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President Barack Obama is heading to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachussetts for a long awaited and well earned vacation so that he may gather his strength for the launch of his much awaited solution to America’s job crisis and the impending battle with Congress and those impudent members of the Republican Party that have chosen to listen to their constituency and failed to support his agenda of tax, spend and income redistribution.

It is unfortunate for the President that his vacation will be interrupted by members of his economic and social brain trust as they attempt to write a much vaulted and anticipated speech that the White House has promised the President will present in September to address the job crisis. A speech that will incorporate “new”ideas from the President for job creation.

As a Ceo, I find it heartening that Barack Obama has at last deigned to address the jobs issue.

In my world, jobs are created by a demand for goods and services. A simple equation really. We produce a product as efficiently as possible, after extensive research and development dollars are expended, and then bear the risk of bringing that product to market.

That risk includes incurring significant investment in marketing and distribution costs to assure that the product is available to the target market. Along the path to market jobs are created. Healthy economies and markets promote the environment for job creation.

In the world of Barack Obama, a speech berating the opposition party and those nasty millionaires and billionaires that earn above $200,000. per year, will somehow inspire Ceo’s and entrepreneurs to rush out and create jobs as if they have been waiting on the sidelines for the President to inspire them with an Olympian address.

One can only hope that within Obama’s brain trust, a whisper of common sense comes to the fore and informs the President that speeches about job creation from someone who has never created jobs in the private sector will only serve to further alienate a business community that seeks a regulatory environment that enables job creation as opposed to disabling businesses from growth. A steady hand at the helm of the government who appreciates the power of a robust free enterprise system and has the commitment and substance to allow this country to grow again is what this nation awaits.

Maybe the President will get some ideas at camp for his next job in 2013.

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For Republicans on Capitol Hill, their stand on principle has become  principal, in providing differentiation from their Democrat party counterparts. As any good marketer knows, it is important to differentiate your product in the mind of the consumer, or in this case the electorate, if you expect to gain market share.

The party that lost its way during the Bush era, is attempting to position itself again as the common sense party, by focusing attention on wasteful spending and the expansion of entitlement programs, which are pervasive throughout the economic stimulus package, passed by the House this week.

In returning to its roots, as the party of  fiscal responsibility, Republicans must overcome a widely held belief, that they squandered their opportunity during the Bush administration, to retain and expand their political base. The traditional Republican agenda as the party of  low tax, low spend, became the party of fiscal irresponsibility as budget deficits ballooned, while the Bush Administration focused on the war on terror, to the exclusion of responsible oversight of the economy.

As a result of this failure, a new national security issue has evolved, as the economy has spiraled downward the past several months and millions of Americans have joined the ranks of the unemployed. One can only deduce, that those who would harm the west, as they pursue their narrow and naive objectives, must relish the current economic state of the United States and other western economies in theworld. Though ineffective at striking directly against America on its’ own soil since 2001, the diversion that islamic terrorists have created has threatened our security in ways we never would have imagined.

One can not fault the previous administration for what appeared at times to be a singular focus on the terrorist threat as it evolved to Afganistan and subsequently Iraq. The country was attacked and the Administration responded. However, the Republican party failed in its diligence to protect its base principles and as a result created a need for change.

The Republicans recognize that as the Obama Administration and its allies in the Pelosi and Reid controlled Congress, pander to their “change is needed” constituency with their partisan Democrat agenda, that they are the alternative solutions party, should the stimulus package fail to provide the jolt that this economy needs. 

Republicans  recognize that the party out of power, had best stand on principle, if it ever hopes to again be the principal party.

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