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Senator Harry Reid of  Nevada has altered his opinion regarding the transfer of detainees currently housed at the Guantanamo Bay prison facility built by the Bush administration following the 9/11 attacks. A week ago the Senate Majority Leader agreed with his Senate cohorts that the detainees should not be brought to and detained on American soil.

Reid’s apparent flip flop on the subject of Gitmo detainees came coincidentally as  President Barack Obama was attending a fund raiser extravaganza for the unpopular Reid at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. The event featured entertainment by Bette Midler and Sheryl Crow and for a mere $29,500. guests were provide the opportunity to shake the hand of the celebrity President.

In a speech filled with praise for his “good friend” Reid,  the President stated his case for keeping the Majority Leader in the Senate.  Reid will face a tough election in2010 in a state where he is increasingly unpopular and is viewed as being out of touch with the concerns of many of his constituents.

Nevada has suffered a significant economic downturn as both the housing crisis and global recession have wreaked havoc on Las Vegas and the surrounding communities. Senator Reid has rubber stamped the Obama agenda in his role as Majority Leader and failed to promote the benefits of Las Vegas as a business conference and convention center following remarks by Obama that were detrimental to the Vegas economy.

Reid’s flip flop on Gitmo shows that a supporting vote can be bought by the President for a mere $2 million which is the amount raised by the Reid campaign on Tuesday evening. Nevadans will be watching the actions of the Senator closely through the remaining of the year and into the 2010 election to see if the man from Searchlight, Nevada remains relevant to the majority of Nevadans.

The race for Reid’s seat should be hotly contested. Given current polls, I suspect that we will see President Obama in Nevada campaigning for the willowy Reid as the Senate campaign heats up. At this point Reid is unopposed as a Republican has yet to declare for the seat. They will announce soon and may come in droves as the real possibility exists that Reid can be defeated, much as another former Democrat Senate Majority Leader, Tom Daschle was defeated in a bid for reelection.

Reid will complete his fourth term in the Senate in 2010 and after serving 24 years it is time Nevadans had a new voice in Washington. Reid will have served Nevadans for over 40 years having served in both state and national office. Barack Obama campaigned under the banner of change and Nevadans should take that to heart in next years Senate campaign.

It is time for a change in Nevada and time to send the gentleman from Searchlight home.

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Harry Reid, and the rest of the Senate Democratic leadership have elected to accept the appointment of Roland Burris as the Junior Senator from Illinois. Burris, was appointed by impeached and felony accused Illinois Governor Rod Blagoyevich.

Democratic Party leaders in both the Senate, as well as in Illinois, had been vociferous about their absolute refusal to seat any one appointed by the disgraced Illinois governor. In the end  however, the politics of  the verbose, ceded to the politics of the practical and Harry Reid will now welcome Senate appointee Burris to Washington.

It appears that Burris played no role in attempting to secure a senate seat at the Blagoyevich private auction and as such there was no practical reason for the Senate to bar him from a seat in that August body. Burris a former Illinois Attorney General should be able to join his new colleagues in the Senate by the end of the week.

The nation,  is spared further Senate embarrassment by this decision and the Senate can now begin to focus on legislation and working with the House and the new Administration to conduct the nation’s business in a prudent manner,  under the guise of the Senator from Searchlight.

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