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Barack Obama addressed leaders from around the world at the United Nations today in what can only be termed a lecture to the globe on the need to act definitively and urgently to provide coordinated effort to curb greenhouse gas emissions and save the world for future generations.

 In typical Obama fashion he opened his remarks by apologizing to the nations of the world  for America’s and Americans contribution to the global warming crisis and the failure of the nation to respond to the  needs of the earth until the Obama administration arrived in the White House.

Obama touted the transformational effect of the Obama Climate Doctrine on American industry through the rapid expansion of the green energy industry, the Climate Act passed by the House of Representatives and America’s committment to support for the Copenhagen Climate Conference in December. He spoke of America’s responsibility to join all the nations of the Globe in an effort to turn the tide on Global Warming.

The irony of course is that this President who relishes the spotlight, whose tools of the trade are a teleprompter and a podium is out of touch with the American public. He continues to sing the praises of his progressive agenda and his green economy while the real world in both developed and developing economies compete for the consumption of fossil fuels. Obama appears to be willing to sacrifice near term economic gratification to provide for the greater good. He has indicated a willingness to forego the benefits of an economy based on our current energy matrix to replace it with a green energy matrix of renewable energy including wind and solar platforms.

One could argue that Obama is a selfless leader motivated solely by the desire to do what he believes is right for the nation however, ceo4aday believes that this President, a product of a progressive orientation from birth is motivated by a sincere need to gratify the special interests that promoted and sponsored his ascendancy to the White House and a compelling obsession with a legacy to be not a great President but the greatest President.

This President who lectures to the nation and the world with head raised in pontifical glory seeks the lasting glory of history and is willing to sacrifice the present to attain his own selfish vision of the future.

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Not willing to forgo the opportunity to make history for more than than a few days Barack Obama is appointing a new Czar to his administration. This Czar will be affectionately known as the Pay Czar. Kenneth Feinberg will become the “Special Master for Compensation” charged with overseeing executive compensation for those financial organizations and other companies that accepted the infamous TARP funds.

We have written previously about the Obama Administration and their penchant for appointing “Czars” across the Federal government. One increasingly begins to wonder though if we have regressed to an Orwellian era. Should the George Orwell classic have been entitled 2009 as opposed to 1984.

Like the Big Brother of Orwell’s tome, Barack Obama and the reach of the Federal Government appears to be encroaching on every freedom and right Americans once held sacrosanct. Are we so willing to give up the values and principles of a nation built on the backs of those who toiled within a free enterprise system to satisfy the whim of this egocentric President who succumbed long ago to the progressive fascist agenda.

When once, our proud flag  reigned supreme over a sea of capitalism, our nation has become a vessel that has taken on too much water and is swift approaching the rocky bottom of the socialist sea. The Obama administration is now going to impose regulations on how executives of private sector companies are to be compensated. Are we mad to allow this. Are we not complicit in our silence to the destruction of what was once considered an indestructible nation.

It is time to raise our voices and sound the clarion call to the Obama administration and clarify for those in Congress who fail to “get it”, as Barack Obama is so fond of saying, that we the American public don’t get it. We fail to understand the justification of the intrusiveness of the public sector upon the private sector. We fail to understand how a so called “stimulus bill” can be perceived by the public as any thing other than a union entitlement act. We fail to understand how the media has forsaken this nation by accepting the  political pandering that flows from the mouth of Barack Obama with each roll of the teleprompter.

Wake up America. Your nation is being hijacked under the guise of Global Warming, Universal Health Care and a weakened economy. The President is using the latter to justify massive spending programs on the former. Barack Obama is weakening our national will by usurping all that America has stood for, for over two hundred years and replacing private sector initiative with progressive public policy, that will cause what once was America the Beautiul to become an economic wasteland amid the natural devolution of our free enterprise system.

Ceo4ady calls upon you to contact your elected representatives in Congress and bring them clarity. Tell them that you don’t “get it.”

Fight For The Right  —–Ceo4aday

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The assumption that humans are the principal catalyst influencing climate change is the ultimate liberal vanity. The earth has been evolving for four billion years and we are now directed by the progressive fascists to embrace global warming as a human caused phenomena that will result in the end of humanity should we fail to support the proposed American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009.

The bill, which was written by a consortium representing environmental lobbies that comprise the interests of the progressive left and sponsored by Representatives Henry Waxman a progressive liberal Democrat from Southern California and Edward J. Markey a similar Democrat from Massachusetts, is an integral component of Barack Obama’s agenda for transforming America from current super power status to that of a middling nation that penalizes individual pursuit as it promotes collective solutions to societal pseudo ills.

The bill also represents the ultimate victory for Al Gore over George W. Bush. Gore who proved to be a sore loser following the 2000 Presidential election has emerged as a global environmental statesman and has claimed the moral authority with all the righteous hypocrisy of the progressive left over those who dare to debate or offer alternative science to the issue of Global Warming, while George W. Bush has been demeaned by a liberal media for the policies that kept America safe since the terrorist acts of Septembet 11th, 2001.

The green movement is less about saving the earth from impending doom and more about controlling the masses by imposing the will of environmental true believers and those political, societal and cultural organizations that will benefit from the green scare. Those of us who choose to question the left and their motivation are painted as extremists that are out of touch with our changing world.

We are being asked to embrace through legislation the monetizing of carbon emissions so that the federal government can create an additional income stream through a phantom tax known as cap and trade which will result in impeding the ability for American businesses  to compete with other economies around the globe. The Safe Climate Act of 2009,which is included in the Waxman-Markey bill is designed to redistribute wealth from America to other economies around the globe. This bill is liberal atonement for the wrongful and malicious acts that the progressive left believe America has subjected the world to over the last several decades.

The rhetoric that Barack Obama was so willing to read from his teleprompter, on his tours to Europe and Latin America, as he apologised for  America’s behavior over the past six plus decades, from the decision by Harry Truman to end the second world war through the use of the atomic bomb to the execution of the war on terrorism and the handling of accused terrorists by the Bush administration, are consistent with the rhetoric of the far left and green movements across the globe.

Barack Obama has set a course to transform America into a nation that those of us who believe in a government “of the people, by the people and for the people” will not recognise. Global Warming, an issue conceived by liberal vanity, will provide the catalyst to further restrict our individual liberties and control the masses through the green scare. It will allow a totalitarian politic in the 21st century to flourish as Americans march like lemmings to the drum beat of progressive fascism as they high step out the door of their solar heated homes to their electric cars and cruise to their government approved  labor unit.

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