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Ceo4aday is wondering, where in the world is John Edwards? Edwards, the former 2008 Democrat  Presidential candidate, who amped up the verbiage on his support of the working man and was responsible for allowing Barack Obama to win in Iowa, by splitting off votes from Hilary Clinton, with his populist rhetoric, has not been seen or heard from in the national press since word came to light that he had engaged in an illicit affair with a former campaign videographer.

Edwards, the 2004 Democratic candidate for Vice President has been conspicuous in his absence from the national political scene. As the Democrats ramp up their support for the class war that candidate Edwards, fanned the flames for during his campaign, the Democrats have been content to let Mister Edwards fade swiftly from the national politic.

We bring Mister Edwards to the forefront in this discussion not because of some salacious interest in his activities, but rather because we have been curious as to his plight and fascinated by how quickly the media chose to remove the spotlight from John Edwards lest it cast a shadow on the Democrat party.

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