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Barack Obama is clearly a student of history. He has studied the Presidency of Abraham Lincoln and allowed comparisons to be made. As the first biracial President of the United States, President elect Obama is already assured of a place unique in history, for becoming the symbol of a democracy whose electorate has proved to be color blind.

 One does not become President without a desire for greatness. Selflessness and humility, characteristics that we admire and expect from great leaders are learned and developed from life experience. The desire to attain and achieve great things resides within and is nurtured by opportunity.

It has been noted by some, that Barack Obama lacks the depth of experience more commonly associated with those who have sought and been elected to the nation’s highest office. What the world will quickly learn, is whether or not he has had enough life experience to hone the character traits that are vital to serve a nation. 

There is no doubt that he possesses the desire to accomplish great things. The American electorate has chosen to provide Barack Obama with the opportunity to achieve greatness at a time when clarity of vision and force of will are required to lead a nation and a world seeking a return to more prosperous times and the safety of a secure homeland.

It is in our nature as humans to seek solace from the symbols of security our leaders represent. It has been that way since the first human litthe first torch and grunted follow me. It is also our nature to project great powers upon our leaders to solve the problems of our day. The men and women we elect to lead us are generally spun from our own cloth however, we quickly forget that, as they assume the mantle of power, replete with all its’ trappings. 

As the America prepares to annoint Barack Obama its’ 44th President  it would serve the nation well to reflect upon the enormity of the task ahead of this new administration. Those on the left and on the right should seek unity of solution, with an urgency, perhaps not exhibited since  the second world war, with respect to addressing the economic crisis we are mired in.

We do not know what additional challenges will confront this new President as his term progresses and what future opportunities for greatness may evolve. There will be ample opportunity though in the coming weeks for us to judge the new President and determine if Barack Obama is capable of  providing the leadership necessary to infuse a sense of urgency into both government and business institutions to reignite the economy and inspire confidence in consumers and investors.

For the sake of this nation we pray that he is able to answer the clarion call of greatness as it presents itself. For while the nation celebrates his ascension to the seat of power, with a series of spectacular events in Washington leading to his inauguration on Tuesday, the world is waiting to test the mettle of the man.

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