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At long last the farce that Barack Obama has introduced the nation to will now have an official court jester in the form of the new junior Senator from Minnesota, Al Franken. Norm Coleman conceded the long contested race today for his seat after a Minnesota court ruled in favor of Franken  the former Saturday Night Live satirist, ocassional comic and failed radio commentator.

The White House had been rumored to be considering  appointing Franken, to the position of comedy czar if he failed to be awarded the disputed seat in the Senate. Now the White House will be fitting him for his jester costume and it is expected that he will be available to  join the court of Obama in the coming weeks. President Obama is said to be particularly excited at having a jester given that many of the great courts of  Europe had court jesters through the Seventeenth century.

Obama,  who has been intent upon creating a Eurotopian society in which the government  limits the individual freedom of  its citizens in order to provide for the greater good, believes that having a jester in place will assist the nation in maintaining a sense of humor as the public becomes increasingly aware of his disastrous progressive agenda.

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White House rumours indicate that Barack Obama is distraught over the shocking death of the pop icon. Jackson, was rumored to be considered the leading candidate by the Obama administration for the position of music czar. Obama appeared distracted this morning during meetings with Angela Merkel the German Chancellor which was later attributed to his concern for the loss of Jackson, his family and his fans.

The timing could not have been worse for Obama, a long time Jackson fan who is also a Merkel fan and pines for an American political and social model that emulates the German model a leading Eurotopian state. In recent weeks Jackson had apparently emerged from a short list of music icons that included, Whitney Houston, Eminem and Lil’ Kim as the potential music czar.

Jackson, considered by many to be the greatest musical performer ever, was attempting a comeback after languishing on the pop sidelines for years due to numerous financial and legal issues. The performer, with a global notoriety, was preparing for 50 concert dates for a tour of the United Kingdom.

Jackson’s death made headlines around the Globe and has dominated the American media at a time that the House is debating and preparing to vote on the largest tax increase ever proposed for American taxpayers through the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009. Despite the impact of the death of the King of Pop Obama is expected to be monitoring the legislation before the House today and it is anticipated he will place the appointment of a music czar on an indefinite hold.

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