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President Barack Obama and deliquent tax payer Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner are quick to respond to any inquiry or concern about the tax increases they are proposing in their new budget, as being fiscally responsible and consistently state, that the tax  increases have to do with fairness in the tax code.

Obama, Geithner and a host of administration and Democrat party talking heads also continually remind the American public that they have proposed a tax break for 95% of taxpayers. The top 5% of American taxpayers currently pay in excess of 60% of all federal income taxes. The bottom 90% of all taxpayers pay 29% of  all federal income tax. The bottom 50% of earners pay only 3% of all federal taxes. It would appear from those statistics that the tax system is unfair. It is unfair to the top 5%.

In an economic crisis it is those who have the most to lose that also lose the most. The President either fails to understand that economic reality or simply chooses to ignore it. Of the trillions of dollars of wealth lost since this recession began, the top 5% have lost a disproportionate amount of wealth yet, it will be the top 5% that will bear the burden of the extraordinary spending Barack Obama is proposing to spend as he honors his desire to transform America into a nation without aspiration.

Barack Obama in  order to promote his class war and feed his desire to lead America along the path toward socialism fails to mention these statistics when he is promoting his policy’s. He takes for granted that those who have paid in full to date will pay more in the future.

Ceo4aday believes it is time for the top 5% to be heard. Why should we support an adminustration that proposes to penalize innovation and entrepreneurship. Why should we support an administration that disdains our contribution and perceives us solely as a means to fill the coffers of a government expansion that seeks to undermine the free enterprise system. Ceo4aday believes it is time for the top 5% of income earners to be recognized for the positive contribution they have made to this nation. Ceo4aday believes it is time to step up and be heard. Join us in our quest as we seek  to make Congress and the White House  listen to the minority that funds the majority.

 Speak out, step up and be heard!

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At a time when the world we inhabit seems on the precipice of imploding and we are bombarded by a plethora of negative economic news it is important to focus on that which you and your team members can impact within the parameters of  your respective business. At times like this there is always the tendency for the CEO to assemble the team and stress the need to get back to basics.  The reality is in a well run business the organization is always focused on the basics.

Optimizing productivity and contribution through cost containment programs, re engineering, customer rationalization and sku optimization are all relevant and purposeful tactics at a time when consumption and demand for goods and services are declining. However, more often than not, the actions that companies take are late in the economic cycle and though they may provide  cover during a time of market disruption, they are often detrimental to the longer term benefit of the enterprise.

 The role of the CEO throughout this process is to keep the organization focused by staying true to  strategic objectives and providing the capital structure of the enterprise is sound, accelerate sales and marketing initiatives to gain market share and prepare the company for growth as the economic cycle turns up. Too often CEO’s in order to appease Board’s that they are taking action fail to act wholly on what is right for the business as opposed to placating the Board.

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Ceo4aday.wordpress.com the blog that offers a “perspective from a corner office” and commentary on politics, the economy, business and entrepreneurship is pleased to announce that we have exceeded 50,000 views since the blog was launched in December 2008.

We wish to thank all our readers for your continued support.

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If one listens closely you can hear the trees falling in the dense, dark economic forest that we as a nation, are currently wandering aimlessly through, as we search for a path that will lead us to the light of economic recovery. We have arrived at our current location on our national economic journey as a result of a well documented series of implosions in the financial infrastructure that provides the frame for our economic portrait.

Events, such as the sub prime mortgage crisis, a commodity spiral that led to oil peaking at $147 per barrel, the collapse of the stock market, a bank and auto industry bail out from TARP funds and now the American Recovery and Investment Plan of 2009, are all evidence of the decline of the most productive economy in the world.

Cumulatively, the aforementioned seem to many to have created insurmountable hurdles of economic distress. The case is being made by a variety of economic pundits that America as we have experienced it is going through a transformational change in which standards of living will permanently decline. That in fact the aspirations of Americans will decline.

Americans are looking to the Federal government increasingly for leadership and resolution to this economic and cultural crisis. What our political leadership has provided in the form of President Barack Obama and his administration is an endless stream of rhetoric that serves to heighten consumer fears about the depth and length of the current recession. While Barack Obama’s rhetoric may have spurred a Democrat controlled Congress to pass a partisan spending bill, it has alienated wall street and undermined the confidence of a nation. A nation, which has prospered and developed on the backs of our cumulative aspirations, generation upon generation.

 Is our leadership today, so arrogant, that they would transform our individual aspirations and desires to achieve the “American Dream” into a collective nightmare. As the current administration extends their platform of economic fear we must look beyond the lowered expectations provided by the White House and maintain our individual aspirations for our national psyche.

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Ceo4aday, the blog which offers a “perspective from a corner office” and commentary on politics, the economy, business and entrepreneurship, is pleased to announce that we exceeded 2,500+ views in a single day.

The blog, which began in December, 2008, thanks all our readers and we appreciate your continued support.

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CEO4ADAY.wordpress.com, the blog which offers “perspectives from a corner office” and commentary on politics, the economy, business,  and entrepreneurship, received its’ 10,000 viewer today. The blog which was launched in December of 2008 thanks all its’ readers for your interest and support.

We wil continue to support the initiative to create the United States Office of Entrepreneurship. Please check our archives for additional information regarding the USOE. We will also resume our series ” A Journey To Acquire ” this week. Keep reading and we’ll keep blogging.

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Ceo4aday thanks you for your support. We established a new traffic record this week,  with over 5000 views !

We continue to focus on core topics including commentary on politics, the economy, entrepreneurship and our series of articles detailing our attempt to acquire a new business platform, ” A Journey To Acquire “.

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There is nothing more unsettling for the economy, than increases in unemployment. As Congress, the White House and pundits across the broad spectrum of the media debate the pros and cons of the latest proposals for an economic stimulus plan, employers across the nation are announcing lay offs at rates that are unprecedented in recent decades. As unemployment increases, consumer confidence decreases.

We agree, that a significant economic stimulus package is needed at this time, to shock our economic system out of  a prolonged and deep recession toward an economic recovery that will place us clearly on the path toward economic expansion.

We believe, that tax cuts including a reduction in corporate taxes, as well as investment incentives, should be integral components of an economic stimulus package. We also propose that there is no better time than today to establish the United States Office of Entrepreneurship to support qualified American entrepreneurs with venture capital to support start ups or business expansion.

The USOE, would be an independent agency, that would become an investor in the entrepreneurial ventures as opposed to a lender.  The Office of Entrepreneurship would provide an alternative resource to America’s entrepreneurs at a time when traditional financial alternatives have failed to provide adequate support to the entrepreneurial community.

Expanding ownership and promoting self emlpoyment will provide a stimulus for the economy, by creating additional jobs and restoring belief in an economic system, that people who are inventive, innovative and have the discipline to focus on their dream can succeed.

Join Ceo4aday in calling on Congress and the White House to support our initiative to create the Unites States Office of Entrepreneurship.

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Ceo4aday did it again. We set a new daily  record of visitors to our site with 915 hits today a 50%  increase in traffic in just one day. Thank you for supporting our site and reading our articles. 

We remain focused on heralding entrepreneurship and commenting on topics of interest. We encourage and appreciate your comments.

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Job cuts continue to be announced by America’s leading employers. Today, Caterpillar, General Motors, Home Depot and Sprint Nextel announced a combined 37,000 job cuts, with Caterpillar alone, reducing its workforce by 20,ooo. As a litany of unsettling economic news streams across America and the world, it contributes to further erosion in consumer confidence thereby, affecting consumers willingness to spend and further eroding the economy.

The White House, in its’ effort to promote the need for Congressional urgency, with respect to enacting an economic stimulus plan, has indicated that the economy will worsen before it improves. Harbingers of doom and gloom reign supreme throughout the media.

It would appear to Ceo4ady, given the aforementioned, that there is no better time than the present, to wake up America and rise to the economic challenges before us. There is no better time than today to recall the entrepreneurial spirit that has created the wealthiest economy in the world. There is no better time than today to embolden American’s entrepreneurial spirit by supporting the creation of the United State Office Of  Entrepreneurship.

The USOE, would be an independent Federally funded agency, that would  provide venture and expansion capital to qualified American entrepreneurs. We suggest, that as a nearly trillion dollar stimulus plan is being debated in Congress and the White House and as additional TARP funds are released to support Citibank, Bank Of America, the Auto Industry and the Insurance Industry it is time to support the innovation and inventiveness of America’s entrepreneurs.

Join Ceo4aday as we call on Congress and the White House to enable America’s entrepreneurs by supporting the initiative to create the United States Office of  Entrepreneurship.

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