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I have just completed viewing Paramount Pictures, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button. A tale of fantasy based on a Fitzgerald short story in which the premise of the story evolves around a character who is afflicted with a reverse aging process.

Given the events of the past several months in the financial markets as well as the broader global economy and more recently the revelation of self confessed ponzi scheme extraordinaire architect Bernard Madoff,  I am moved to ponder what might be if Madoff suffered from a similar affliction as Benjamin Button portrayed by Brad Pitt in the film.

Following the chronology of the film, its’ unlikely that Madoff would have been able to effect the fraud that has led to the dissolution of wealth for so many and has elevated the angst level in a global investor community already shell shocked by the implosion of the markets in 2008 and battered by the continual media feed of an economy deep in recession.

Madoff would have been unable to make off with any funds as he would have been devolving through his  teen years and into toddler hood during the alleged period that  his scam impacted investors in his fund. Investors which included the rich and famous, as well as a number of Jewish charities and separated many others  from their life savings would have been spared the gut wrenching realization that for many their lives are now forever changed.

Bernard Madoff is not Benjamin Button. Lives are changed, charities are shutting down and blood has been spent. In the coming months,  as we learn more about the Madoff fraud and his victims we will continue to be both sickened and amazed at the magnitude of this scheme perpetrated by Madoff and we may from time to time ponder the fantasy of Benjamin Button.

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