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According to the Rasmussen Daily tracking Poll, for the first time since Barack Obama assumed the Office of the President, more Americans that are likely voters disapprove  than currently approve of the President’s performance.

The president has been in a campaign mode since his inauguration, as he rushed a stimulus bill through Congress, that is increasingly perceived as reckless legislation, continues to promote a cap and trade tax and is attempting to burden Americans with a government controlled health care plan.

In addition, he has taken the campaign Global as he completed apology tours through out Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. Most recently he has created a political controversy by wading into the deep waters of racial politics by weighing in on the arrest of his ‘friend” Skip Gates a Harvard Professor by a Cambridge Police Sergeant. Gates decided that the officer was being racist and Obama referred to the actions by the Cambridge police as “stupidly”.

The public  have been inundated with Obama in the  media and may now be withdrawing from the Obama euphoria created by the media as they hold the President accountable for governing as opposed to campaigning. This President’s lack of experience did not serve as an editor over his ego and as such Obama launchedan aggressive progressive agenda with a blitz on Congress and the electorate not seen since the Battle of Britain. The blitz has failed and the polls are reflecting the desire by the public for the President to veeraway from his progressive agenda and his path to socialism. As has been the historical tendency in this nation Americans expect the President to move toward the center and govern accordingly.

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Vice President Joe Biden has stated that the economic woes Americans are enduring are worse than the Obama administration had perceived them to be. Barack Obama and members of his administration spoke of the economy in January and February as they were promoting the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 as being the worst economy since the Great Depression of the 1930’s.

The administration used this sensational rhetoric to force a 787 billion dollar spending bill through Congress under the guise of a spending bill that was rife with social programs that had lain dormant in the dust bin of liberal dreams for decades. To date only 10% of the monies allocated for the stimulus package have been committed.

In Stimulus I,  small business and entrepreneurship were completely ignored. Ceo4aday has long advocated for a United States Office of Entrepreneurship that would operate as an independent government agency that would  provide venture capital for qualified entrepreneurs. A 25 billion dollar fund would have provided start up and expansion capital for numerous small businesses that would have been a cornerstone for job creation.

Now as the economy continues to falter Obama administration  officials are calling for a second stimulus. Stimulus II will have a much more difficult path through Congress than was the experience of  the current stimulus package. President Obama, who has been busy with his reset of Russian American relations has not commented as of yet but the majority whip in the House stated today that America may need a second stimulus package.  The Senate leadership in both parties however appear to agree that a second stimulus is not viable.

Barack Obama who has failed to impress on his current visit to Russia can not possibly support another stimulus plan. His unprecedented expansion of the Federal government and the continued  promotion of his progressive agenda  are beginning to resonate negatively with the American electorate. As unemployment continues to rise and the markets remain wary of the policies of  Barack Obama, the President will no doubt see his popularity continue to decline providing a stimulus for Republicans who stand to make gains in the 2010 elections.

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The Obama administration announced today that they are intent upon providing additional support to small business as they continue to tout the stimulus impact of the recently passed American Recovery and Investment Plan of 2009. A criticism that Ceo4aday has long held with respect to the stimulus plan is that it focused far too much on entitlements as opposed to tax cuts and other business stimuli particularly, with respect to supporting innovation and entrepreneurship.

We continue to advocate the creation of the United States Office of Entrepreneurship to provide venture capital to qualified entrepreneurs to stimulate job creation and promote innovation. This independent federal agency would provide venture capital investment in small businesses as an alternative to existing capital sources. The Agency would become a minority shareholder in the funded enterprise while providing an option for the entrepreneur to buy out the Agencies interest within an agreed upon period.

We have suggested that the Agency be funded with a $25 Billion endowment and that the federal government reach out to private investors to participate on a dollar for dollar basis to provide an economic stimulus that will yield immediate results as entrepreneurs can begin to fund their innovative concepts.

Join Ceo4aday, as we call on Congress and the President to support American Entrepreneurship by funding the United States Office of Entrepreneurship.

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Ceo4aday.wordpress .com the blog which offers a “perspective from a corner office” as well as commentary on politics, the economy, business and entrepreneurship is pleased to announce the we have exceeded 75,000 views since our launch in December 2008. We appreciate each of our readers for your continued support.

We will continue to provide commentary as opportunities arise on political and economic topics of the day as well as continue to support the initiative to create the United States Office of Entrepreneurship to support innovation and the free enterprise system at a time when the basic framework of our capitalist system is being undermined by excessive government intervention.

 Please continue to leave us your comments as we encourage an interactive dialogue. 

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Ceo4aday the blog which offers ” perspective from a corner office” and commentary on politics, the economy, business and entrepreneurship, experienced its’ first single day yesterday of 1,ooo+ views. The blog which was launched in December, 2008 thanks all its’ readers for your interest and support.

We continue to support the initiative to create the United States Office of Entrepreneurship.Please check our archives for additional information regarding the USOE. Our series “A Journey To Acquire” resumes with the next installment this week.

You can also view our commentary on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan at www.Americanrecoveryact.blogspot.com.

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President Barack Obama, continues to emphasize the fear factor as he espouses the need for a stimulus package. He has compared the current crisis at time to the great depression of the 1930’s. The stimulus package that was passed today in the Senate, with the help of three crossover Republican votes fails to provide adequate support for America’s entrepreneurs. Our fear is that the President and the Congress are failing to recognize the contribution of America’s innovators and entrepreneurs to American free enterprise.

Ceo4aday continues to promote the initiative to create the United States Office of Entrepreneurship and believes it should be an integral element in any stimulus package. The USOE would be a federally funded venture capital fund that would provide alternative funding to qualified entrepreneurs. The federal government, would become a shareholder in an entrepreneurial enterprise while entrepreneur’s would have an opportunity within an agreed upon period of time to purchase the government’s ownership stake.

Join us in supporting the initiative to create the United States Office of Entrepreneurship.

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President Barack Obama took his case for an economic stimulus plan to the residents of Elkhart, Indiana an Indiana community where 1 in 4 jobs are related to the RV industry.

Obama touted his American Recovery Act and Reinvestment Plan, to a largely supportive audience, that allowed the President to flex his campaign style rhetoric and build his case with the American public for the Congress to act now and approve his stimulus plan.

Concerned that the plan may become bogged down in debate and conference in Congress, Obama conducted a town hall style meeting and assured the audience that failure to act with a sense of urgency would result in a deepening economic crisis from which America “may not recover”.

President Obama, repeated his claims that America is looking for new solutions and that the bill currently in Congress does not have any earmarks. The President emphasized that need for saving existing and creating new jobs and indicated that his plan would do so.

Obama, also indicated that all spending related to the American recovery Act would be reported and tracked on the American Recovery Act website. You can read more about the plan to reinvigorate the American economy at Americanrecoveryact.blogspot.com.

Ceo4aday appreciates the President’s sense of urgency even though we believe the stimulus plan could be significantly improved upon. We continue to believe that a $2,500. merchandise voucher for all taxpayers, that must be spent within 6 months ( 5 Essential Steps To A Successful Stimulus Plan-2/05/09) and support for the initiative to create the United States Office of Entrepreneurship should be included in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan. 

Please join Ceo4aday in our quest to support American Entrepreneurship.

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CEO4ADAY.wordpress.com, the blog which offers “perspectives from a corner office” and commentary on politics, the economy, business,  and entrepreneurship, received its’ 10,000 viewer today. The blog which was launched in December of 2008 thanks all its’ readers for your interest and support.

We wil continue to support the initiative to create the United States Office of Entrepreneurship. Please check our archives for additional information regarding the USOE. We will also resume our series ” A Journey To Acquire ” this week. Keep reading and we’ll keep blogging.

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President Obama, continues to attempt to make his case for an economic stimulus package to both Congress and the American Public by warning of rougher seas ahead in the current economic storm. The economic stimulus bill passed by the house is under attack, by Republicans in the Senate over concern that it is a typical Democrat entitlement bill as opposed to a temporary spending package.

Obama in an example of  inexperience and naivete, ceded responsibility for drafting the economic package to Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House who proceeded to fill the bill with an array of Democrat favored spending programs. Ceo4aday believes the nation and the President would have been better served had he convened a bipartisan conference, of senior leaders in Congress to shape the bill and avoid the partisan rhetoric when one party has drafted the legislation.

We can ill afford the political two stepping that is currently taking place in Washington over the stimulus package, nor can this President afford to waste political capital by so quickly having appeared to succumbed to the whims of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. It is time to act and provide a stimulus package that will assure an economic turnaround. Our plan for an economic stimulus follows:

  1.  Issue a merchandise voucher of $2,500. to every taxpayer in America. Vouchers are redeemable as currency for all purchases and must be spent within 180 days of issuance .
  2. Provide a 10% tax  credit for all home purchases through the end of 2009.
  3. Guarantee 4% mortgage rates on all conventional and jumbo mortgages on home purchases through 2010.
  4. Create United States Office of Entrepreneurship with $25 Billion capitalization to provide venture funds for qualified American entrepreneurs.
  5. Make the Bush Tax Cuts Permanent And Lower Corporate Income Taxes To 20%.       

An economic stimulus package is certain to be passed. The emphasis for any package should be to restore value to our housing market, create jobs and restore confidence in our markets. By placing merchandise vouchers in the hands of consumers the economy will get a $240 Billion of stimulus spending within a six month period. Our proposal for housing will restore confidence in the housing market.Our other proposals will assure risk taking and investment by American business. We need to make America work again and urge Congress and the President step up prudent action and limit unproductive political rhetoric.

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The economic stimulus package passed by the House last week and scheduled for debate in the  Senate this coming week, fails to address a principal catalyst for job creation in this nation, by ignoring America’s entrepreneurs. The House bill as it is currently configured provides funding for a host of entitlement programs while missing the mark entirely with respect to creating private sector jobs.

Ceo4aday believes, that Congress and the White House have a unique opportunity during the stimulus debate to elevate the role of entrepreneurs during this economic crisis, by providing alternative venture capital to support American innovation and inventiveness, through  the creation of the United States Office of Entrepreneurship. 

As the bill is debated in the Senate, it is crucial to focus the debate on tax cuts, capital investment incentives and other sustainable job creation initiatives. The Office of Entrepreneurship would serve as a funding platform for qualified entrepreneurs. In effect, this independent federally funded agency, would serve as an alternative venture fund to support entrepreneurism at a time when traditional sources of entrepreneurial funding have become all but nonexistent.

The Office of Entrepreneurship, would become a shareholder in the ventures it funds. Entrepreneurs would be provided an opportunity to purchase the ownership stake of their venture partner based on an agreed upon formula based valuation at the time the investment originated.

Join Ceo4aday in supporting the creation of the United States Office of Entrepreneurship by joining the debate. Reach out to your elected representatives in Congress and remind them that the world’s wealthiest economy was created by American entrepreneurship and that in this period of economic crisis we need entrepreneurial solutions.

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