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Peggy Noonan in a column in the Wall Street Journal today in which she appropriately skewers the lack of experience by the Obama administration, writes about the youthful leadership in the administration and how it is untested by life experience. She makes two very keen observations about Barack Obama in particular,  that we believe are spot on.

First, Ms. Noonan writes that Barack Obama is boring in a ” Faux Elegant ” manner as opposed to the solid boring of a President quietly attending to the details of governing. Rather she addresses the monotony of this President who always speaks with the same “sound, approach, logic, tone, modulation”. She is right.

 This President, who has been more visible, due to his own apparrent desire to be in front of the camera, than any other President to date is boring. He has proved to be the Pontificator in Chief, prone to lecturing the electorate on what  they need as Americans. His  administration is on a quest to promote and expand the federal government as the great solution provider to the masses.

 The President has roamed the globe and the nation since his inauguration reading  from his teleprompter, apologizing for America’s contributions to the world when he is abroad and promoting domestic policies across the nation that are out of touch with the priorities of the majority of Americans in a consistent monotone that is wearing on the public. There is little emotion observed or evidenced when Obama is speaking.

This brings us to the second keen observation of Ms. Noonan’s column in the Journal. Barack Obama the President of cool is really the President of cold. She writes ” He is cold, like someone who is contained not because he’s disciplined and successfully restrains his emotions, but because there’s not that much to restrain”. Like her, we have and continue to question how the electorate will trust this President who tacks toward the intellectual in a nation that votes based on emotion.

Boring and cold are words not generally associated with great leaders. I have no doubt that this President thinks daily about greatness and his legacy. His campaign was carefully choreographed to promote greatness and seduce the American psyche to the exclusion of experience. He has failed since assuming office to expand the political capital that swept him into office amid slogans of hope and change.

America was bruised and battered by war and recession when President Obama was elected in 2008. The “inspiring” campaign and promise of hope and change that catapulted an inexperienced first term Senator from Illinois to the White House has fallen flat during the fist 200 days of this Presidency. Obama’s progressive policies and message are falling on deaf ears as the public tunes out a message from a President who lacks the experience to understand he must warm to the American public and align with the center that now finds him cold and boring.

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Barack Obama reached a new low in the Rasmussen Presidential daily tracking poll today and wall street reacted with its best day in several weeks. As Obama’s popularity continues to weaken with the public, investors are taking solace that this, the most radical of President’s may fail in his effort to transform America to a Eurotopian socialist state.

Obama’s progressive agenda supports class war through excessive taxation upon the very investors we require to move capital into the markets. Investors had lost confidence over the past few weeks as Obama teamed with his liberal minions in the House to push through the highest tax increase in the history of America in the form of cap and trade legislation under the guise of climate change.

With his political base weakening investors are gaining confidence that Obama will  fail in his effort to push through another fiscal nightmare in the form of national health care reform. The failure of Obama’s stimulus package to stem unemployment and effect any positive change in the economy is effectively a confidence builder for investors, as it provides an emerging confidence that the Obama agenda may flame out before the end of 2009 and bolster the ability for centrists and moderates that believe in the free enterprise system to gain seats in the House and Senate in the 2010 elections.

The political class is today dominated by the Obama inspired leftists who possess a strong anti business sentiment. This sentiment has proved to be a death knell to investors and the business community. Businesses are relectant to invest cpital in a nation whose current economic and social policies resemble the socialist and totalitarian nations that advocated centrally planned economies in the twentieth century.

Barack Obama is a confirmed leftist whose policies belong in academia where they can be discussed and disseminated by those who should not and do not govern. Obama’ s anti business bias has been formed over years of being a product of a social orientation that provided him an excellent free liberal education at the finest schools in the country and additional years of being a community organizer and a member of the liberal political class that view business a as necessary evil. 

Is it any wonder then that investors would find temporary solace as Obama’s agenda becomes increasingly less likely to transform America into the next member of the European Union. Ultimately, the markets will respond to economic data. However, the economic data will improve substantially providing investors have the confidence to put their capital to work.

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Barack Obama continues to cede America’s position as the sole remaining super power in the world while his standings in the polls continue to decline. The latest Rasmussen daily tracking poll indicates that the popularity of the President has slipped to the lowest point since he was inaugurated. He now has a 52% approval rating versus 48% who do not approve of the President’s performance.

Obama has continued his diminution of America’s role in the world even to the point of down playing the contribution of America in ending the cold war. In Obama’s Eurotopian vision of the world no single nation should assume a mantle of power greater than any other nation. There is no place for a super power like the America we have known since the second world war.

The President has expressed the Obama Doctrine in speeches he has delivered throughout Europe, Latin America and the Middle East and most recently this week in Russia. As we struggle with a weakening economy amid cries for additional stimulus spending, the President is focused on a “reset”  of America’s interface with the rest of the world.

Obama is the first American President to place his priorities as a citizen of the world ahead of his role as a citizen of America. Barack Obama has proven that not only is he a socialist but he is also a revisionist through his interpretation and subsequent communication of the lesser role America has played during the last half century in promoting freedom and democratic values and principles.

His embrace of  the Global Warming agenda put forth by environmental and progressive fascists is symptomatic of a President who would risk further damage to our economy to bolster his standing with the weaker European nations whose approval he has continually courted. This President who came to office on a wave of charisma and a sense by many that he would govern from the center has chosen to be true to his extreme liberal roots.

He views America as a flawed and greedy nation that must begin to temper its national desire to be more and begin to accept less. His America is the America of great Global sacrifice. Just as he chooses to punish individuals who are successful through higher taxes and tighter regulatory controls of business he has elected to lead America down a Eurotopian path toward larger government and a diminished role for the private sector economy.

The Obama Doctrine is about providing less for America and more for the world.It is about lessening our competitiveness, weakening our defense and compromising our spirit. It is about an America with few beginnings and many endings.

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A feature article in Village Voice ,How Rightbloggers Made “Fascist” The New “Socialist”, attempts to discredit conservative bloggers and commentators by presenting their views as extreme. The article insinuates that conservative bloggers have been quick to label Barack Obama a fascist. The article was also captioned as Rightbloggers vs. ObamaHitler! You may link to the article at www.villagevoice.com.

An excerpt from a blog written by Ceo4adayon progressive fascism is included in the article. This particular blog was published on April 3, and is titled, Obama’s New America, Green, Sustainable, Just : A Collectivist’s Dream.

 At no time have we considered Barack Obama to be Hitler.I’m not certain Hitler ever used a teleprompter. What I am sugesting is that Barack Obama has chosen to govern to the far left of center. That the policies he has embraced and the rhetoric he has espoused are consistent with the agenda of the progressive fascist movement.A movement that promotes the reset of American values and principles, class war, restricts free enterprise, promotes homogeneity and restricts individualism.

Obama will transform America through progressive fascism to a nation that can some day take its place in the European Union. This is not the America that we believe Americans want. Ceo4aday believes in a free enterprise system that is subject to free market fluctuation without the restrictive covenants of the progressive engineering that the federal government has imposed upon us.

The article in the Village Voice would have the public believe that those bloggers willing to step up and write about the progressive agenda of Barack Obama are right wing whackos. Ceo4aday maintains a centrist philosophy on social issues and is passionate about the free enterprise system and supporting entrepreneurship in America. We are conservative in our nature with respect to the preservation of those rights that the Founding Fathers deemed “inalienable”.  We believe that Barack Obama through his conciliatory nature has weakened America. We believe that Barack Obama through lack of experience in or exposure to free enterprise and capitalism has only a leftist notion of what capitalism is and how it has contributed to the evolution of America.

The Village Voice will make light of conservative rhetoric and lambast our ideas and perceptions but it is our willingness to voice what may be deemed unpopular today that will serve to protect our rights tomorrow. We on the right will continue to object to the tyranny of the left.

                                                        ” Fight For The Right” —– ceo4aday

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John Galt, the quintessential symbol of individualism and the hero of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged is making a come back as a result of the socialist egalitarian policies of Barack Obama and the oppressive bureaucracy that Obama’s expansive government is certain to portend. Galt, a fictional character  represents the “men of the mind” that elect to strike, rather than provide their goods and services or intellectual contributions  to a society or government that fails to appreciate their contribution and burdens them with restrictive bureaucratic intrusiveness.

The novel which was published in 1957 and celebrated individual rights and the market economy would seem to be an appropriate read for the generation of progressive fascists that are now populating many western governments and have assumed power in the United States.

 Barack Obama has been touring Europe touting the changes in America. His diplomatic outreach to Europe, includes the following statement “In America, There is a failure to Appreciate Europe’s leading role in the world”.  Perhaps President Obama should reflect on America’s leadership in the world.

America is an arrogant nation. Its arrogance has been earned over time, by the might of its military, as it prevented the collapse of Europe through world wars one and two and orchestrated the collapse of the Soviet Union to allow freedom and democracy to develop inside the former iron curtain that divided west from east. Its’ arrogance has been further earned by the quality and depth of its entrepreneurs that created the most dynamic economy in the history of the world.

America is arrogant and as a nation should hold its head high as it interacts with the world as opposed to being a nation of apologists. America should not be ashamed for preventing further terrorist attacks on its soil since September 11, 2001. Rather it should be proud of its sucess and embrace the methods that have preserved its security.

The American spirit is best when it is allowed to develop alnd prosper under the blue skies and bright suns of a leadership that recognizes the seminal role that America has played in creating an entrepreneurial, free enterprise culture that values the rights of individuals and promotes individual prosperity.The  government of Barack Obama seeks to restrict those rights, tax away incentives and implement collectivist solutions to social and economic issues.

Obama’s message to Europe is correct. America is changing. John Galt is hiding again.

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The G-20 summit which has resulted in French President Nicolas Sarkozy, claiming victory and German Chancellor Angela Merkel claiming a “historic comprise” appears to be a clear victory for progressive fascism or European Social Democracy as the leaders of the world’s leading economies agree to global regulation. The challenge to American sovereignty is inherent in the reaction by the French and German leaders. 

Despite being the dominant economy in the world, America has weakened its position on the Global economic stage as the world begins to digest the spending excess and the deficit increase proposed by the progressive administration of Barack Obama and the Congress of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. 

America and its political leadership has opened the widow of opportunity to lesser economies to dictate global policies that the Obama administration has conceded to, which impugn the sovereignty of America and contribute to the erosion of the free enterprise system. Our nation, which for over two centuries celebrated individualism and entrepreneurship is succumbing to the political agenda of the European Union as a child seeking the support of a parent.

We are victims of the progressive fascist movement which cloaks itself under the banners of green, sustainable and global justice. The global warming dialogue, which has been a mainstay of  the European Union agenda and was  primary to the criticism of America, by the European governments has now been embraced by our political leadership and has provided the rationale for the greening of our economy. If we fail to agree with the green policy it is due to our ignorance of the issue or our inherent greed and our desire to rape the earth of its remaining resources.

The anarchists that have been demonstrating in London during the G20 meetings are reflective of the most extreme views of the progressive fascist movement. What is frightening and should concern us as Americans is that they are demonstrating for green policies, one world government and nationalization or even globalization of the worlds financial and social institutions. Remove the masks, the outfits and the extreme signs and the demonstrators could very well be advisers to the Obama administration. Perhaps they could even be the President himself.

There can be no doubt that Barack Obama has enjoyed the adulation of his European fans. He is a pop star. A new political leader, projecting a new image for America.  I suspect the Obama administration secretly admires the sophistication of their older European allies and is willing to walk arm in arm with them, along the progressive pathway to lesser individual freedoms and the creation of collectivist society, which will exist only to serve the state and the political apparatchik that is evolving in Washington.

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The  bright red “Going Out Of Business” signs adorn the exterior of the Virgin Mega Store on Market street in San Francisco. The store, which is prominent for its’  landmark location in the heart of the city. This store may serve as a proxy for the broad retail transformation of America, that the current economic crisis has accelerated across the retail spectrum. Major retailers are closing their doors in locations across America as they realign, restructure or in some cases liquidate.

In the case of  The Virgin Entertainment Group, this and the few remaining  stores in their portfolio have fallen victim to technology. As consumers dowload itunes and movies on the net or purchase DVD’s and CD’s from Amazon or use Netflix the reason for these super stores to exist is quickly dissipating. They have succumbed to a more efficient business model. Perhaps the irony of this particular store is it that it is directly across the street from an Apple retail store. Apple and its ipod was a primary contributor to the demise of this old retail business model.

Personally, though I appreciate the technologies and efficiencies that contributed to the demise of the music and movie superstore phenomena, as an ardent cinephile I was saddened as I walked through the store and saw sparsely filled shelves as remnants of what was once an exciting retail venue filled with a massive collection of music and videos. It was a place that with a simple purchase could lighten the day and transform the buyer either through music or cinema to a different time or place if even, only for a short while.

The shopping experience, the actual physical act of visiting the store and wandering through the aisle to source and old sound or a new vision, will be missed. Visiting the Amazon sight to order a DVD or a CD on line doesn’t provide the same level of interaction with the product as the physical act of selecting and studying the product by holding it in ones hands.

I have long been a purchaser of items on line and appreciate the efficiency of the process. However, I will miss the option or the choice to visit the super store when the occasion moved me to do so and wander down those aisles in the hopes of dicovering something unique.

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The current issue of  Time Magazine states that we as a nation must reset our lifestyle buttons and adjust to an America, that in its third century, is a truly different nation than the America of the recent past. Clearly the collapse of Wall Street as we knew it and the intervention of the federal government into our major financial institutions alerted us to a rapidly changing dynamic in the economic infrastructure of the nation.

The further intervention of the federal government into the auto industry, with the recently mandated changes in the leadership of General Motors at both the CEO and Board levels, is further evidence of a federal government that is completely out of control. The intervention by the Obama administration into the auto industry is a blatant attempt to restructure the industry to design green vehicles that are engineered to meet the objectives of  Barack Obama and his cohorts to force Americans to drive the automobiles that they believe are right for Americans.

The intervention by the federal government in the private sector is ultimately about limiting choice. In a progressive government, choices are made for consumers by the government, in the best interest of the public, as they, the government, deem appropriate. There is afoot in this nation today, an attempt to demonize the business class. When Time magazine publishes the progressive propaganda under the title “The End of Excess” they are delivering a message from the self proclaimed progressives that inhabit the White House and Congress, to the nation. They are preparing the public to accept less and feel good about it.

The greening of America and Obama’s desire to create Eurotopia in America is nothing more than progressive fascism. A similar progressive fascist movement began to take root following an economic crisis in Germany in the last century and culminated with the appointment of a Head of State who rallied his true believers with theatrical presentations as the state reached deep into the lives of its citizens molding their values, limiting their choices and transforming their society for the good of the state.

Deep in our own economic crisis we are seeking solutions. We have ceded increased amounts of power to a President who has demonstrated in the brief time he has occupied the office that he will govern far to the left of center. We are engaged in a serious dialogue in America about private sector compensation. A dialogue led by a group of progressive fascists that have never made a payroll or balanced a budget. A  dialogue that has no place in a free enterprise system.

America as we know it is in peril. We are not in peril due to limited resources or global warming, or private sector abuse as the progressive  movement would have us believe . We are in peril because we have ceded our political will to a leftist or progressive fascism that exists to serve its own selfish interest to control every aspect of our lives. Progressive  fascists have advantaged their movement by forging ever stronger alliances with a compliant media to manipulate data and expand the perception of a nation in crisis. They are organized and posses the fanaticism of the true believer. They know no middle ground. They have gained the mantle of power and are intent upon transforming America to a society where individuals are subjugated to the will of the state and in return will receive clean air and a lower standard of life.

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MoveOn.Org the liberal political action organization that mobilizes resources to support liberal progressive causes and candidates is currently running ads in select regions of the country to promote the 2010 budget proposed by Barack Obama. The liberal advocacy organization has been a principal supporter of  Barack Obama and Democrat Party candidates and causes. The organization promotes itself as representing real Americans and bringing them into the political process.

Real Americans, as defined by Move On, are Americans that support progressive causes. They are committed to transforming America by promoting a green energy economy, stopping climate change, supporting universal health care and ending the war in Iraq. Their membership has grown to over five million members. They are interested in limiting executive compensation and have circulated a petition to do so.

They believe that the top 5% of income earners who already pay 60% of the federal income taxes in America should pay higher taxes. They publish statements in support of  Obama’s proposed tax increases that investors currently pay a “super low” capital gains rate of 15%.

The Move On agenda is the very agenda that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and of course Barack Obama have proposed and are enacting into legislation. They are the public policy arm, of the far left wing of the Democrat Party and currently dominate  and direct the party. Move On is transforming our national agenda. Conservatives have failed to develop a movement to counter the progressive action of their organization. In a prior century, Move On would have been deemed as subversive for promoting a socialist agenda that is transforming a nation with a proud heritage of entrepreneurship into a nation where equalization is the principal role of government.

Move On is about dictating to Americans how they should live their lives. They are an organization which accepts the sacrifice of individual rights to promote a homogeneous society in which the state is the final arbiter of personal choice and freedom. They are frightening in their scope , their reach and their commitment. We must be aware of the agenda of Move On and similar organisations and remain vigilant as they attempt to usurp our individual rights through their thug like control of the Democrat Party leadership in Congress and the White House.

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The battle for the very soul of this nation swings into high gear this weekend and through the week as the Obama administration, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and their liberal conspirators in the House and Senate put on a full court blitz to pass the nearly four trillion dollar Federal budget that Barack Obama has submitted to Congress. Not content to focus on resolving the economic crisis and manage wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the President has donned his super crusader costume and intends to solve the impending energy crisis, provide universal health care for all Americans, fix the education platform in the nation and nationalize the largest corporations in America.

Obama is moving quickly to consolidate power over nearly every aspect of our lives as he touts the benefits of smart meters to regulate energy usage in our homes, promotes union labor to develop a new energy grid and assures us that greedy executives will be taxed to fund his version of the American dream. The vehicle to fund the President’s over reaching agenda is the $3.6 trillion 2010 budget that will establish and fund the transformation of America to the Obamanation a socialist Eurotopian ideal that is doomed to fail.

The Republican Party has an opportunity to stand united against the President’s ludicrous budget. They have an opportunity to present a message to the public that is sound and reasonable and based on common sense economics. Republicans need to move past the mistakes that they have been tarnished with over the past eight years and begin making their case for America’s free enterprise based economy.

Obama is on a destructive path that imperils our free enterprise system and threatens to bankrupt the American spirit for entrepreneurship. He is leading us along a path to a liberal nirvana where America will reign as the great apologist as it descends toward the ignominy of mediocrity.

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