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I was recently in a meeting where a comment was made that I looked the part of a CEO. I was wearing a navy suit, white shirt, striped tie and black shoes. What I consider to be appropriate business attire. The meeting took place in San Francisco and I was in the company of people dressed in casual business attire. San Francisco, the home of  The Gap and of course Levis,  has led the country over the years in thel movement toward casual business attire so I was not surprised that mine was the only suit in the room.

I have long advocated that people in the conduct of business, should dress accordingly. I am probably considered a traditionalist in that sense, but I have seen the effects on businesses where casual attire, has resulted in casual performance of the enterprise. I have fought the trend toward casual business over the years to the point of initiating dress codes that require appropriate business attire including, suits and ties for men and appropriate professional clothing for women in businesses that I have led.

A CEO recognizes, that the appearance of  associates and team members is a function of the pervasive culture within the organization. A serious business requires focused and disciplined associates, if it is to be successful. The tone that the CEO establishes by dressing appropriately in business delivers the message that we are a focused team prepared to be successful.

In my experience, I have found that though there may be a few disgruntled associates on the team when business attire is required, the majority of team members will rcognize that the bar has been raised and choose to respect and appreciate a disciplined culture that will accelerate their path to success.

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