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Barack Obama is on a path toward a legacy that will firmly cement his place in American history as the great concessionist. Obama is unique among American Presidents for his willingness to concede any prior strength or sense of greatness that America held in the world for the 232 years prior to his ascendancy,  to the Olympian heights he has attained as President of the United States.

The holder of the  office of the President of the Unites States has been referred to for decades as the leader of the free world or as often as the most powerful person in the world. One must take pause today and begin to question whether or not these references, hold overs from the cold war that raged through may decades of the twentieth century, are indeed still applicable under the reign of Obama. The President appears to be doing everything he can to diminish the power of the office through his repetitive conciliatory rhetoric which was most recently displayed at the United Nations this past week and the G-20 summit.

Barack Obama is wasting little time in melding his revisionist rhetoric with his progressive agenda. If one is to believe this President then one must accept that until the rise of Obama that America was an evil super power that failed to allow for the concerns of the greater good in the world as it steadfastly clung to its out dated ambitions on the world stage. According to President Barack Obama no nation on earth should be allowed to dominate another. All the nations of the world should align and work toward the greater good of man kind.

One could question the naivete of this President as he makes such impotent and utopian comments but the reality is that Obama’s conciliatory remarks are a direct embodiment of his belief that America has for decades been an evil power that did more wrong than right in the world. It has been left to Barack Obama to concede the error of our ways and transform America’s role in the roll of nation’s to that of a weakened power who is now seeking its rightful place in the world as another equal among the nation’s of the world.

If one listens to Obama’s address at the United Nations he speaks of the change that America is experienced in the last eight months as he has single handedly transformed America from an evil power to a kind and gentle member of the world community. Obama is fond of referring to all that he is doing or already accomplished during his brief stint in office during his continual campaign addresses.

Barack Obama may not be the leader of the free world or the most powerful person on earth but one must concede that he may possess the greatest ego on the planet. An ego that if it remains unchecked will only further diminish the power of the office on the world stage even as it seeks to constrict individual choice at home.

The American media, beyond a single network must begin to question the progressive policies of this President and focus on the motivations behind the policies if America is to resume its role on the world stage as a nation that may not be liked by all the nations of the world but is at least respected and feared by its enemies.

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The American public is becoming aware that Barack Obama is not the twenty first century messiah promoted by the liberal media. The very media that provided camouflage for Obama during the 2008 campaign are now standing impotent on the sidelines as Obama continues his relentless march down the field toward socialism.

 Six months into his term Barack Obama must be wondering what has happened. Obama was swept into office on the wings of a euphoric media and a liberal politic in which the left believed they had destroyed the conservative movement and in particular the Republican party. Today the President finds himself in a four front battle between health care reform, the cap and trade bill, a failed stimulus plan and an economy that promises continued high unemployment.

His leadership ability is being questioned by all but his most ardent supporters as finds himself in a battle to push his health care reform package through a Congress that is becoming more concerned with the mid term election in 2010 than supporting a President who is rapidly losing public support for key initiatives of his progressive agenda.

Obama  is clearly a practioner of the “Big Lie” which was so effectively developed in the propaganda machine administered by Joseph Goebbels for a messianic leader who transformed a nation in the 1930’s leading to the destruction of a nation and a people in the 1940’s. The premise behind the “Big Lie” is simple. Repeat the lie frequently enough and it will be perceived as the truth. Obama was elected on the merits of the “Big Lie” and he and his administration have continued to expand on this tactic since his inauguration.

Obama possesses the rhetorical skills and the platform to deliver the “Big Lie” in a manner that seduces the listener and provides the comfort of a  cup of hot cocoa on a cold winter night. He used the Big Lie to sell the $787 Billion American Recovery Act which has failed miserably as a stimulus plan and is now embracing the Big Lie to market health care reform and clean energy legislation.

Obama promised that the stimulus plan would save or create three and one half million jobs. He repeated the lie  on numerous occasions to create a sense of urgency to pass the stimulus package and included the same lie in his 2010 Budget message. Now the lie has changed from job creation around the stimulus package to the fact that “I Barack Obama” have brought the economy back from the brink” with the stimulus plan.

Barack obama is a progressive fascist. He seeks to impose his will upon the American public to reset the American Dream. He seeks to be the founding father of a new America in which the public will subject their own will and desires to the Federal Government for the benefit of all. There is nothing new here. There is no hope and no change with this President. The world has seen his act before and suffered the great pain of an ego that knew no bounds.  Barack Obama’s Big Lie is an echo of  the strategies utilized by the German leadership between 1933 and 1945. His message, meticulously staged and wrapped in the eloquence and the historical credibility of the White House is destructive to this great Republic.

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Barack Obama is pulling every trick out of a hat full of tricks to saddle the American public with a government take over of the health care industry. The President is clearly threatened by Congress inability to bow to his desire to reform our current health care system and replace it with a government operated health care system that promises to lower care for Americans while pushing the country toward bankruptcy.

The President in what has become his partisan trademark, addressed the health care bill this morning from the White House and continued to castigate those who wish to focus “on the politics of the day” . This statement, from the very man who has assembled the largest and most partisan political organization ever to inhabit the White House is typical of the President’s penchant for wrapping himself in the dialogue of the “holier than thou”. Obama’s hypocritical tactics are designed to divert attention away from the substance of his policies toward those the administration ha

The President and his staff are focused on strong arming a health care reform bill through Congress no matter the cost to the American taxpayer. He is utilizing every available means to sell his vision for health care reform including a media blitz targeting the districts of conservative Democrats as well as a nationally televised address tomorrow evening.

The President who in recent days has seen his popularity slipping in the polls is losing the battle with the American public as now 50% of Americans are opposed to a public insurance option according to the latest Rasmussen poll. The bottom line for the President is that his credibility is being questioned by Americans as they have witnessed his willingness to embellish and misrepresent the facts to impose his agenda on a public that had voted for change in the last election.

The nation is awakening to the reality that the change this President has brought to the White House is a formidable political machine willing to say and do what ever they deem necessary to promote their progressive agenda. The President has a very short time line in which to pass the legislation he has staked his legacy on and his actions are indicative of the partisan politics he learned so well as a scion of Chicago Democratic politics.

Obama who pushed forth a failed stimulus plan through an adoring Democratic Congress and a public flush with the euphoria of Obama’s campaign message of hope and change is confronting a Congress that is exercising caution as the popularity of the President’s policies are eroding and it becomes evident that the change Obama is offering the nation is a transformation to a  Federal government that will dominate the economy through socialism.

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As Barack Obama’s popularity continues to decline in the polls he is beginning to spout populist rhetoric in an attempt tp prop up his demand for Congress to pass radical health care legislation that would socialize health care and move America further along the path of a socialist state.

Obama in remarks this morning spoke out against the ” windfall profits reaped by health insurance companies and their executives” in an effort to increase support among a public that is increasingly suspect of this President’s progressive socialist agenda. With the nation clearly on its way toward bankruptcy just six months in to his Presidency, Obama is attempting to fast track legislation for both health care and cap and trade before his political capital expires.

Democrats who have fallen in line with the President’s agenda until recently are beginning to question Obama’s policies as they begin to eye the 2010 elections. Obama is quickly running out of runway as constituents impress their concerns upon their representatives on Capitol Hill. Though it has only been six months there are concerns amomg Democrat circles that this President is a one term President who may have to bear the burden of being designated the earliest lame duck in the history of the Presidency.

The fact that this President may be effectively finished by August as his favorability rating continues to wane is weighing heavily on Democratic leadership. Republicans recognize that most Americans do not favor the transformation of America into a socialist based economy and are preparing for the mid term elections with a robust plan to bring America back from the brink of social and cultural bankruptcy to its free enterprise and capitalist based roots.

Barack Obama’s greatest contribution to American history may very well be that through his commitment to the left,  he awakened the American public and revived the Republican party at a time this nation needs to step up and protect the foundation of free enterprise upon which this nation has prospered for over two hundred years.

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The House passed the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 by a narrow margin on Friday as the attention of both the nation and the world was turning from the abuse of the Iranian regime to the death of the King of Pop Michael Jackson. The bill which is a cornerstone of the Obama progressive agenda required the votes of 8 Republicans to vote in favor of the bill as 44 Democrats voted against it with a final tally of 219 to 212 for HR 2454.

This legislation should it become law will impose e clean energy tax upon the American Public that will amount to the single highest tax increase ever impose upon American tax payers. Given the narrow margin of passage in the House it is increasingly doubtful though that this bill will pass the Senate despite the urgent pleadings of Barack Obama.

The bill, which proposes its will on every aspect of American life and will create a bureaucratic nightmare, will also cost this nation millions of jobs more then the mythical Green  jobs it purports to create. Nancy Pelosi called it transformational legislation while doing Obama’s bidding and she is indeed correct. It is transformational in that it moves America further away from a free enterprise based economy toward the central planning models of the totalitarian economic models that failed in the twentieth century.

Americans may fight back against the tide of environmental and progressive fascism by contacting their representatives in the Senate and urging them to vote no on this bill when it comes before the Senate this fall. The nation may have been distracted when the House voted but we must wake up and act before this legislation is allowed to further cripple our economy.

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Barack Obama in recent remarks has shown how  committed he is to enacting legislation for universal health care despite the cost to the American taxpayer. He and his administration have demonstrated an increased willingness to misrepresent the true cost of such legislation and offer to America examples of socialized health care in Canada and Europe. The fact that the public often have to wait for weeks to get an appointment for care in other nations with a physician is of no importance to the President. What is of primary concern to President Obamais advancing his personal agenda.

An agenda that not only promises to bankrupt our treasury but bankrupt our nation’s principles and values to promote a progressive agenda that intends to lessen America’s impact on the world both economically and politically. Obama is a product of a political machine that owes its success in the 2008 elections to an array of special interest groups that represent a consortium of environmental groups. These oraganizations hide behind the green agenda and the threat of global warming to promote their own vision of a society whose choices are continually reduced as our nation’s citizens are forced to adhere to an increasingly sanitized culture framed by enviro fascists from Green Peace, the Sierra Club and the Center for Science in the Public Interest to name but a few.

In addition, the Obama administration owes a massive debt to the dwindling labor movement. The unions perceived the election of Barack Obama as a bonanza and a last best effort to promote their business. The unions have been well rewarded to date with the passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan of 2009. The partisan billed passed by the Democrats in both bodies of Congress has been touted as an economic stimulus plan by Barack Obama and is in reality an entitlement act which heavily promotes the cause of unions.

Obama continues to promote the cause of special interests while misrepresenting the cause and effects of his policies and programs. As the honeymoon with this administration begins to wane and as the American public become increasingly aware of the damage inflicted upon our nation by this most inexperienced President conservative members of his own party will begin to promote the bipartisanship that Obama claims to support but has failed to promote, by aligning with Republicans in Congress to stem the erosion of our basic values and freedoms.

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Jon VoightVoight  the the well known veteran actor, Oscar winner and father of Angelina Jolie, served as the Master of Ceremonies at the Republican Party House and Senate Campaign Committee event last night in Washington and in an uncharacteristic performance for a Hollywood celebrity slammed President Barack Obama for being a “false prophet” and making America ‘weak.” He urged Republicans to find a path toward freeing America from the “Obama Oppression.”

The key note address was made by Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the House, who appears to be attempting to fill a vacancy in leadership of the Republican Party as well as positioning himself for a Presidential run in 2012. But the news of the night were the passionate and unfiltered comments from Voight, a rare conservative voice among the progressive liberals that dominate Hollywood and the traditional media.

Voight, for at least one night has brought some balance and clarity to the constant fawning of the celebrity machine for Barack Obama. Perhaps, raising his voice will encourage others to speak out on the idiocy of the Obama Administration’s policies as the public begins to realize that unlike the  fairy tale of the Emperor’s New Clothes,  the Emperor in this case is fully dressed while the American electorate is left naked by the big spend, big government policies of Emperor Obama.

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Arlen Specter in an attempt to retain his Pennsylvania Senate seat has opted to switch party affiliations from the Republican party to the the Denocrat party. In an act of political self preservation Specter, who has served twenty nine years as a Republican in the Senate, has been welcomed by the Democrat party leadership including Barack Obama. 

Specter’s defection to the Democrat party may provide the critical 60th vote necessary for the Democrats to invoke cloture and limit Republican filibustering. Specter was facing a strong Republican primary challenge to his seat for the 2010 election and was not expected to win the primary.

Specter in an announcement addressing his decision to switch parties stated that he based his decision as on recent polls conducted in Pennsylvania that indicated his best option for retaining his senate seat would be to run as a democrat. Senator Specter stressed that he will retain his right to be independent. 

Specter broke with the Republican party on the Obama stimulus package by being one of three Republican Senators who voted in favor of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the ineptly named Obama stimulus package. Specters defection will insure that the political battle lines will be drawn for the 2010 elections. The Republican party should be highly energized by this defection and work diligently to mobilize the Republican electorate in Pennsylvania in the coming election in 2010.

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The liberal media converged to denigrate the Tea Party protests that sprung up across the nation and were held yesterday in over a thousand communities. The Fox network which is frequently bashed by its competitors and many liberal bloggers had extensive coverage of the protests which were organized independently across the country to allow people to give voice to the frustration and dissatisfaction that they are experiencing due to the expansive government Congress and the Obama Administration are enacting.

The protests which have gained ground over the past several weeks as an increasing number of Americans feel disenfranchised by a government that has elected to provide bail outs to banks, insurance and auto companies, while passing trillion dollar spending bills to promote a progressive fascist agenda that is intent upon limiting individual freedoms and accelerate the expansion of an intrusive government.

The liberal media elected to portray the Tea Party protests as examples of right wing extremism. Rather than provide objective reporting on the Tea Party the media with exception of Fox News downplayed the events with obvious liberal bias. The lines have been clearly drawn by the media and the progressive left. The progressive movement seeks to expand government entitlement programs while the philosophical underpinning of those who protest at events such as the Tea Parties  are seeking to maintain and renew  individual rights and liberties.

Choosing to ignore the Tea Party phenomena is a classic progressive tactic. Progressive fascists believe in their intellectual superiority and believe that by repeating their lies which are supported by the liberal media they will ultimately be perceived as truth. This tactic has been very effective as evidenced by the election of Barack Obama to the Office of the Presidency

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The battle for the very soul of this nation swings into high gear this weekend and through the week as the Obama administration, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and their liberal conspirators in the House and Senate put on a full court blitz to pass the nearly four trillion dollar Federal budget that Barack Obama has submitted to Congress. Not content to focus on resolving the economic crisis and manage wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the President has donned his super crusader costume and intends to solve the impending energy crisis, provide universal health care for all Americans, fix the education platform in the nation and nationalize the largest corporations in America.

Obama is moving quickly to consolidate power over nearly every aspect of our lives as he touts the benefits of smart meters to regulate energy usage in our homes, promotes union labor to develop a new energy grid and assures us that greedy executives will be taxed to fund his version of the American dream. The vehicle to fund the President’s over reaching agenda is the $3.6 trillion 2010 budget that will establish and fund the transformation of America to the Obamanation a socialist Eurotopian ideal that is doomed to fail.

The Republican Party has an opportunity to stand united against the President’s ludicrous budget. They have an opportunity to present a message to the public that is sound and reasonable and based on common sense economics. Republicans need to move past the mistakes that they have been tarnished with over the past eight years and begin making their case for America’s free enterprise based economy.

Obama is on a destructive path that imperils our free enterprise system and threatens to bankrupt the American spirit for entrepreneurship. He is leading us along a path to a liberal nirvana where America will reign as the great apologist as it descends toward the ignominy of mediocrity.

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