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As the 2008 recession rolls into 2009 and unemployment rises,  a new wave of entrepreneurship is likely to sweep across the country as enterprising individuals seek alternatives to traditional forms of employment and identify new opportunities for income generation.

In a tight employment market amid a slowing economy, job seekers will have to be extremely resourceful. Some will be successful in their quest to find new employment and return to similar environments as to those in which they were previously employed, while others, bitten by the desire to be their own boss will stoke their entrepreneurial fire and create their own enterprise.

 For many,  the Internet will become the principle source for their entrepreneurial venue, as they apply skill sets developed in more traditional business platforms and enter the world of e-commerce. The Internet is abundant with opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs to carve out their own slice of real estate. Who could not be tempted by the lure of a relatively low cost point of entry that promises a business platform that is operating around the clock, around the world, every day of the year.

Get rich quick or easy money schemes often touted in periods of economic trial and currently offered across the Internet universe, will continue to attract those individuals looking for a quick and easy path toward their slice of the economic pie.  However, the winners in the battle for Internet entrepreneurship, will be those entrepreneurs who build off the successful business models that have proved themselves on the net to date and apply the necessary focus, to formulate innovative solutions, extending those models to new business formats.

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