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There lies within the belly of this great nation a seed of discontent which, though dormant for decades, has begun to burrow through the soil of self concession and political correctness to once again aspire to its own place in the sun. The roots of this great discontent are  nestled in the great depression and were fueled by the societal changes of world war two and accelerated in the social, political and cultural upheaval of the decades following.

This nation with its government of appropriation has strayed far from the roots of individualism that provided the foundation upon which it has rested for over 230 years. Our society which has nurtured concession and correctness as our accepted way of life has overwhelmed our cumulative passion for greatness as a society and threatens the very core of our national being.

Our elected leadership remains focused on collective concessions and correctness in all things to the exclusion of individual freedom. At a time when our economy struggles with the highest unemployment in decades, a housing market in shambles and increased threats to our security by rogue governments and fanatical fundamentalism, our political leadership is diverting the national agenda to debates on health care and climate change.

 Our great national muscle is weak. Our intellect is being aborted by special interests and our national vitality is being usurped by a progressive movement whose sole purpose is to weaken and tarnish the American character.  However, across this land people are beginning to listen to the endless and myopic rhetoric that flows from Barack Obama and his progressive administration. They are beginning to recognise the shrill partisan and bitter rhetoric that flows like an endless stream of falsehoods from Nancy Pelosi. They are beginning to realize that the foolish and weak kneed comments from Harry Reid are a national embarrassment.

Americans are awakening with a desire for hope and change. Hope that is fomented by a desire to return this nation to its well earned place as a leader among nations. They are motivated by the hope that this nation will once again be known as the land of opportunity where the best and the brightest rise as a function of focus and effort as opposed to being legislated. They are filled with the hope that this nation will again be that nation which covets aspiration, as opposed to diminishing the human spirit. They seek change from the progressive yoke that has sought to strangle the very soul of our nation.

Americans are on the rise. They will not accept the constraints of national spirit imposed upon them by the cult of Barack Obama and his special interest collaborators,  but rather  will push the soil back to seek their own place in the sun where concessions are not made without equal gain and correctness is a sense of individual rights that blossom along the path toward greatness.

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In what has been one of the quickest swings in Presidential popularity in the history of poll taking, President Barak Obama according to the latest Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll is now viewed as favorable by only 47%  of likely voters. This has been one of the quickest and most extreme swings in Presidential popularity of a first year President in history.

Barack Obama who’s persona is increasingly being portrayed in the media as that of a silver tongued used car salesman must be shocked by the polling data and wonder why the wheels are coming off of the Barack the great redeemer wagon. The American electorate is clearly not responding positively to Obama’s consistent if vague message that we the government know what is best for you the American public.

The President, who has maintained a continual campaign since his inauguration has proved to be far more liberal then many voters perceived during the 2008 Presidential campaign. As a result of the President promoting the special interests of the environmental and union lobbies,  the public has moved increasingly to the center ,while the Obama administration and the liberal Democrat leadership of the Congress as portrayed by Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House and Harry Reid, theSenate Majority Leader, have been outed for their commitment to a progressive agenda that would increase the concentration of power in the federal government while diminishing individual choices and freedoms.

Barack Obama who has been a subject of progressive doctrinaire throughout his academic and political life is a true believer in the progressive cause and has filled his administration with loyal subjects. The public, which of late has been demeaned and is always underestimated by liberal and progressive elitists that include Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have awakened in the past few months to an America that progressing along a path never foreseen by the founding fathers. It should be of no surprise to most in the political arena that a back lash would develop against the President’s policies given that over time the majority of Americans find comfort in the center as opposed to the extremes of the left or the right.

Obama the campaigner is wearing thin on Americans tolerance who have become impatient with Obama’s failure to embrace principles of governing that contribute to the safety and security of America. They ask who is governing the nation id the President is coosistently and aggressively campaigning. The answer of course id in the swpecial interests that funded and promoted Barack Obama as a vessel of hope and change.

The hope in America today is that Congress will listen to their constituency, the American public and not allow this President to continue to guide this nation away from the founding principles and values that have been the foundation for this great nation . The hope in America today is that Congress will not enact the progressive legislation that this President is promoting but that courage and common sense will prevail and America will survive this Administration’s attempts at concentrating power and creating a progressive or socialist state.

Americans must continue to stand up and speak out for their individual rights. They must ignore the platitudes of the left and do what is right. They must take ownership of this nation and not bequeath their future to a progressive and misguided few.

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The American public is awakening to the health care reform scam that Barack Obama and a subservient Democratic Congress are attempting to impose on a nation that does not want the change Barack Obama and his elitist progressive administration are determined to enact.

The public is speaking out across the country and saying no to Obamacare and serving notice to Congress that its members will be held accountable for the decisions they have made to date as well as in the future. Members of Congress are continually campaigning and with the  2010 elections only fifteen months away those with an eye on reelection will be listening to their constituents during the August recess. 

 The voices they hear will unnerve them. The American public in what happens once in a generation, if at all ,wants to be included in the decision process that takes place in Washington. Their voices will be heard at gatherings all across the land. They want entry into the elitist halls of government where special interest groups have placed a stranglehold on Congress and the Administration to further a progressive agenda that will bankrupt our nation’s spirit as well as our economy. In their zeal to transform this nation from an economy based on  free enterprise, broad individual freedoms and a limited role for government to a socialist nation, that will limit individual freedoms and expand the reach of government into every aspect of our lives.

Barack Obama has been slipping in the polls the past several weeks as Americans become disenchanted with his policies. As his favorability rating weakens in the polls it has provided an inverse reaction on Wall Street. As CEO4ADAY predicted in a blog on July 14th, Obama’s decline in the polls would ignite a rally on Wall Street as investors gained confidence that this, the most radical President to inhabit the White House, will fail in his quest to transform America into a Eurotopian socialist state.

The traditions of America consistently flow from the center. When the nation swings too far to the right or the left in an attempt to right an imbalance it eventually finds its way to the center or right of center. The cultural fabric of America has under gone vast changes over the past 233 years since the original 13 colonies declared their independence from the oppression and tyranny of a government that existed to be served by the people rather than a servant of the people.

Though our cultural fabric has changed through the years, the ideal that is  America as the benchmark for freedom, opportunity and a bulwark of  individualism has inspired the dreams of people through out the world. The administration of Barack Obama has a vision for a new America. An America that does not stand apart as a beacon of freedom in the world or a model of  free enterprise but rather exists to serve as a model for the world of a nation that views the quest for moderation as the American dream.  An America in which individual choices and freedoms are secondary to the greater will of the people as determined by an elite political class in Washington.

Americans are rejecting the vision of America offered by Barack Obama and promoted in Congress by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.  They are again speaking out for individual freedoms. The voices of Americans through out the land have been uncorked and will not return to an easy quiet until the center is firm.

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Senator Harry Reid of  Nevada has altered his opinion regarding the transfer of detainees currently housed at the Guantanamo Bay prison facility built by the Bush administration following the 9/11 attacks. A week ago the Senate Majority Leader agreed with his Senate cohorts that the detainees should not be brought to and detained on American soil.

Reid’s apparent flip flop on the subject of Gitmo detainees came coincidentally as  President Barack Obama was attending a fund raiser extravaganza for the unpopular Reid at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. The event featured entertainment by Bette Midler and Sheryl Crow and for a mere $29,500. guests were provide the opportunity to shake the hand of the celebrity President.

In a speech filled with praise for his “good friend” Reid,  the President stated his case for keeping the Majority Leader in the Senate.  Reid will face a tough election in2010 in a state where he is increasingly unpopular and is viewed as being out of touch with the concerns of many of his constituents.

Nevada has suffered a significant economic downturn as both the housing crisis and global recession have wreaked havoc on Las Vegas and the surrounding communities. Senator Reid has rubber stamped the Obama agenda in his role as Majority Leader and failed to promote the benefits of Las Vegas as a business conference and convention center following remarks by Obama that were detrimental to the Vegas economy.

Reid’s flip flop on Gitmo shows that a supporting vote can be bought by the President for a mere $2 million which is the amount raised by the Reid campaign on Tuesday evening. Nevadans will be watching the actions of the Senator closely through the remaining of the year and into the 2010 election to see if the man from Searchlight, Nevada remains relevant to the majority of Nevadans.

The race for Reid’s seat should be hotly contested. Given current polls, I suspect that we will see President Obama in Nevada campaigning for the willowy Reid as the Senate campaign heats up. At this point Reid is unopposed as a Republican has yet to declare for the seat. They will announce soon and may come in droves as the real possibility exists that Reid can be defeated, much as another former Democrat Senate Majority Leader, Tom Daschle was defeated in a bid for reelection.

Reid will complete his fourth term in the Senate in 2010 and after serving 24 years it is time Nevadans had a new voice in Washington. Reid will have served Nevadans for over 40 years having served in both state and national office. Barack Obama campaigned under the banner of change and Nevadans should take that to heart in next years Senate campaign.

It is time for a change in Nevada and time to send the gentleman from Searchlight home.

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Barack Obama who chastised American business for attending business conferences or conventions in Las Vegas is flying to Las Vegas today in Air Force one with his ever present entourage to attend a fund raiser for Senator Harry Reid the unpopular Democrat Senator from Nevada who is also the Senate Majority Leader.

Reid is up for reelection in 2010 and will be holding a fundraiser at Caesar’s Palace, a venue which is representative of the gaming, hospitality, and food service industries which are so vital to the Las Vegas economy. It is believed Obama’s comments have cost the local Las Vegas economy at least $100 million as over 400 conventions have canceled this year as executives have elected to by pass Las Vegas as concerns about perceptions of executives by the Obama administration have discouraged the business community from attending conferences in Las Vegas lest they be perceived as squandering shareholders assets.

Obama’s comments denigrating Las Vegas were made with little concern for the thousands of men and women employed by the Hospitality and Gaming industry or the thousands of members of the culinary workers union that supported his candidacy. The President spoke as someone with little knowledge of the business experience or the importance of conferences and conventions to business people to expand the knowledge base of their industry, increase awareness of their respective goods and services to the trade and provide networking opportunities.

Obama’s remarks were heard throughout the business community and were consistent with his progressive philosophy and failure to support the free enterprise system as he promotes the cause of special interest groups including organized labor and environmental groups. Perhaps the President’s visit to Las Vega, which by many may seem hypocritical will  encourage businesses toonce again consider Las Vegas as a conference or convention venue.

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The administration of Barack Obama, heavily supported by his minions in Congress, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid,are preparing to perpetrate the greatest tax sleight of hand ever upon American taxpayers. Unlike the tax cheats that Obama has selected for cabinet posts, their actions will be one of commission as opposed to omission as per the example of Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geitner.

The Obama administration has been very forthcoming about their desire to engage in class war in America by targeting the top 5% of income earners for additional income tax while “reducing” the tax burden of 95% of Americans. It is difficult for me to accept, that no matter how far to the left an individual’s political pendulum swings, that educated Americans believe they will receive a tax cut from the progressive fascists currently governing our country while they are enacting into law budget appropriations that will bankrupt the nation.

As the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (ACES) slithers through the house under the guidance of Henry Waxman the progressive Democrat, who Chairs the House Energy and Commerce Committee, the House, under the explicit direction of the Madam Speaker, with selective recall, Nancy Pelosi, is committed to a bill designed to provide a national health care bill to a President who is anxious to sign it into law, no matter the real cost to American taxpayers.

Among the proposals being considered to fund health care reform will be taxing the health care benefits currently enjoyed by millions of Americans as a benefit from their employer. Members of the House and Senate, have placed the prospect on the table of taxing these benefits at the very least among “high” income earners. In addition a plethora of  additional vice and health taxes may be imposed on the usual suspects of alcohol and tobacco, but also on soft drinks and other high sugar content products. A sweet tax is on its way. It will provide the government another opportunity to impose its will on a public who, per our government, are unwilling to make healthy disciplined choices as to what they deem to consume.

Unlike the taxes imposed upon the colonies by a British monarch, these taxes will be imposed upon us by our representatives to satisfy a progressive fascist agenda that is committed to transforming America into a Eurotopian socialist state that assumes a place of equality in the world as a nation that is compliant to the wishes of the world’s competitive economies. We as good citizen’s are expected to roll over and accept the judgement of “our” elected representatives as they enact legislation and policies that are in the best interest of our people.

America, long the safe harbor of entrepreneurial endeavor and individual freedoms is in peril at this time, on this day, due to the strengthening  grip of progressivism around our nation’s throat. We are being strangled by those who though they may be of good intent are enacting ill will upon our nation. They suffer from a progressive ignorance and fail to understand the most basic of economic principles and the importance of assuring the rights and liberties of individualism. They are a product of group think that have been well honed by our educational institutions and a compliant media only too willing to promote the progressive agenda.

Oppressive taxation will not yield the societal benefit required to sustain our standard of life, but rather will deter incentive, cause capital to flee and impose further hardship upon those unable to compete in a global market. Barack Obama is correct when he states that we are at a crossroads in our nation’s development. The progressive road that Barack Obama has chosen for us is the easy road to travel upon. It is the most popular road.  It is the shiny new green road. It is the road for which we have sacrificed our fundamental principles and mortgaged our future. However, if we continue on the progressive path that we are on, in the coming years we will recall the words of the poet Robert Burns and wish we had taken the road less traveled.

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Barack Obama and his legion of progressive supporters have been able to accomplish what was previously believed to be impossible. They have been able to roll back time to September 1o, 2001.The decision by the President to release selective memos  detailing the application of Enhanced Interrogation Techniques by agents of the Central Intelligence Agency has served to demoralise the intelligence gathering apparatus in America and return the nation to the period prior to September 11, 2001.

The President’s ineptness in dealing with this issue will serve to strengthen the enemies of the United States while crippling the intelligence services of America and weaken its associations with the intelligent services of  our allies. Barack Obama has shown a predilection for errant decision making in order to support the agenda of the progressive left. 

Americans may take heart that their security is now the purview of a President who percieves a greater risk to Americans by Global Warming than by Islamist extremists. If Obama continues on this path, his legacy will be that of the President with the messianic complex that destrtroyed a nation by attempting to save the world from a threat that most Americans refute the existence of.

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As Americans express their dissatisfaction with a Congress and a President committed to expanding government and further limiting freedoms, one can only wonder if a tax strike is in the future for a people who are tired of having their wealth transferred to federal and state governments that they accuse of negligence.

Their was a very successful tax revolt on this continent by thirteen British colonies that resulted in the formation of a nation that formed around the principle that ” all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” It is in the pursuit of these rights that the federal government has proved to be most intrusive by executing a tax policy to offset any errors that the Creator may have committed.

The federal gowernment as it exists today is far removed in both theory and practice from the government envisioned by the founders of this nation. The federal government has become the most intrusive institution that the founders could have possibly  imagined. The founding fathers were as a general rule strong individualists, protective of state’s rights while cognizant of the potential danger to a people of a federal government, where power rests in the hands of a select few politicians and bureaucrats, as it does today.

They were leary of creating a command and control centralized authority where a political class would emerge that would extend the bureaucratic grip on the nation as opposed to a government that would serve at the behest of the people. We have allowed a beast to emerge in our governmental institutions. Perhaps it is the nature of man to cede individual power to others, as we have done with Congress and the current President.

Barack Obama is not a great leader. He has proved to be a superb reader with a practiced delivery, that when presented to a willing public, has been able to satisfy the need for a majority of Americans to fulfill a need to be led. We have transferred such power to the Office of the President that we forget the holder of that office, in this case, is a well trained, astute politician with out executive experience, that arrived in office through a perfect storm of conditions, that limited opposition and created an aberrative election and a temporal elation for many of the electorate, that will in time fade as people become familiar with his progressive agenda. 

As millions of Americans become disenfranchised by a President and a Congress that choose to serve and expand a bureaucracy, as opposed to serving a nation, they will search for venues or opportunities to protest the actions of this Congress and the policies of Barack Obama.

 Today in America we are in the grip of progressives fascists, who will weaken America’s place in the current world order as they seek to lay the foundation for an America in which homogeneity is the order of the day. An America where personal sacrifice for the State is encouraged while individual entrepreneurial pursuits are discouraged. An America where dissent is viewed as extremist and a threat to the State.

In this America, voters must find venues for protest that are impactful and strike where the government is most vulnerable. The people must learn to lead. Creating a political class has only served to propagate a bastion of special interests where the nation is held hostage by the President and Congress. Where the traditional main stream media is focused on humanizing the President by reporting about the new dog in the White House . Where we as a people are to accept whatever tax increases or regulations are imposed on us and accept it without question because the political class deems it so.

It is time for those who are disenfranchised by these policies to align with platforms that transform America from another nation lost to progressive fascism to the America  that was envisioned by those who participated in that first tax revolt  in Boston Harbor. National Strikes and other forms of  non violent protest have been effective in many nations. It is time for moderates and conservatives to resort to the same practices that have proved to be effective for the progressive left.

 All Americans have a voice and it is our obligation to raise them when we perceive injustice and inequality in our society such as that which is being perpetrated upon us by a Congress and an Executive branch that are working aggressively to create an America where our rights, freedoms and choices to exercise those rights and freedoms will be increasingly limited.

                                                                                                                              “Fight For The Right” – – -Ceo4aday

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The G-20 summit which has resulted in French President Nicolas Sarkozy, claiming victory and German Chancellor Angela Merkel claiming a “historic comprise” appears to be a clear victory for progressive fascism or European Social Democracy as the leaders of the world’s leading economies agree to global regulation. The challenge to American sovereignty is inherent in the reaction by the French and German leaders. 

Despite being the dominant economy in the world, America has weakened its position on the Global economic stage as the world begins to digest the spending excess and the deficit increase proposed by the progressive administration of Barack Obama and the Congress of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. 

America and its political leadership has opened the widow of opportunity to lesser economies to dictate global policies that the Obama administration has conceded to, which impugn the sovereignty of America and contribute to the erosion of the free enterprise system. Our nation, which for over two centuries celebrated individualism and entrepreneurship is succumbing to the political agenda of the European Union as a child seeking the support of a parent.

We are victims of the progressive fascist movement which cloaks itself under the banners of green, sustainable and global justice. The global warming dialogue, which has been a mainstay of  the European Union agenda and was  primary to the criticism of America, by the European governments has now been embraced by our political leadership and has provided the rationale for the greening of our economy. If we fail to agree with the green policy it is due to our ignorance of the issue or our inherent greed and our desire to rape the earth of its remaining resources.

The anarchists that have been demonstrating in London during the G20 meetings are reflective of the most extreme views of the progressive fascist movement. What is frightening and should concern us as Americans is that they are demonstrating for green policies, one world government and nationalization or even globalization of the worlds financial and social institutions. Remove the masks, the outfits and the extreme signs and the demonstrators could very well be advisers to the Obama administration. Perhaps they could even be the President himself.

There can be no doubt that Barack Obama has enjoyed the adulation of his European fans. He is a pop star. A new political leader, projecting a new image for America.  I suspect the Obama administration secretly admires the sophistication of their older European allies and is willing to walk arm in arm with them, along the progressive pathway to lesser individual freedoms and the creation of collectivist society, which will exist only to serve the state and the political apparatchik that is evolving in Washington.

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MoveOn.Org the liberal political action organization that mobilizes resources to support liberal progressive causes and candidates is currently running ads in select regions of the country to promote the 2010 budget proposed by Barack Obama. The liberal advocacy organization has been a principal supporter of  Barack Obama and Democrat Party candidates and causes. The organization promotes itself as representing real Americans and bringing them into the political process.

Real Americans, as defined by Move On, are Americans that support progressive causes. They are committed to transforming America by promoting a green energy economy, stopping climate change, supporting universal health care and ending the war in Iraq. Their membership has grown to over five million members. They are interested in limiting executive compensation and have circulated a petition to do so.

They believe that the top 5% of income earners who already pay 60% of the federal income taxes in America should pay higher taxes. They publish statements in support of  Obama’s proposed tax increases that investors currently pay a “super low” capital gains rate of 15%.

The Move On agenda is the very agenda that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and of course Barack Obama have proposed and are enacting into legislation. They are the public policy arm, of the far left wing of the Democrat Party and currently dominate  and direct the party. Move On is transforming our national agenda. Conservatives have failed to develop a movement to counter the progressive action of their organization. In a prior century, Move On would have been deemed as subversive for promoting a socialist agenda that is transforming a nation with a proud heritage of entrepreneurship into a nation where equalization is the principal role of government.

Move On is about dictating to Americans how they should live their lives. They are an organization which accepts the sacrifice of individual rights to promote a homogeneous society in which the state is the final arbiter of personal choice and freedom. They are frightening in their scope , their reach and their commitment. We must be aware of the agenda of Move On and similar organisations and remain vigilant as they attempt to usurp our individual rights through their thug like control of the Democrat Party leadership in Congress and the White House.

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