food and beverage items that are deemed as inefficient nutrient providers or contributors to health concerns such as candy and snack items. Legislation is currently being discussed by the Senate Finance committee on a so called fat tax that would also address products with a high salt content.

The ability for millions of Americans to enjoy the simplest of sweets or snacks will become increasingly costly as groups such as the Center for Science in the Public Interest continue to promote their agenda to restrict American diets to what they believe are the right food and beverages for Americans to consume.

Oppressive taxes, fewer personal liberties, government intervention as a result of policies that promote class warfare and direct the redistribution of wealth are all indicators of an America in transformation. As our nation evolves under the current progressive leadership of Barack Obama and we slim down to be able to squeeze into our government produced electric powered mini cars we may take solace that our diet is being monitored by the President’s Council for Dietary Requirements and Nutritional Optimization to assure that foods that we merely derive pleasure from are properly taxed with the appropriate amount of guilt to temper our palate.

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President Barack Obama spoke to the Business Roundtable today. He didn’t actually speak to them, he gave a formal address in which he defended the 2010 budget that he has proposedand has been viewed as “radical” and “socialist” in its attempt at social engineering and the redistribution of wealth. The President’s delivery was at times flat and monotonous. There were moments when he attempted passion in his delivery however, again the reliance by the President on the teleprompters prevents him from connecting with his audience and may serve to diminish his message.

During a Q&A period the President came across as receptive to contributions from the business community,  including suggesting that reducing Corporate tax rates in the future would be a topic of interest to he and his administration in exchange for eliminating loopholes that may exist in the current tax code. The President is clearly less comfortable and his responses are more hesitant and less confident, when he is speaking off script, even to the point that in one response he noted that he was “speaking of the top of his head” as he sought words that simply weren’t arriving quickly enough.

This President has much to learn and Ceo4aday believes that the the opportunity for the President to interface with the business community is a practice we support wholeheartedly. We also believe that the President should be encouraged to step out of his comfort zone and speak more directly to the American people to test his mettle as a leader and alter the perception that he can only deliver a message that is well scripted.

By stepping out as the President did today at the Business Roundtable he can provide a level of confidence to an economy that is surely in need of it. The markets have seen a rally over the past three days as the President and his administration can enhance simply by listening to and speaking with his constituency in a more positive and encouraging manner.

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President Barack Obama is sacrificing prosperity to promote his social welfare agenda. His zeal for wealth distribution, has led him along a path toward wealth depletion. The Obama administration has demonstrated an unmatched ineptness at governing by failing to understand the relationship between productive and robust markets and other components of the economy, including housing and consumer confidence.

When the stock market is generating positive returns for investors, it provides a sense of security, both financial and psychological for investors, that instills confidence and enables them to spend comfortably, knowing that their investments are growing and will be there to provide for the future. As the market fell through the fall, approaching the 2008 election, the correlation with consumer spending and confidence was evident.

The President had an opportunity to instill confidence in the markets following his election, which would have stemmed further erosion  provided much needed support for the broader economy. Then President Elect Obama, with the eyes of the world upon him chose to talk the economy down further by highlighting the economic crisis, thereby lowering expectations for his administration when they assumed power. This failure to act responsibly, compounded the economic crisis further, by leading to another market free fall and lowering consumer confidence to historic levels.

Upon assuming the Office of the Presidency, Obama again chose to emphasize the economic crisis and demonstrated his lack of concern for the stock market, by ratcheting up the concerns of an economic catastrophe to push a stimulus plan through Congress, which was filled with special interest and entitlement supports ,while ignoring stimulus for investment and private sector job creation.

Barack Obama has through his ineptness, created a depression of hope in this economy with his relentless attack on the American business community. He his derelict in his duties with respect to the implied compact the Office of the President represents to the American people. Rather than use the platform the White House represents to promote the economy, encourage business and investment he has elected to focus on social programs and fund them by raising taxes on people who have lost trillions of dollars in wealth since his election.

Barack Obama and his cohorts in Congress need to get their heads out of the sand and step up to the concerns that are plaguing the economy. Perhaps, one of Obama’s handlers should add some positive statements to the President’s teleprompter, since he appears to be capable of communicating solely by teleprompter. How refreshing it would be if the President chose to face the American people and communicate something positive about business and the economy without the continued reminder of  the deep whole we are in.

Alas, Barack Obama is an inexperrienced leader that lacks the ability to look beyond his own selfish, socialist agenda that has yet to accept accountability for his own role in the demise of this economy.

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American investors in the stock market deserve a break this week. After falling 20% in the first two months of the year it is time for the market to begin a rally. Investors are battle weary and worn down by an economic tsunami that has generated an onslaught of negative economic performance in wave after wave of disappointment.

The relief, that we believed would come from the advent of the new administration and the natural lift we expected from a new team in the White House,  failed to materialize and they actually heightened the anxiety that already existed in the markets, making a bad market even worse.

Amid calls for the President to step out and begin to instill confidence in our economy he seems to have fallen silent. An action that is certainly better than the litany of crisis and catastrophe that he reiterated day after day as he talked the crisis up and the economy down to gain additional support for the excessive spending programs he has proposed.

Barack Obama is obviously an incredibly astute and focused individual. He identified and secured the loftiest of opportunities. He has succeeded in getting elected to arguably  the most coveted position in the world and he accomplished it at a pace that few in history can match. The challenge, that confronts we the governed, is that Barack Obama never operated a business or worked in a business environment and as such comes to his understanding of economic matters through academic as opposed to practical experience.

He has learned the buzz words which any leader understands are necessary to speak confidently about a broad spectrum of issues. Obama was never construed to be a business candidate, though numerous well heeled business elitists supported his candidacy and subsequent election. However, given that he has a broad social agenda and an economy at peril it would seem prudent to gain a better understanding of business and job creation in order to create a longer term revenue stream to accommodate his ambitious spending agenda.

Obama, occasionally talks the talk of business but he has never walked the walk. He does in fact project the traditional liberal disdain toward business that those who have never had to meet a payroll or are members of the academic elite often do.

The President appears to be an excellent communicator and a quick study. His has mastered the teleprompter as well as any veteran broadcaster. Perhaps the President should put those communication skills to the test by starting an entrepreneurial express tour.  Ceo4aday believes this man who promises so much change and transparency should reach out to business by meeting with not just the Fortune 50 elite but a broader range of small and mid cap businesses across a varied group of industries to get a real sense of what generates job creation.

Spend a few hours in a conference room Mister President as a management team wrestles with attaining their budget. Sit through a Board meeting and listen to the issues that confront businesses and Boards every day. Step out Mister President and meet the Americans that devote every day to assuring that a revenue stream exists for Washington to appropriate. Learn and communicate about successes in our economy. Deliver a positive message to the American public and watch day by day as America moves forward into the dawn of emerging growth.

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 In just a few short weeks we have seen a new administration sweep into power in Washington and push through a massive stimulus bill. We have seen the reaction to the bill on Wall Street as the markets have responded by falling to a 12 year low. Our collective confidence as a nation, has been critically shaken which has served to amplify the effects of the recession around the globe.

 We have lost trillions of dollars of wealth as our investment portfolios have withered and our home values have evaporated. We are forever transformed by the shocking depths of a recession fueled by the collapse of our credit markets, well publicized individual extremes of fraud and greed, and a world worn weary from the strife and chaos thrust upon it by a terrorist fringe wrapped in the medieval robe of hyper fanaticism.

Our national psyche has been abused by a media assault that not only reports on each crisis we confront but heightens the affects of each crisis in a relentless pursuit of ratings.There seems to be no issue that we cannot make worse through constant reporting and punditry. Our quest and thirst as a nation to understand every fragment of minutiae surrounding every hyped story seems boundless.

Our intellectual deposits, scattered among our individual banks, have been withdrawn by our inability, or at times our reluctance to reflect on and learn from our collective individual experiences. The institutions we have become increasingly dependant upon to provide the infrastructure that support our way of life have become relevant only by scale and have failed to placate our individual economic concerns.

It is time to stem our intellectual economic panic and focus on solutions that support our capitalist system without succumbing to the wanton path of socialism. Our path forward to normalization will continue to be fraught with economic hurdles. It will require initiative and forbearance. We must believe that in our individual pursuits we will collectively regain our footing on a path to stabilization and economic growth and that as America’s economic fortunes improve, the economies of the world will rise with the American tide.

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As the stock market, continues to tumble, the pressure mounts for Barack Obama to address the nation on Tuesday evening with a message of economic hope for a nation that continues to be battered by a global recession. Obama’s utterances to date on the economy have not been well received by investors as he seeds his comments with terms like catastrophic and historical.

 The Dow today closed at a level not seen since May of 1997. Several companies within the 30 stocks that comprise the index are now trading at share prices below $10 per share. General Electric an American industrial icon is now trading at levels not seen since 1995.

There is a growing concern on Wall Street and across the nation that America’s largest banks may be nationalized. The lack of clarity from the Obama administration has created increased angst in the markets further exacerbating a market that lacks confidence in the new President and his team.

Investors need a reason to invest and consumers need a reason to begin purchasing again. The President and his senior economic advisers need to bring clarity to the issues which are hovering over the markets and causing increased uncertainty. We need to hear with conviction that our political leadership is working in concert with our business leaders to execute a plan that will yield positive benefits to our economy and begin to assuage the fears of investors and consumers.

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 The advent of the Obama Administration has seen markets continue to fall, retailers continue to shutter their doors and daily announcements from corporate America regarding right sizing and lay offs. This has led to a continued decline in consumer confidence as fear becomes a prominent factor in decision making.

American consumers are being  informed by their President that the current economic crisis which dominates our news media is catastrophic. In speech after he speech the President has lowered expectations for America’s economic performance. He seems to be wavering at times between the rhetoric of Lincoln and FDR as he seeks early in this term to find a mantle upon which to place the hand that has been dealt him. 

As the President and his administration, continue to talk down the economy and erode what little confidence remains among America’s consumers, we begin to hear increasingly, that an economy based on consumerism, the conscious consumption of goods and services to yield an economic benefit, is coming to an end.

As an alternative, we are being offered a society in which individual sacrifice for the greater good will be the mantra of the day. We find nothing wrong with wanting to help others and in fact we encourage the practice. However, our economy and the global economy is based on consumerism. We are a culture that generally yearns for more. We are aspirational by nature. We are products of a capitalist system that has proved resilient over centuries by relying on the aspirations and initiative of individuals.

We as a people must stay strong of heart and true in our conviction that we will overcome the current economic malaise. We are a gifted nation that has weathered many economic storms through our history and will once again sail through these rough waters to find a calmer economic sea where the currents are running toward consumption. Feel good today. Buy something and help save America form a crisis in confidence.

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The stock market has clearly failed to embrace Barack Obama and the policies initiated by both he and the Democratic leadership in Congress. Today the Dow hit a new six year low while on the same the same day, oil managed to gain 14%. Much of the decline in the Dow has been related to the banking sector. Unfortunately, when the Dow financial sector falls other sectors have fallen with it.There appear to be no safe havens.

President Barack Obama and his good intentions have failed to provide any support base for this economy. Investors have lost confidence in the markets and financial institutions. Consumers are too frightened to spend, as they continue to hear the abysmal rhetoric from the White House.

In a previous blog, Ceo4aday wrote about the lowering of expectations by then President Elect Barack Obama. We believed then that he was acting in his political interest by echoing the negative rhetoric of the doom and gloom of economic pundits and short sellers that hover like pirahanna over the market looking for another  market cap to devour. He continues to foment the negativity in the economy with references to the depression of the 1930’s.

Barack Obama has signed an enormous spending bill which no doubt will satisfy the special interests that supported him and the party that has acted in a singularly partisan manner as they pushed a “stimulus” package on a financially battered American electorate that was overwhelmingly, underwhelmed by the passage of the American Recovery and Investment Plan of 2009. The President and the Democratic Congress missed an opportunity to provide investment and consumer stimulus as the bill became burdened with a wish list of Democrat pet projects.

This nation needs a voice in the White House that speaks to the innovation and inventiveness of America’s entrepreneurs. We need a voice that rather than suggest that things may get worse before they get better, speaks to the positive elements of our economy and promotes America rather than debases it with loose rhetoric of sacrifice and social responsibility. We need to hear a voice in the White House that attempts to raise the bar rather than continue to lower it.

CEO’s know from experience that organizations will  perform to the lowest acceptable level if  incentives are absent from goals and objectives. President Obama has become the CEO of the nation that generates the world’s most robust economy. He and  his administration are impeding this nation’s from recovery by wrapping himself in the political security of low expectations.

 It is time to rise up and speak out about America’s ability to move through this economic storm and regain its footing as the economic engine that fuels a global economy. It is time to motivate America and orient consumers to embracing a better day. The national psyche needs it and the world expects it.

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